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  1. I, honestly, can't see why you want to prolong the life of the server, it seems to be a very polished double edged sword to me, I'd also love to live constantly riding the world's greatest high, but heads up, that's not how life works. By shortening the duration of vanilla, you are effectively doing the following; increase the difficulty of raids in a "natural" manner; decrease the inevitable inflation of gold; keep a natural flow in community and mentality, due to the "new/hype" new content patch effect and how it affects the server; aforementioned effect will last for a greater % of the lifespan of the server, render the community with an overall better experience assuming there's no backdraw on it; you can give the most "casual" and "elite" player a more generic and healthy experience since the difference between the two will only increase over time in between content release... And so on so forth - you can first expect the same lifespan to have the absolute same effect, as it had on retail, if /everything/ is the same. It isn't. Please kindly stop trying to persuade the devs into a Blizzard development pattern, or is that what you're begging for when you use the steroid term "blizzlike"? It genuinely seems kinda hypocritical. In my eyes, the lifespan will first truly fit once the average 50% player (neither elite nor casual) isn't 100% prepared for the new content/patch, my guess is this is somewhere between 12-15 months. Only issue is that these people arent used to a server where they can't spend 23 years to achieve T1/MC bis, so whine threads are unavoidable. "It's not blizzlike", - when in fact it would be one of the only things that would be truly blizzlike (read: not a "deductive" blizzlike progression, but an experienced one)
  2. The devs have been visiting this thread so I trust they have skimmed through most of the suggestions made here and even took some notes of things they might have missed. Also the Quest and Event scripting is coming very soon on Beta so I assume the team is going to re-visit threads like this if case they missed something. Keep making suggestions! I could go through all 4 pages and update my OP with everything I guess, but im also abit lazy Well the general idea is that new reporters dont have to read X pages each time they wish to contribute. It is ofcourse in your hands.
  3. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Children_of_Goldshire Itd be nice if OP could update the original reply with the suggestions here.
  4. Climbing, and more specifically, bouldering. If you're interested:
  5. So you're saying there's absolutely no situation where it makes sense to deviate from the blizzlike pattern? What about implementing bugs? What about broken item scaling which will mean physical dps won't use ordinary dps gear but SP items? So, gdkp runs in naxx giving t3 to every person who grind gold is blizzlike? If so, what can we do to prevent it? That's exactly why this thread is here. This thread is very good because it's a necessary evil. If you're so afraid that some old warsong/kronos pve hero will affect the project with awful suggestions, perhaps you should either find another project, or a little faith in this one.
  6. GoT, Its whitewalkers - more specifically, dont know Im afraid.
  7. @Sakritan I never intended for the analogy to understood in such a way. I personally support all people going for whatever floats their boat, whether it's a foot fetish, certain religion, or a strong affection towards being a minority, however, all these things significantly change when you affect other people, especially the contradiction in the minority. I feel it's very important to draw a line between personal interest, facts, and general spirit towards other people. Most of you are well aware you're playing a less effective specc, that's all nice and dandy, but if you enter a raid with that knowledge, you're intentionally slowing down the raid in my book. If everyone agrees with that, again, whatever floats your boat. For the record, the analogy was referenced to the logic of saying that, because others do it, it's either correct or justify able. The only thing that does is ridiculing knowledge, effort, and promoting a sheep like behaviour. The ignorant part, IMHO, lies in the attempt of trying to convince others that a snowflake specc can perform at a groundbreaking level. This is not the case for the majority of people using "offspeccs", which genuinely surprises me. So hats off to all of you
  8. Unless a, ie, Chinese server is added, it seems ludicrous to divide the community with separate forums. Let's have everyone communicating?
  9. There's millions of criminals in the world. Does that justify itself?
  10. Assuming that the content [r: MC] will actually be "difficult", possibly not even cleared first night, - and not "Nost style", where you simply have to invite the first handful of people, who happens to hit 60 first, it'll determine whether the, ie, 2 week no-raid grace period can actually be a good idea. First and foremost, if the content isn't just about playing the most, itll mean; The guild needs "certain" players to be 60, it wont work if you aren't used to playing together as well as a certain amount of skill (certain is intentionally used, because its not necessarily high, its just.. certain) The guild will need a certain amount of DPS, healing, and defensive gear (r: gear, class distribution, consumeables) The ones who wish to join the race will still benefit by being ahead of the others in terms of levels, time, and gear It will no longer be a guaranteed first kill if you, ie, have 70 guys account-share your way to 60. It will even out the playing field, and ultimately making it more "difficult" for everyone who wants to participate in the race. Im quite sure, that these are some of the arguments that was pulled behind the suggestion from the boards side, and this is generally why Im curious about this project in the first place, they dare the unorthodox when it makes sense, and typically when it benefits everyone (whether they agree with it or not, I suppose a Kappa is necessary here). What basically applies to raid difficulty is 3 things, 1) Content release pace 2) Item quality 3) Difficulty of raids. All 3 can be applied for a "natural" sense of tuning. Itll get easier over time, and it wont feel as "impossible" as ie feenix scripting. To stay on topic, I wholeheartedly agree with 4 months release schedule, or even faster. The problem is, a good portion of every raider, even casuals, expects to see all the content since theyre spoiled from the private server scene in general (Or retail even??). This is also why I guess, that everyone doubts the CF teams' capabilities in delivering content at such a fast pace, thinking that class mechanics wont be fixed if you wish to do it so fast, etc. Its a fine idea, really, but a certain amount of.. breakthrough in the pserver scene is necessary for it to become a reality.
  11. Honestly, it only comes down to how much they adjust the different expansions. The further you go down the time line, the more weeding you need to do. I never tried playing seriously on anything post ICC, and if they manage to retune all of it, gear, level, and character progression to the point, where Wotlk could be the new Vanilla, I'd personally be insanely stoked. Imagine heroics that want to make you cry in terms of difficulty. I would even go further down the line, Cata, mop, but at that point you'd have to customize so much it'd be something so far away from the "Blizzlike" experience that I doubt it's possible to make keep the server healthy. Like, Imagine Wotlk without all the bullshit, it'd be community based, so we will be able to cherry pick the good and bad elements. Anyhow, just my 2 cents. Im aware it's more of a feint lucid dream at this point.
  12. I'm all in for nerfing all kinds of gear. It will suit as an indirect pve difficulty modifier. Who don't want that?
  13. Spreadsheets are generally considered close to "last resort" when it comes to sourcing empirical based arguments. Not to mention that a lot of them are fundamentally flawed. They're typically made of numbers which comes "out of thin air" and hold no to little evidence. My guess is, that Darkrasp is referring to the amount of experience that comes from researching a class, and thus finding your own legitimate sources/knowledge gathering - it's much easier to find sources if you know how things are supposed to look, or what exactly you're looking for.
  14. I can't really comment anything here besides the obvious, when we (Dreamstate) tested on Nostalrius we reported everything we found. That was afterall the reason we went there. We wanted a solid home for ourselves, which includes everyone, since we fancy a healthy populated server - so wouldnt it be biting our own tail in the end? On topic, I've never experienced this happen in a raid sense(or server scale for that matter), however, I have seen it happen on an individual base for class bugs, which "everyone" is affected by. Try to refrain from commenting "hard truths" on topics you dont have any first hand experience of, especially when it concerns other guilds. Thats atleast my 2cents.
  15. Well, first of all, Nost had their identifiers(name, credit card, address etc) tied between them, the ISP, and the lawyers. This is why they didn't release the code, they couldn't have, even if they wanted to, (ofc they could've, but they would've had broken a few laws and prolly served pretty long time, in the attempt of doing so). Second of all, they were hosting at the wrong ISP, in the wrong country. At the end, they had NO IDEA what would happen. I'm sure Big B managed to get them to bow by sugarcoating a phone call or similar, promising gold and green forests, ie the meeting where the admins visited the headquarters. They tried to become heroes by "showing Big B the light" and giving their community what they always have wanted. (Which is on a more faint hope than if PlayTBC and Corecraft had a kid and called it SoonestSoonTM). Keep in mind they always thought they did the right thing, either they've been walking in the shadows, or been forced to take the choice, a detail which doesn't change anything in the end. My bet is they were so enthralled by being met "openly" by Blizz, they actually thought jobs or similar was a possibility, at that point Blizz simply had to request things and it would've been done in seconds. I believe it's like this because of how everything has gone down, for the most part it has looked like damage control from Blizzards side, and had Nost admins actually a say in this, they would've posted something new on their website, ANYTHING, at all, really.