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  1. casual players trying to make wow vanila easy just because they dont like to ''play a lot''. vanila is vanila casuals
  2. awesome. fucking awesome
  3. Very nice video and banner, love your work, keep it up
  4. Tits or /!\. nah just kidding. welcome both . hope see u in horde side !
  5. troll hunter here of course and pvp realm, be ready alliance! i will kill u face to face but watch your back too!
  6. i confirm too @Zecov. u can land a trap, wait for CD up, then freeze a mob and FD +trap another one. that's how it should work and if not we have the beta to fix it
  7. ey guys! done an apply in your guild! how is the recruitment going? Cya ingame!
  8. hell yea! i knew this will be the surprise for christmass. very nice work guys, i'll be here to try join our closed beta and help as much as possible.
  9. I can see a closed beta as christmass gift
  10. Pve realm is for weaks
  11. In pve realm? why not pvp, more 3x population, easier to make up dungeons, pvp... etc En el reino pve? Veniros al pvp chache, en el pvp habra el triple de gente para hacer de todo, además el server pve es aburrido
  12. thanks m8, i noticed some spaniards like us are rolling alliance, but in pve realm i did play horde in all pservers but this time maybe i'll roll alliance, just to change, but i will decide when the Grecluiment subforum is more active. Hunter 4ever of course gracias sepio! pues siempre he roleado hunter en vanila asique seguire con la costumbre, mi intencion es ir al realm pvp porque a mas poblacion mas cosas puedes hacer, en cuanto a lafaccion he visto que algun españl que otro se va para la alianza asique seguramente rolee alianza solo por cambiar, siempre he roleado horda
  13. fuck, u made me laugh jajaja