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  1. I'm not necessarily against it, but I'm definitely not for it. I think it's better to have them seperated. Just the idea that after a BG I had a good team mate or an annoying enemy, anything, and then I'd have to think: wait, was he on my realm though? Can I actually meet him in the world? I'm more on the side of knowing your server in and out.
  2. Okay, so animals are kind of a hard topic for me, but even I can see that the bird on your picture is a seagull! I'm pretty sure Asura is not one of those. He is either a duck or a goose, I can't tell which. (animals are hard!) I now applaud myself for exposing you spreading misinformation.
  3. What are exacly the pros of having built your own core that the average player will notice? In what way will it feel different (if so)?
  4. Since we're starting in Vanilla I say roll a hunter. They excel at killing druids 8 levels above them. I feel sorry for plaguing your thread with this, but I could not resist.
  5. Welcome, fella!
  6. He/She used to be/is Webdev according to Discord.
  7. Gather friends and do stuff outside. Go biking, bowling, play billiard, explore abandoned buildings, learn music together or simply just go work out.
  8. Has anyone played Lineage II? Took a walk on memory lane, man it was long ago.
  9. I wonder who made @Elicas's 10/10 avatar... *wink wink*
  10. Oxhorn's machinimas are truly amazing and worth checking if you haven't already seen them. One of my personal favourites is "Thunk Leaves Home". You kinda have to know lots of his videos though to fully appreciate the Brand Medley. His videos always make me want to play Vanilla...
  11. 1:18 - shows stun on reaching the target. Well, this next one shows somewhere inbetween, though latency might be altering it. 5:47 - Inercept 5:57 - Charge (I'm assuming it's the same mechanic) According to http://vanilla-wow.wikia.com/wiki/Charge "The stun is 1.5 seconds and basically serves to hold the target in place while the warrior covers the distance. It also breaks spellcasting. " This indicates stun on button press. Well, I guess this didn't really help...
  12. I would really like to see more pictures to be usable as background. The idea came into my mind to maybe host and official "event" (somewhat like a screenshot contest) where users can suggest their own screenshots/arts related to WoW. Some kind of council would then cut it down to a much lower amount so the community can come back again and vote for the one(s) they like the most. Maybe this could be a monthly event with different themes (thinking like zone specific/day-night/climate/colors or stuff like that). Obviously a lot more planning would be required. Perhaps Community Managers could help organising? I have no clue how busy they are and how goofy they find me and my idea now I would just like to see more options to choose from. Just a silly idea of mine, nothing more. -Clavus
  13. Muh Whirlwind Axe :>
  14. Warrior because im a masochist. I find the class exciting (unlike a mage), and I love melee in vanilla. Getting a weapon is just more joy, and you feel like a badass when you get one. Fury is love.
  15. Well, I found this there
  16. I never got to end game in vanilla. To get the 100 gold for my mount all I did was sell Great Rage Potion and occasionally Frost Oil and Shadow Oil. But the rage pots really did the magic. Large Fang and Kingsblood are both cheap, and you get a sweet potion outa them!
  17. Quality shitpost, I r8 it 8/8 m8.
  18. Well it's not one standalone toy, but Lego. Cars especially, loved 'em.
  19. Estimated ~16-18 months of Vanilla according to their current plans.
  20. Oh how dumb I am....... I forgot it's gonna be your first time ever playing WoW by the time I got to my second post
  21. Now that you say it Velox, it even sounds familiar to me. Lelouch, didn't you play on Theatre of Dreams as a resto druid? If that wasn't you then someone took your name there.
  22. I was really scared when I read the end of that! I still had the time to post this, but if you don't hear about me from now on you know what happened.
  23. Ahahah I love poor Kronos!
  24. Long story short, Ulduar wins.