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  1. High quality memelizium(nostrils) strikes again...
  2. I would say priest tank.
  3. Jeez TurboPascal was reinvented by Elicas
  4. Ops, this excludes the bug-report King Elicas...
  5. They are making some crazy orgy somewhere in that blasphemous place that is the temple of the moon. Crazy tree huggers and their debaucheries. Kill them all!
  6. Still some people, like me think that new models are not prettier. Actually they look too lame and not within the lore of the race. They just follow the new trend - stupid animations and gestures.
  7. I don't like it, sounds too much non-wanted info. Like for every kill some unwanted spam(like we get every day in our mailboxes - be them virtual or real).
  8. Complete opposite. Rot in hell you purple tree hugger! Gonna crap your forest till you die from the aroma!
  9. I am not sure, but I think you cannot drink pots while shapeshifted. At least in vanilla.
  10. Working stealth mechanic - both rogue and druid in cat form. Distract, Mind Soothe, Mind Control, using mobs skills. Proper threat/rage generation, item proc rates. Working windfury skill/totem, spell coefficients. All with some subtitles, no narrative and no flashiness. Calm music and longer videos.
  11. Kronos is vanilla private server on Twinstar network.
  12. I just hope duki don't see the part for prot paladins, or else!
  13. Shaman was designed later, after when they made paladin only alliance class. They said it in the earlier blizzcons. So it had to be like mirror image of paladin. And paladin was made to tank from the start, so was shaman, but they were not made to be main tanks. Still paladin and shaman can tank dungeons fine. Not so easy like warrior or druid, but still. In the alpha priest was designed with melee style of play, perhaps with some tanking capability, but they scrapped it, probably because there would be too many tanking classes. I guess the decision for 5 man groups was really easier. Wow was made based on everquest. Most, if not all the game designers were playing EQ then. And there party size and raid size is bigger, way slower to make(i think so, never played). They made wow easier to get into, easier to play and more accessible, so it was way logical to scale those EQ sizes a bit. Also rule of thumb(hand) - 5 fingers - easy to keep track of players lol.
  14. If you are better at fixing/upgrading your emulator and/or administering your server - you shouldn't fear at all. But in current case - its the death of said server. Which is best for us and not for them(no more easy dough).