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  1. It's been a nice post to read, I think you are handling PR and the netherwing-gate thing in a very professional way. Keep up the good work!
  2. thanks for the update, keep it up!
  3. thanks for the update!
  4. The mobilizing speed is related to faction imbalance. Dominant faction reacts faster and has more players online who can join the raid and fill all the roles and scout for the boss spawn. But I will play alliance so pretending faction imbalance has nothing to do with this topic it's ok for me.
  5. No, mainly because of typical PvE server faction imbalance. RIP horde.
  6. Good stuff here!
  7. Pretty much this. No offense to PvP guys, of course there are great people among them, but from my experience the community of a PvE realm in general is far less toxic then PvP ones.
  8. Looks like the guy who told us to play instead of waiting is back.
  9. Great update, thank you!
  10. Uhm of course there is no "right" answer to this, but we can try to make some speculations. First thing that comes to my mind is Legion launch, which regardless our personal opinion about it turned out to be a quite great success in terms of sales. Combine this with the sense of distrust in pservers some nost guys might had (they lost everything they worked for, I endured a couple of server shut down myself and know that feeling) and I can see some of them going back to retail, where all you have will remain forever. Of course some others might have hardened their bad feelings about blizzard behaviour for the same reason,and will never go back to retail. Then we have the so-called influencers, aka the ones who tell dumb people what to think about everything. So we had quite many of them going from bashing blizzard for ruining their game to buying legion in a matter of weeks because hey, pecunia non olet, fuck coherence and gimme viewers. It is likely possible that their followers did that too. Then we have guys who simply got hooked on legion because curiosity of new class, new lore, new features in general. Then we have guys like me who wait for a high quality pserver release to play. We might even have guys from nost who are waiting only for a official legacy release for what we know.
  11. I can agree on almost everything except two things. The first one is the blame-corecraft-for-everything part. It really seems too much simplistic and even disrespectful to blame them for the absence of a decent BC server in the history of wow emulation. They sure showed really poor attitude, at least for what concerns PR, but I don't buy the story that makes them responsible for the lack of quality of other BC projects. The second one is the crestfall last chance for the emulation community. Assuming there will be no official legacy realms launch in the next years, I believe that even if CF will prove to be incapable to deliver (God forbid) the demand for legacy content will still be there, and other projects will rise and try to meet that demand. Of course if I am here it means that I believe in the crestfall projects, and I surely hope that they will succeed. On the other hand, I am still reluctant in putting too much hopes on a project that has not even a beta out at the moment. Let's see what will happen and hope for the best. The demand for legacy wow however will still be there, I can see it desappear after a failed launch only in those who jumped on the legacy hypetrain only because it was the cool thing of the moment with all that recent blizzard bashing and nostalrius drama, pumped by dozens of youtubers intrested more in getting easy viewers for their channels than in playing old wow. EDIT: I forgot to say something about wow awakening. To me it is the proof that emulation is currently in a pretty good state. Their idea of a classless realm looks good to me, they really set the bar on another level for what concerns custom private server. To be honest the 15$ beta access smells a bit like money digging to me, but le'ts see what will happen, they might bring a breath of fresh air in custom wow emulation.
  12. One last question remains unanswered... who ever asked for easier raids in the first place?
  13. Yeah agree, tell him go check xenophics or sniffy.
  14. Oh let me be clear, I absolutely admire those guys, and I am not trying to discredit them. I raided in vanilla but not at those highest level of commitment. The average skill level was so much lower than that, it all has to be put in perspective. What I am trying to say is that for us who played wow until 2016, (2017 release of CF) those fights are beyond trivial. What we like, or at least what I like (and that's why I am here, with retail account frozen since summer) is the sense of community, the engaging atmoshere and of course the nostalgia, I will feel 10 years younger when I will log in this server and I am sure it will be a lot of fun.