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  1. Yes, once. Or so they've said previously.
  2. I'm still here btw guys. IRL called, moved house etc. And it seems I got beta access, so.. yeah.. I'll have to log in. And.. I'm trying to figure out which email I used for the Discord account I use for WoW..
  3. Man.. it's so inspiring how throughout you guys are. I'm about to go and try mimic it in a non wow related project I'm working on.
  4. I wonder if I'll inspire any no Warrior guilds..
  5. Many people here should not think about that question too much.. you might have a crisis...
  6. Let's have some fun. Warriors don't exist, you want to raid.. how do you do it? How painful will it be? Horde have Druid and Shaman who can maybe off tank. Alliance have Druid and Paladin. There are no fury/arms warrior either. Would you use Warlocks? The main thing we can have fun discussing is which faction would do better without warrior. This is what we've resorted too on the dirge of decent vanilla servers!!
  7. I'm Irish! Actually Irish.. not American Irish.. ! HI! As for my priest leveling spec.. Wand and spirit tap ofc.. Then I'll focus on talents that'll help me choo away the inevitable Undead Rogues trying to gank my ass. Ultimately ganking will be the biggest time delay. I've been known to rock some pretty weird specs while leveling.. it doesn't really matter, especially with a robust class like Priest.
  8. Indeed. The Light was so powerful it transformed me from a Gnome Mage into a Dwarf Priest. I am now of the Light. gief benedictionz
  9. Called it boys.. I'll also know exactly when Tailsman on the Binding Shard will drop, so /w me closer to the time.
  10. @Darkrasp Great to hear an update! having proper threat pre 60 will be nice. Excited for a more robust website and announcement; it's going to be a closed beta date. Crestfall is priority nost/Elysium will just kill time waiting... might get my lore on Horde side before rolling Ally here.
  11. God Emperor of America: Trump the Spice Lord by Asura Herbert. I'd read that. Also I'd vote Asura for president any day... make wow great again!
  12. I'm thinking Crestfall will announce the dates of a closed beta soon and roll out regular updates in various forms. They might give vague dates of stress tests and wider closed betas (active guild posters are great testers)
  13. Yeah. I think Crestfall will be the place where I obtain my Atiesh.. I can feel it.
  14. Nice work. Showing the warrior charging at the mage got me excited for some PvP in Blackrock Spire.. with a robust charge they'll be even better.