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  1. Working stealth mechanic - both rogue and druid in cat form. Distract, Mind Soothe, Mind Control, using mobs skills. Proper threat/rage generation, item proc rates. Working windfury skill/totem, spell coefficients. All with some subtitles, no narrative and no flashiness. Calm music and longer videos.
  2. Kronos is vanilla private server on Twinstar network.
  3. I just hope duki don't see the part for prot paladins, or else!
  4. Shaman was designed later, after when they made paladin only alliance class. They said it in the earlier blizzcons. So it had to be like mirror image of paladin. And paladin was made to tank from the start, so was shaman, but they were not made to be main tanks. Still paladin and shaman can tank dungeons fine. Not so easy like warrior or druid, but still. In the alpha priest was designed with melee style of play, perhaps with some tanking capability, but they scrapped it, probably because there would be too many tanking classes. I guess the decision for 5 man groups was really easier. Wow was made based on everquest. Most, if not all the game designers were playing EQ then. And there party size and raid size is bigger, way slower to make(i think so, never played). They made wow easier to get into, easier to play and more accessible, so it was way logical to scale those EQ sizes a bit. Also rule of thumb(hand) - 5 fingers - easy to keep track of players lol.
  5. If you are better at fixing/upgrading your emulator and/or administering your server - you shouldn't fear at all. But in current case - its the death of said server. Which is best for us and not for them(no more easy dough).
  6. Hello, can I put a request for a feature? I didn't use your addon Shagu, yet, only your previous iteration. But I would like to get same functionality as bartender - to be able to set multiple actionbars - >1 to get changed when you shapeshift/stancedance/stealth - etc. So, because if you do this in bartender you run out of bars - there are 12 in the game afaik. I asked RoadBlock and he said that it is possible to do. It would be great to be able to change at least 2 for each shapeshift and not use all available. I hate makros and would like to set my bars shortcuts to be unique for each shapeshift/stance/stealth. So my question is - is it possible and if yes, is it plausible? Thanks, will definitely use your addon when CF launches.
  7. Yes, its out there. If you catch it, its yours.
  8. No respectable diablo player would let you alive if you use green health bar. Get ready for the horse head in bed.
  9. Better be butterfly, instead of flying butter, don't you think? Please leave the lvl 25 druid alone. Who will entertain me with his "Hey gais". That guy is digging his own grave, let him jump. It will just take some time.
  10. It doesn't matter how we feel. It only matters that CF team learned from this shit to measure two times before cutting. If they put some info before for possible merge, I think that many members here in the forums or people even in reddit would tell them more info and would got better view of the situation. This is with the presumption that they didn't know. Because many of them are long time in pserver scene, so they should know valk/ely history of handouts and incompetence, what about corruption...
  11. If you play at Elysium, you use Zzuk's bot ofc.
  12. Did you clear this with Killerduki? If not, be prepared for a world of hurt.
  13. No matter what the intent is, this is not how it is done in 21 century. If you guys want to not loose any more potential players and get more and more bad image, hire a PR. Or just keep your aims the same trough out and no need for damage control.
  14. This is nothing. Look at the new additions to both elysium and cf. Link Things are not looking good. Each passing day I think with less and less respect to this project.