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  1. Thank you for everything you've done, hope you'll have a blast and have a good rest on your hoiday! One question. Will you disappear from the forums like your predecossor or remain active on the forums after you're back from your holidays?
  2. As far as we know currently: Hope to get an answer now, as this was asked some time ago. Well, here's a long Darkrasp quote.
  3. Woo woo? Were you not taught in kindergarten what trains say?
  4. I'd advise not to judge a server after seeing just the launch. Blizzard had a terrible launch and so did Nostalrius. Both came out great in the end. Let things settle.
  5. Except you weren't 'that' silent I ain't hatin' though.
  6. Does it really? Never heard of that idea before. Did I miss out on something?
  7. Good point, useful information. Threads stay up for a long time though. Anyways, it's just a recommendation list. People could discuss why they like/dislike a specific weapon. Nothing wrong with putting those on the list. Doesn't even imply you want to farm them. One may decide on doing the dungeon since they now know weapons like these can drop. Even if someone wants to farm them, nothing wrong with that. I personally farmed Herod's Shoulder for a really long time. It was an achievement to get ahold of it and I had fun. Could be for an alt, or you've been saving money for it since your mount, whatever. Information is informaion Again, not a realm first rush only list. Some like to take their time and enjoy every moment of it. Not everyone is in a rush. Always excited about trying out a new weapon and leveling a weapon skill is nothing I would mind. Some people play the game differently. Weird, huh. No need to be negative right away. I'll regret getting involved.
  8. That's really not how it works though. I think most of us that are sceptical still want Crestfall to succeed. So many would love to have strong faith in Crestfall. Sadly it's quite hard. You just simply can't leave something behind you care about. No matter if in the current situation the future doesn't exactly look bright.
  9. Will it, or will it just take far longer? I still have faith in the team regardless of their leader.
  10. Lot of people seem to have missed this, just informing ya'll that something's coming.
  11. Being humble as awlays, though I think you seriously undervalue yourself here. Ever since you've been gone there has been vacancy I think many of us felt. There was a feeling lurking in me, and as I see in some others too, that something's not right. YOU were the face of the Crestfall Forums. I think many of the frequent forum users and OG peeps can agree with that. Your word is one of the strongest, if not the strongest here. Xaverius at quality shitposting. On a more serious note, thanks to everyone who's been devoting time to the project. Still hope to see this go live someday. This really makes me think of the phrase 'It's too good to be true.' I've had this thought circulate in my head almost since the very beginning, hoping that I was wrong. No matter what it will turn out as, I'm really happy to have been part of this amazing community. (not saying it's the ending but I do assume things quieting down)
  12. Blaming your connection, I see. I'm going to join the forces of the Alliance though if things turn out in a way that I end up joining Felmyst. The better it will be as Horde for CF? Idk, Alliance will simply be new to me. Has anyone thought of a CF Gummy guild?
  13. My whole life has been a lie I guess it must come from the superiority of the Horde then! (You can't be Horde, right?)
  14. Guess I'm more casual leveling-wise than you could ever imagine. On the last vanilla server I played on I was level 50 with 7 days played and that took me far more than a month. I guess TBC would be faster but I don't plan to take it any faster. It's not even the time, but you know the first time is always special. I'm trying to make it like the first time again by not overdoing it. Leveling is a huge part of the game for me. It's not even waiting for the perfect server. Vanilla leveling holds a special place in my heart and TBC is kind of the same. The two thoughts I'm fighting with inside are the itch to play WoW finally and the thought of it being new. if I knew Crestfall was releasing sometime in the future I'd just wait for it because it's Vanilla and PTE. The more time elapsed since my last time leveling the better. Though if nothing like that is in sight then comes the itch for WoW. Then I'd pick up Gummy's. I'm weird I don't expect people to understand me. Hope I could get that point across.
  15. Or just EU master race... :thinking:
  16. I'm really on your side, but I have one problem. I have way more fun if the experience is "fresh." I don't want to start and level on Felmyst if I know Crestfall is in sight, be it 2017 or mid 2018. But if there is no light at the end of the tunnel I'd like to start on Gummy's. Thoroughly looking forward to Outstanding's report.
  17. Glad to see this just in time. Guess I'll be considering Felmyst in the upcoming 2 days. I guess I'll just throw away that excitement I've been carrying for almost a year now. Can always come back if CF happens to release sometime in the future. We shall see... @Brikot I can very well see this from a pissed off beta tester perspective as I feel the same way about another project I'm testing for. It's way worse for them though as they are set to release next month...
  18. It just saddens me that so many people think that the only magic of Vanilla comes from nostalgia and memories from back in the day. I'm not good with words so when it comes to discussing the case with people on the opposite opinion I just end up saying try and see it for yourself. Obviously with no real argument put there they will most likely never play Vanilla and think rather strange things of me. I've never actually played retail. I've been playing WoW for years and years but I first experienced the beauty of Vanilla on the realms of Nostalrius. Suffice to say, I got hooked instantly. There is something special in the game. I try to tell people that it comes from the game actually being rewarding. You do need to work towards your goals. The sense of accomplishment is there during all levels. Never will I be able to explain it. It just triggers me that people don't think Vanilla can be loved for itself. I just want to share the love of vanilla and I get tilted when I can't get it across. Sorry for ranting in such a nice thread.
  19. Swift as the wind... Luckily my last try ended up being the best! Sorry for triggering your OCD with the white line on top, couldn't be bothered to cut again.
  20. We speak about Blizzard shutting down servers as it's been a regular thing. Did I miss out on something? The case of Nostalrius is nothing to relate to as they pretty much caved in for 'the greater good'. It seems to me it became a trend just like calling every server Corecraft 2.0 ever since their downfall. It only happened once but now every upcoming server is speculated to become the next. I might be completely wrong, feel free to point it out.
  21. It honestly looks to me someone here wants to tell us how fun is to be had...
  22. I'm not really afraid of ping issues. 'Muricans play on EU servers and put up with it, I can do the same,
  23. Releases on July 21st. I was thinking of trying it out but since I have no real TBC experience yet I thought I'd save myself for Crestfall's TBC when we get there. Exoerience it here with nice PTE.
  24. I just use http://db.vanillagaming.org/
  25. Oh don't you worry... From Chingchongsellgold: bU¥ g0lD @ ¢R€$TƒA£L(d0t)0Rg 1$ p€R G