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  1. Thanks guys! =)
  2. Thanks for your answer and the info!
  3. Hello guys. First off, Sorry for my english. So, I have a question to ask you guys. I want to play a ret paladin but iknow it´s very hard to find a guild that lets me play that spec. What to you guys think i can do to play it ? is there any guild that accepts hybrid spec here ?
  4. Talnivarr eu tbc-Wotlk
  5. Dwarf hunter, Played that from late vanilla-Wotlk.
  6. Love Kenion´s movies
  7. Knight, Maybe you dont know this but Kronos have recolored saber´s for horde (donor mounts) and i dont like that at all. Is this something you are going to do ? Great work btw with this server!
  8. Good job =) Cant wait for this server
  9. Hello. 25 year old guy from Sweden looking for a guild. Raid exp from TBC-WOTLK. What i´m looking for is a fun and serious weekend raid guild. Class: Warrior (dps or tank) or hunter. alliance. More info later when things get serious ofc. Have a good day!
  10. Same here. Looking for a weekend guild.