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  1. Fool me once (LGN)... fool me twice...
  2. Mage is the best class for large scale fights. I dont get the point of #3.. seems like you are trying to choose class for people instead of letting them choose.
  3. When you press the button
  4. Season 1 was great. Can't wait for season 2.
  5. Already had a thread like this
  6. Watch any old PvP movies and you'll see rogues vanishing all sorts of things. Most common is probably to vanish coil.
  7. Fire has the highest dmg. Only reason you go frost is cuz of fire immunity.
  8. @Renew Thanks alot for making this addon! Is it possible to add a timer for Deep Wounds (12 sec) - useful for PvP.
  9. Basically Pawn for vanilla?
  10. You sound like you could use some enjoyment in your life. Here you go: https://gifsound.com/?gifv=3tb52aO&v=i3UvYG8yhOk&s=5
  11. pls include a meme when you post ty
  12. What makes you think this?