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  1. I hear/read things like that before each expansion and 3 months after release it is dead in the water. Its too late, they have completely new type of playerbase, so don't put your hopes too high. If they wanna bring real mmo gaming again they should make completely new game. Still the golden goose is too good to let go...
  2. Yep, I personally usually play old games - Wow vanilla-Wotlk, Settlers III, Heroes 3, older Football Managers, Medieval Total War/Rome Total War, Magesty - The fantasy kingdom sim and so on. New games lack personality, lack difficulty, lack everything, except graphics.
  3. I do like if they change nothing, still some things are save bet to change - for example guild banks. Really I don't know anything against that move. If they implement only things like that - that are not controversial it will be ok. Balancing classes is two-edged sword - you make them lose uniqueness. Why would anyone bring more mages if warlocks are better dps-ers - they get easier mana management and so on. Just make the game that it wouldn't require full ass mode - all mages and warlocks and few rogues and thats it. Better make it that class selection is not so important. But on the other hand original game was like that, so...
  4. @Veritch This is why I completely hate public owned companies, in other words cheap ass devs who sell for fast money. Make a good company and make good products, don't sell your souls to some fucking bastards in suits. Because of this nowadays major part of good new games come from indie devs. Better use something like kickstarter instead of crap as IPO(I hope this is the correct term). @Clavus One man is enough - Jeff Kaplan as project lead, not that crap JAB that was fucking us over for these years. So this is the massive red flag about that.
  5. Thing is though that doing mental work and physical work is best thing possible. If he starts doing only mental work, he then will need to find new hobby perhaps and find time for sport activities and so on, to change scenery and so on. Obviously it depends tremendously on what you do and like and so forth, but my ideal working week would be 2-3 days mental work and 2-3 days physical(5 total), but its improbable for the time being.
  6. About the PTE, a friend told me that he read it somwhere, it may be PTE, we will see. The thing is though I do not trust blizzard anymore, they promised each year or so great new expac, at least two times returning to their roots with WoD and Legion and they never did. So if they make it completely like it was before I may try it.
  7. Please don't get your hopes up. This is quite clever move for blizzard to announce next crappy expansion and put that they will make vanilla. But with the last track record with them - last 10 years(or so) no good game they made, I am extremely hesitant to say the least. I think they will make the game with current engine, models, infrastructure, embedded shop, facebook, twitter and all that crap and it won't be the same game. Also somewhere I read there will be no progressive servers, just servers for each expac or something, which is not what I want to play. I hate new models with passion and I don't wanna pay blizz after all that crap they brought and that smug "You think you do, but you don't" guy will be the project manager probably - guess what - he doesn't give a flying crap for old wow - so he will make it crap, but before you realize they will swim in money - because at least half of private server population is in ecstasy and want to buy the new exp just to show "appreciation" of their decision to bring vanilla. Four years ago I would applaud them for trying to do this, but now its their last try to get money from the franchise. Smart move would be to outsource wow to some passionate people who love the game, not those corporate fucks that work there now.
  8. Because women tend to get leniency for almost all crap they do they tend to play with men's feelings way more than we do with them and it is quite ok for me to treat some woman badly if she did same to me before. And by treat her badly I mean verbally, not physically. The extreme tolerance is even worse than no tolerance at all. See what is happening to Europe now.
  9. That is some really naive thinking right there mate. Did Crogge sounded like a scam guy 2 months ago? That kidney guy is at least few times more the bastard, but he thought this for a long time to pull that scam, so don't think he didn't prepare. Some people can hide their true identity for a very long time - possibly forever in the internet. He was selling gold in elysium till the split, so he will continue to do so, just that he would like to bypass the companies and take all the profit.
  10. If you don't wanna install 3rd party start menus on your windows(which I strongly advice to do, because Classic Shell is superb) you can always use "Win + X" shortcut. Windows new metro menu is moronic, its not even too useful when you have touch screen. But M$ is infamous for having imbeciles for designers and complete mouth breathers for managers. It really baffles me with their success on the OS scene. Did you read lately that Bill Gates said that Alt+Ctrl+Del was stupid and if he would have to do it now it would be one button... I am guessing he never created anything, just robbed others of their credit as he did with DOS.
  11. I am really concerned when this thing is considered funny...
  12. This sounds quite fun in theory, but in practice it will be ridiculously buggy and unbalanced. With talents now game was meant to have single class spells and talents. One shotting people is fine when you are the one oneshotting, not the one who gets oneshotted.
  13. Just wanna say that with the help of two nice tools w10 is as user friendly as any other windows - these are "Destroy Windows Spying" and "Classic Shell", with them no more mr nice guy I mean with first one you kill all telemetry and you can remove all metro shit aps that come with windows and use some space on the disk. And the second most ppl that use windows 8+ know it - runs as win 7 style start menu with all its functionality. About the game - w10 store means - TPB to the rescue. When it pops in GOG I will buy it.
  14. Outstanding, you continue to imply business logic to things that are not business. Whenever they release, there will be enough people that will start again on vanilla if the quality is there. Whatever amount of people will wanna play to this server when it releases will have the capability to finance it - if 50 - at least 5 will donate - the server required will be cheap enough. If 5000 - 500 will donate - enough. Everything else is just stupid demand for something nobody promised, and that was promised was promised on the internet for something that includes thousands of factors outside of people involved control. Its getting quite pathetic. Your tries to pressure the devs with some "do this or this magnificent community will leave you" is glamorous and all but when this is online no matter how many of the "glorius community" will be online, because they will be swarmed by the shitheads that plague the internet. If you don't make the private server truly private - by invitation only, its a lost cause and all those high phrases will do nothing. The nice people that contribute have their thanks. Expect less and will get more. Expect more and will surely be disappointed. Let them do whatever they decide. If they want our help - we will help, if they ignore us again - they will suffer. Anything more is just too presumptuous.
  15. Why, they will probably endorse the next incarnation of the shittiest server possible - Light's Hope