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  1. Looks pretty good. It's consistent and makes sense as a whole. There is some stuff that will leave specific people with objections (respec cost, why are you not millionaires that can guarantee the project will exist for millennia from your pocket change, without ever needing to resort to donations or cosmetic rewards, why fix exploitable bugs that Blizzard didn't fix, that's not "blizz-like", why buff encounters that's not ..., why you don't improve other aspects of the game since you're making some custom changes anyway etc) That makes it a good FAQ in my book, because each project needs personality and values and it's more important to keep to those than try to please everyone (it's impossible anyway) Your vision is to try your best to be true to the original experience within the constraints of emulation and I'm A-OK with that personally.
  2. Don't hate any race but I like Humans less. I find them kinda cheesy From Horde races probably undead. I mean I liked this when I saw it but it still didn't make me want to play one Preferences: Night Elves, Dwarves, Tauren, Trolls.
  3. You will need a different client for each version of the game yes. (1.12.1, 2.4.3, 3.3.5a if you go that far etc)
  4. I was talking specifically about this It doesn't mean we'll necessarily be on a 2.0.1 client but I get from it the intention is to provide a reasonable fascimile content wise, like is done with the progressive content unlocks in vanilla itself.
  5. Just to note that this was an obvious troll account made during the "days of drama", but he made several childish mistakes so no one bit (i.e. it's not Vitaliy).
  6. On the latest announcement Darkrasp outlined how the plan is for the TBC realms of the PTE project to launch at 2.0.1 and have the Dark Portal event. So yes, there will be a pre-expansion event far as we know right now.
  7. 20 mins vs 15 is 25% more... Maybe it was 25mins and you keep rounding down? Maybe you didn't really clock the 1 hour and it was "about a half hour" so you said "a couple". People post DM East farm runs, Mara farm runs, whatever runs, but you can't show me a simple video of this so common 15min Emp run.
  8. We'll see. If 15mins emperor runs are so common, you definitely have one of the many videos to post right? I mean I can find speed runs of pretty much every common speed run in wow, you should have no trouble posting a 15min one from BRD right? Even better do one with your friends to prove the point that it's doable without exploiting any bugs.
  9. This was a necro, we can tone it down a little I think. Anyway, the thing is, most private servers (and especially the super popular one) had a combination of bugs (bad rage generation + wrong proc rate on Ironfoe + wrong drop rate) that made this item very desirable and while still difficult to obtain, not as hard as it was on retail. This lead to people that would normally not bother with it because they had better weapons from raids hunt for this even at very high gear. Bottom line is it doesn't matter. On CF it won't be broken to be better than Thunderfury so it won't be as desirable, the drop rate will be blizz-like (so harder to "farm") and the same won't happen. How much someone is exaggerating their time makes no difference in that respect, for sure it's not something to get in a fight over.
  10. High attendance (reliable) Not a guild hopper (dependable) Focus / consistency (once you learn your role in a fight you need to be able to repeat it ad nauseam while the rest of the pieces fall in place) I've always found "skill" to be pretty low on the priority of things to have as a guild raid tank. It's just a nice extra to have but the 3 things above trump skill every which way. Small group content and PuGs are usually a larger test of personal tank skill in classic / BC. The chaos that is "other people" is what makes you work hard to solve problems "on the fly". Like Cruzix said main tank(s) are the lynch-pin of the raid a lot of investment goes into them, when they take that effort and disappear is what hurts the raid / group the most. Being able to learn your part in as few attempts as possible is obviously a plus.
  11. "There's no way in hell this isn't a troll post." Popular and long-lived servers already exist for each expansion at least up to Cataclysm (and recently MoP). When's the last time you heard of one getting shut down by Blizzard? The only thing different about this project is that it is built from the ground up on a core that will make transitions from one version of the game to the next easier / better. Twinstar are already considering doing their own "version" in the future. Not on a unified core but stitching together existing realms under their "brand" umbrella, which - imho - is nothing new since you could already log on to Kronos > Ares > Hyperion > Artemis and so on with the same account. All they need to do is slap on "transfers" between their products and presto. It's not going to be PTE in the sense Crestfall is doing it, but the point from Blizzard's viewpoint stands. Why do they survive for all these years when they are operating different emulators for vanilla and three expansions? What am I missing? Are you on Kronos forums asking the same question? I'm missing nothing. You've been trying to take some Cheap Shots (pun intended) towards the project with your last posts.
  12. That was a nice story, welcome (yes I did read it all )
  13. Adding a couple questions of my own. When the BC realm at 2.0.1 opens, will all characters on the Vanilla realm get the option to flag for transfer or only 58+ ? Similarly, for players that decide to flag individual characters later, after the initial mass exodus would the same min level requirement apply? Personally I think a min level requirement both for initial and subsequent individual transfers makes more sense, especially if the timeline is known 2-3 months in advance. People would still be able to create fresh characters on either realm.
  14. Darkrasp will probably add this in the FAQ at the first page but I think I can answer because it's one of the first questions I asked myself. It will be as you describe. You can flag a character for transfer and it will go over in the next maintenance period (or during the initial mass exodus). I intend to leave alts behind myself to play with slowpoke or new friends. So it is CHAR, not ACCOUNT.
  15. It's a valid question but my money is on "no". It's hard enough to ensure some integrity for the realms under you direct control when discussing transfers or copies (as you can see by the relevant part of the announcement). Opening that up from a realm that's not even under your control would be madness. It would also be in effect the same (far as this community is concerned) as giving option to boost to 60.