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  1. Lol I am gone from this forum for a couple months and this is the first thread I read. top kwality memes/10
  2. Has there been any measures taken to prevent DDoS attacks? They will inevitably happen when CF launches.
  3. Interesting read, was unaware of this story. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Duskwood and STV. For sure. Duskwood for the atmosphere, STV for the relentless PvP in the jungle. I really don't like Burning Steppes & Searing Gorge. They're way too dreary, boring, and dark without the mystique element to it. Too cataclysmic for my taste.
  5. The one class to rule them all. Good to have you, brother of the Light.
  6. Which guild? Retail or some other P-server project?
  7. Can't wait for a somewhat Blizzlike (tired of this phrase? Well, so am I, but it's the best we've got) PvP experience. It was just something else when AV & WSG hit on retail. The excitement, the pugs that are just horrible, facing some fuckwits premade and winning, having to solo heal Drek cause every other paladin is memespec... Oh god, release Crestfall please. Just recently quit Kronos because...well, it kind of explains itself... The state of the server is horrible.
  8. I see what you did there. also, discussing opinions is useless.
  9. The racials for Gnomes & Dwarfs are the only ones that is relevant for PvP from an Alliance PoV. If you're planning on doing PvE (dps), Human is your only choice. In regards to Horde, Orc for both PvE & PvP unless you're tanking, then go Tauren. WoTF is irrelevant to warriors as they already have multiple fear breakers (depends on specc), and 20% stun resist is just too juicy to disregard.
  10. Yeah I just want to play TSG in s5 again for ez glad.
  11. Might be cause it's pretty damn late and I'm tired as, but I can't comprehend what's going on here. Anyone care to explain? My stupidity reaches critical levels in the AM.
  12. OG Vanilla, Nost, K2. Nost introduced me to the p-server scene. Quit retail in MoP due to the only thing I found enjoyable in the recent expansions, 3v3 arenas, being as unbalanced as it possibly could, so Nost saved me from my WoW drought. K2 is a sorry excuse for a server though, haven't played much in the past few weeks. Really just re-playing Skyrim rn while I wait for CF to launch.
  13. Azuresong Mageblade. Not for the actual looks, but for the mages reaction when I roll a 98. Other than that, I really like Scepter of the False Prophet, even though I've never had it in my possession.