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  1. Righteous Defense was added in TBC. Patch 2.0.0 (31-Oct-2006): Introduced. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Righteous_Defense
  2. I havent been active here on forums for some months because of busy with RPGs. I just finished Tyranny the other day. Took me abit longer than planned. I thought the story was abit better than Pillars, at least it felt fresh and unique in a way, I sided with Tunon and tried to be a good lawful Fatebinder, didnt spare me from Kyros wrath in the end sadly, even though I constantly talked good of the Overlord. It reminded me of Pillars in that way that it didnt really matter how much you suck up to the big baddy, s/he wants you dead anyway The companions I thought were better in Pillars though. Durance, Eder and Grieving Mother were all cool and interesting. In Tyranny I found Lantry the best by far. Omg the stat system in both these games are so bad, and what is up with all those heavy armor drops in Tyranny? I played the game as a mage, and interesting companions like Lantry had to come with me of course - So I needed a tanky guy, Barik got this spot, but his armor is glued to him, same with Beastwomen could not wear armor at all, so ALL that heavy armor just went straight to trash. The loot was overall just not that interesting at all. Now I only have Torment left to play. Some say its "over-lored" (not really sure what that means, but if its anything like Planescape then I get it). Some say the combat system is the worst of all the games mentioned. So time for another 60+ hours of storytime with uninteresting loot and booring combat. But at least if the story holds up then its worth. Getting a little worn out from the ISO-rpgs now. Have you played/finished Torment Lilaina? What did you think of it?
  3. Everyone loves moomin! How can you not! I watched it alot as a kid as well
  4. And as we've talked about before, it is no modification of the 'existing' files, but simply adding in another MPQ. But whatever, this has been discussed over and over, I know plenty of people can use these methods to make world changes, change size, remove doors etc, and I hope Crestfall will have a good anti-cheat to be able to spot these people server-side, while still whitelisting specific MPQ's, like the WoD models. Warmane seems to be doing fine and I have never heard of any rampant cheating going on there, despite the added mpq files with the WoD models they provide and promote. Also. I have talked to several people now that have been using both the WoD models and Zerocool/Uthil graphic patch since Nostelysium re-launch and none have been banned. This gives that server a huge point for alot of people that will be wanting to play vanilla content with 2016 graphics rather than 2005, if CF ends up banning everyone using MPQs.
  5. Yepp. They've also stated that using Wod models MPQ probably wont result in a ban. What could potentially happen is you get kicked out, disconnected from the server, not banned unless you actually get caught cheating. For me its a big deal and im currently able to use this on Elysium (though I dont really play there, just testing), and even though they said they would use the same checksum stuff as nost, it works anyway for whatever reason, so if for some reason it wont work on Crestfall, well that's gonna suck big time for alot of us! Do what Warmane did and embrace the WoD models as a selling point, promote it and give links to it from your "How to play on Crestfall"-guide, etc. Time will tell..
  6. 20k? wow thats a big number. Nostelysium arent even close to that atm. Their launch might have 15k-20k or something like that. Depending on how things go, I think Crestfall will have around 5-8k, which means close to full servers anyway. Pure speculation, all depends on tons of things
  7. Perhaps. but it doesnt help to give contradictions in advises. You can still try to optimize a bad tanking kit. ^^ Warriors wont always be there for dungeons, and we talk 5, 10, 20 man content here. Getting to defense cap makes your Redoubt worthless, and you are loosing valueble threat gear trying to reach it. So no offense, but I think Elicas guide post above yours is much more reasonable here. He used a holy shock build rather than a holy shield one, to maximize even more threat. Was your build intended with Holy Shield? You gonna have some trouble rolling a blood elf paladin before TBC And you can ret as alliance as well, Seal of blood is just better of course. I hate that damn seal, it always shifts the faction balance towards horde in TBC, and even blizz said it was a mistake that got changed in wrath. Its a good thing the PVE server will be alliance heavy in vanilla, because once we get TBC and blood elves start to swarm everywhere, then the faction balance will be pretty good I think.
  8. Interesting how this completely contradicts things Elicas wrote above... So ye. Screw Redoubt and go for def cap which you cant reach until AQ anyway, only to lose all threat gear in doing so ? If you dont you are bad tank, if you do you will be a bad tank Also I wonder.. Is this true? Arent most raidbosses immune to taunt? Maybe they werent on crappy private servers so this part still stands on those I know like pet growl didnt work on bosses at least. Anyway, if CF has proper immunity on this part wont matter as much at least.
  9. Alright well.. Perhaps I used the wrong word there, I meant "normal" connection like the rest of us. The stance has been made by the devs about VPN for very good reasons I think. If you absolutely have to use one, ask to be whitelisted.
  10. Ye I totally get that. Im sorry if it comes off as dissing the safe space part. It was obviously not adressed to me so abit silly of me commenting on that. I was mixing in with my reply, my own search for guild. Anyway. I wish you all the best with the guild! If I was playing horde i'd love to join! You know me already going for an odd-ball guild anyway How dare you!?! Disrespecting the queen warchief like this!! (Seriously though, I love Sylvanas lore but since cata they have gone very wrong with her I think) And what is this nonsense? The sole reason I never rolled alliance was that weasel boy Anduin! (Seriously though, yes I hate him!) Ye, plenty of time till CF comes. Im sure something will pop up.
  11. Nice bumb on 2 months old thread One or a few will be affected negatively by this, while ensuring that the vast vast majority of the playerbase will get the better experience from the decision. Its the right one. Also, yes, its 2016, so why dont you have a decent internet like the rest? I use VPN myself but of course disable it when im going to play. If you log in with VPN you are not going to get banned but kicked out, DC'd. As Darkrasp answered here. (Still waiting for the details from Crogge though)
  12. Oh multifactioning in wow is a bitch Thats why I always got stuck on horde side on retail thinking for the longest time that I would one day switch to alliance, some 9 years later and never happened. Since the guild and all friends etc is on horde-side, it just gets too complicated to do it, communication being barred between factions and cant invite to party, raid, pvp etc. If you think you can pull it off then go for it! But I suspect you will end up like the rest of us and stick to one side Especially in vanilla it takes such insane amount of time just having one char. Anyway, if you end up alliance, we should join one of these guilds man, depending on the pop it 'might' be hard to get one filled with enough casuals yet getting 40 of them to show up at raids. Some guilds rather run with 39 than bringing a retpally that "steals gear", I guess you know the mentality by now, so hopefully we find a cool guild. Seems horde got 2 of them by now. Outstanding has some Filthy Casuals planned as well I think. Getting kinda annoyed horde dont have any pallies now, then the choice would be easy
  13. This guild sounds cool. Too bad im on the alliance side this time around. Will see if a similar one shows up over there. I dont really care about the "safe space" stuff that much personally, it tends to get overly strict sometimes and causes alot of drama from the smallest things. As long as people are just acting maturely and respectful towards one another its usually enough. But each to their own! I really like the acceptance of odd-ball specs though. Best of luck guys! Werent you gonna roll a pally though?
  14. Sounds good. As of right now I can do this to the forums though. Maybe you are going to apply this to here as well? Hope Crogge will give his input too.
  15. Surely we can find a middle ground between 30 days and half a year though. I wouldnt mind it being two months, half a year absolutely not! Wont that result in most of us not getting to do much of it at all before it opens? Some hardcore group will just rush the quest ASAP the second it unlocks. Not sure if you where serious or not but, I think we should let people progress with the quest when War effort starts. Then more casuals like me can also have it done when effort is complete Point of advice: Never take Xaverius seriously Sarcasm is sorta his thing i've come to learn ;P