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  1. You don't need super complex report system. There is report menu on right click in chat. It just need to be looked at, also no command lines, spammers use special characters in their account names or some other mumbo-jumbo. And finally bans should be not on the account(well not only), but on the IP address. Making new account is the easiest thing in the world. And waiting for 20 reports is silly 3-5 is quite enough. And for incentive for the players I mean - existence of working system, not rewards. The best reward would be lower spamming or even no at all. So its mostly on the players reporting and gms banning. But this would require more gms online just for this.
  2. Filtering is not the proper way. The proper way is make incentive for normal players to report them and those reports to be looked at swift. Bans to be given asap by IP. It will be really hard for the sellers to find new IP addresses, when there is VPN ban on. If there is no VPN ban - whatever you do - its not enough.
  3. So long and thanks for all the fish...
  4. Again stupid decision, like previous attempt. Guess that partnership of CF co-owners from beginning was doomed, but I really don't know is the fault.
  5. Classless sounds great, but the sad reality is that it is terrible. Either overpowered or too gimped. Wow engine is bad for such a concept.
  6. So again everything that goes about any psever is blown out of proportion. Seams everyone and their dog's fleece are crazy about that stupid post. Calm your tits or go nuts - I don't care the slightest, but you are the one who are disappointed, losing interest or else. This server goals maybe almost the same as when the project started, but the details getting done are more than that. So it went with more work, more security measures, because of retards from reddit or the tube. So when you complain about the delays get that sunk in - some of them are because of these trolls, whom you are feeding now with your distrust. About project management in a hobby/free time project with no payment involved, only passion - WTF, are you crazy? Mother earth is calling all crazy balloons to land. Don't mess this crazy shit-eating gobblers any more with so much unreal stupidity.
  7. There was no good US president since Kennedy and you know it. There will never be one again - because how voting system works. Don't you ever think that anyone can be raised before being "approved" by the two parties, that are the two sides of the same coin - THE COIN - the Mammon, the god of money - the epitome of capitalism. The families that run that are so many, but they don't represent american interests, or any other interests, but their own. Its not even funny that you fall for this and call any US president good or bad, there is nothing that they do, but pose for photos, they decide nothing, but the pharmacy industry, military industry, tobacco industry, oil industry and so on, you catch my drift. You should watch some more videos in internet, instead of cnn or fox to just get a glimpse of the iceberg. Think more, don't you ever get all you read or watch for granted. And always ask yourselves - where comes from the money for all of this and what is the end result of all this(for example ISIS). And since you mentioned ISIS in this thread - this was US financed and trained organization and its still protected by US forces - they only bomb Assad forces and help ISIS. The photos with Al'Bagdadi and McCain are just icing on the cake. And this is all recent. What about 9/11, Panama, Chile, Venezuela and almost all latin-american and middle-eastern countries? US economy will die in less than a year if they are in no war.
  8. Still much to go to reach OVER 9000!
  9. gear guide

    Moor Durid gere!
  10. @Budge you should learn about edit button mate...
  11. I think they hired the writer of the bold and the beautiful to butcher the lore and he did great job.
  12. If I had to guess its the story. No other game has this vast and entertaining story, like those two. And in the case of swtor, its grounding story is even older than in wow's case. It has all the interesting parts, grand enemies, political struggles, characters fighting inner demons and more. The story is grand and still you see some minor participant and his struggles, his dreams and his fears. And you are in there like some minor participant as well, yep you do grand things, but not because you are omnipotent(like in today's blizz divine plan) , but because you have no other choice, you either hold your ground or you die. There is no escape, you cannot close your eyes and pretend it didn't happen. It literally show how your character matures as you would in life - see how nothing is only roses, there is dark part in everyone and life is a struggle with that dark part. When you overcome it you are stronger than ever before. Anyway, this is my vision why some games are so better than others. Not all is about gameplay, graphics, online multiplayer or anything else like that. The story vacuums you in so bad, you are drown in it, it embrace you hard and you have no other choice, but to live it and love it.
  13. Yeah, like wc2 expansion was called Beyond the Dark Portal, all expansions after wotlk should be called Beyond Salvation. Because why all should be logical and thoughtful when the majority of new players are either brainless or under 13 years of age(when they don't wanna know anything that is going on). The rest few percent are just gobbling anything that their beloved company spewed. And in this freaking universe this crap is kinda popular and continues its bullshit when great stuff like Firefly(the series) and Kings were shut down since season one. Logic dictates - nothing that can make plebs be smarter or curious must be shut down, we need mindless zombies, not critical thinking people.
  14. blizz lost their way long time ago - wow is a cheap soap opera now. The new story is shallow and made for braindead. And I just glanced over it, but the old stuff before cata in wowwiki is so powerful, so full of potential and they made that shit and a new one, and new one and they are not stopping. I really cannot understand the players that continue to donate them money for this lazy shitshow they make year after year... With all the money flowing in their direction they can hire 5 hardcore fantasy writers, but I guess they prefer to use mail carrying interns to write the storyboards for the last few expansions. All characters are misunderstood and I am waiting for the gay and vegan ones, because this is all that is missing so it can be complete bullshit with all the fashion trends lately.
  15. It won't be enough, sadly. I played other games and have much more knowledge, also the Internet is quite different now. Better try physics and develop a time machine