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  1. Much simpler guide: 1. install questhelper 2. ??? 3. profit
  2. There are some good instant max-lvl servers out there. So if you just want to raid or pvp without investing a ton of time levelling, only for Crestfall be released the day after you're finally done doing so, I'd recommend playing on one of those for the time being.
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    Well you got some good points there, I'll admit. In hindsight I guess it's not quite as simple an idea as I first thought. Well scrap this thread then. Bad idea all around. I vote no as well.
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    Nothing to see here.
  5. I have this as my alarm clock on my phone.
  6. Anyone else immediately think of this scene?
  7. I'd be angry too if I didn't have ice block / cold snap. Diein' all the time to stupid shit.
  8. Undead also gives you the option to run around with a succubus and still have a good way to deal with fear.
  9. Happen to now if there's any similar-looking animations already in the game? Say from a mob, that you could use in it's place? As a tribute to this glorious ability.
  10. The devs can find a way, I know they can. All that matters is that we get Swirly Ball. Fuck what the other classes think, fuck what anyone thinks! They're not rogues. They can't possibly understand.
  11. What is Swirly Ball? A brief history... Swirly Ball. "Swirly Ball" was the name commonly used to refer to the visual effect of the Rogue ability: Detect Traps. You see, early in Vanilla wow, Detect Traps was actually an activated ability, and when cast it would cause a ball of light to circle around and up the Rogue, eventually exploding above their head. Rogues everywhere loved this ability because it could be cast at any time, even while mounted, and spammed repeatedly, for its beautiful Swirly animation. And then, one fateful day, patch 1.11 was released. And Detect Traps was changed forever, to become a static ability. This was done mainly for gameplay reasons, since it made Detect Traps much more practical being always on. But rogue's didn't care about that. They didn't care about detecting traps. They cared about Detect Traps, the way it was meant to be. They cared about Swirly Ball. And Blizzard stole it from us. Rogues everywhere were rightfully outraged, and took to the forums to try to get Detect Traps changed back. But Blizzard ignored all posts on the matter, and sooner or later, every Rogue had to face the fact: they would most likely never see their Swirly Ball again. Rogues all across Azeroth wept, over the loss of their most beloved ability, above Ambush, above even Eviscerate, nothing compared to Swirly Ball. Many Rogues chose to quit the game entirely. Some, tragically, even chose to end their lives. Life was just not worth living, not without Swirly Ball. Without it, the sense of magic and wonder, the fun and the joy these players got from playing wow was lost completely, snuffed out without a second thought by the fascist, heartless developers of Blizzard Entertainment. I believe Crestfall can do things differently. You developers working on Crestfall, you're not monsters, you're not Blizzard. You can right these wrongs of the past. You can restore true pride and glory to the Rogue class. You can bring back Swirly Ball. An old wow forums post on the topic: I couldn't have put it better myself. Goodbye Swirly Ball. Gone, but never forgotten. Forever in our hearts. Give us Swirly Ball or give us death! RIP old friend. Your time came far too soon. But I pray that one day, we will meet again. Please, come back home, Swirly Ball. We miss you. :'( :'( :'( Lik dis post if u cri evrytime. :'( :'( :'(
  12. I get people wanting things blizzlike when it comes to the server being non-p2w, no sped up or instant levelling, same difficulty and mechanics as they were in vanilla, as few changes as possible in general, etc. But really... being able to see the population online is actually a problem for you, for the sole reason that it's not blizzlike? Like... you can't possibly be serious? This change doesn't effect the game or the experience in any negative way. You might as well be complaining also that the forums are unblizzlike, these ones are way nicer looking and more functional than we had in 2006, plus avatars are unblizzlike. Of course we should also put a limit on how low your ping can be, because obviously most people had slower internet in 2006. You "110% blizzlike" circlejerkers are the absolute worst, I swear. p.s. I really doubt even if everyone spammed /who constantly that it would put any significant pressure on the server.
  13. Yah definitely 5/5 if you're going backstab.