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  1. Fuck me, I can't believe it too
  2. I don't I prefer to fool myself than know directly of things I don't like and have to accept them. As to Kronos it died long ago and forever in my eyes.
  3. Buyers are same bad or even worse cause they are the reason 'bad sellers' become what they are. And what is truly disgusting is playing with such people, I'm really happy they get banned
  4. No, not only u. I can understand his motives, though ofc I don't approve of them cause they are bad for the server at the end. Still I was happy I could enjoy 'playable' vanilla at all. Cause dreams (CF) not always come true.
  5. Elysium realm is back on lightshope server. Got rid off whisper restriction and not even one gold selling /w or ad in chat, when earlier it was 99% of the time
  6. I don't mind what ll happen. Will (hopefully) play on Crestfall realms anyway.
  7. For me just good ll be enough. And tbh I really prefer untransparent Elysium than transparent shit like Warmane or Kronos. At least I can have illusions. Im not amazed at all. It lasted, and it probably will still last though maybe in other form. Cause it was no doubt the best vanilla experience possible for now despite its drawbacks. And if u want to play vanilla u really don't have many choices. Money are always behind projects, be it legal or not. Blizz destroyed their game same way. Also other private servers through their transparent item shops. Whats the difference lol.
  8. Yea, but these are just words..like words Shenna said long ago that she was stepping down. Who knows true reasons behind this. But lets hope for the better (this gold selling shit was so visible at Elysium despite them saying they were actively fighting it, that it was almost certain staff was involved in bad practices)
  9. I asked myself same question till I read this https://www.felmyst.com/index.htm. Shit happens and I can't have any grudge against Gummy cause I believe he has had best intentions.
  10. Would like to say same thing, but it wouldn't be true. If they made a next genre game like wow vanilla was in the past (perhaps in VR) or even made their own legacy servers I d still pay for it. For the love of the game ofc. Sadly they don't want my money as currently they got really nothing worth paying for, at least in my eyes. So now back to hoping and waiting for some other decent p.release like Crestfall possibly
  11. It probably already is if its not a bad joke: Pity 2nd server Skullcrusher has been looking really good. At least gonna get some sleep cause its 2 am here..
  12. This made my day and I fully agree (+1).
  13. The one and only master race beloved from all games: Blood Elves (females ofc ) Dranei This would be the best race, but they have bad luck coming in same expansion as race above. Also animal races rocks -> Worgen & Tauren Nasty, little, ugly, stupid (with intelligence lmfao..) on even ugliest mounts. Only their plus is blizz 'rewarded horde' with even worse thing, worst race ever: Goblins Cant see really any plus here (even Pandas look amazing in comparison )
  14. Found it already but tnx anyway As to instant servers (after vanilla) I got mixed feelings but wotlk alone is not my cup of tea so gonna leave it to others;)