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  1. The people who are overjoyed with the new pure Light's Hope project should realize how corrupt Whitekidney has been himself. Here are screenshots of Whitekidney talking with Crogge and Shenna about the character duplication and money theft form the paypal account: imgur.com/a/hq9jT Right now Whitekidney proclaims that he has done this to 'gather evidence' against Elysium. What is the problem here? It is that Whitekidney has known about all the corruption for weeks if not months but decided to keep it all a secret. The only reason he came out is because other staff members found out about it. I don't need to tell you that this is a big red flag. Why wait a month or more to expose Elysium under the excuse of 'gathering evidence' when you already have said evidence, it makes no sense and it's a red flag. Adding that to the fact that Whitekidney has a corrupt past himself. He himself has been an exploit seller, a gold seller and has done other such things as you can see here: i.imgur.com/frSaPVV.jpg and we already form a picture of a person who we do not want as a staff member, much less so as the owner of the project. During the shutdown of Elysium Whitekidney has wiped the servers clean in order to set them back as far as possible. Whitekidney banks on his luck hoping that Crogge's last backup of Elysium dates weeks/months earlier than the one that Whitekidney made right before the shutdown and server wipe. Whitekidney as a system administrator tried to screw Elysium over as hard as possible before he left the staff. He did towards the benefit of Light's Hope, his new project. What an immoral way to leave a project. What I'm saying is that Whitekidney himself, who will have a high ranking position in Light's Hope, can't be trusted either. To just ship towards Light's Hope as if it is the right thing to do is naive at best, outright dumb is more likely. Some may counter argue that planning a coup in order to dethrone the corrupt leadership is the only way to go forward. That may be so, but don't pretend that Whitekidney is innocent. He himself and therefore Light's Hope is build upon lies, deceit and corruption. If Whitekidney and his new project Light's Hope truly is as good as they claim it is then there would be no need to destroy their former 'voluntary' workplace first. Speaking about Light's Hope, the name must be ironic considering how pretentious it would be otherwise. Whitekidney has a lot to answer for but has said nothing about it. Yet we are supposed to trust his new project as if Light's Hope will be the end all be all. Make your own decision and do what you want, but don't be fooled. This guy is as corrupt as the rest of them.
  2. Yes! This is good news. Separating from Elysium and getting Crestfall back on track might lead to positive developments.
  3. I think this would be very helpful but I have to make one note: While mentioning bugs that other private servers have is a good start, I don't think that it should be the focus. Many bugs on other private servers come from a bad core (mangos), bad implementation or neglectence. Not because the information isn't available. I'll give an example: Mentioning that Windfurry is bugged on Nostalrius would do no good for Crestfall because it's obvious how it should work, Windfury should work as it is described in the spell discription and in the talents and nothing more. It's the most obvious spell yet it gets a lot of attention. But giving it a lot of attention in a thread like this will not help the Beta Testers nor the Developers because everybody is already aware how that brain dead spell works. Instead I think we should focus on spells with complex mechanics. They should to be researched and described in detail so that developers can implement them well. An example is Chain Heal for Shaman. The spell itself raises multiple questions: 1: How does each jump get resolved? At once or per jump? 2: How is it decided what target it jumps to? 3: How does set 3 from tier 2 effect Chain Heal exactly? 4: What is the exact formula behind Chain Heal? Etc. If we can find all data about all complex spells and how they interact with each set bonus then we can truly help the developers. Simply mentioning that ability X and Y are bugged on server Z while it's obvious how these spells should work *cough windfury* isn't actually going to help the developers or beta testers.
  4. I already know that the exact mechanics of Chain Heal have to be answered. Questions that we have about the spell are: 1A: When Chain Heal jumps, does it heal exactly 50% and 25% of the initial heal or are they averaged out again? 1B: Is Chain Heal resolved once or is it resolved three times? For the initial heal and for each jump. 2: How exactly are the jumps prioritised in patch 1.12.1? - Does it heal the target with the lowest health first? - Does it heal the closest target first? - Are there additional rules to the Chain Heal jumps? If somebody can provide in depth evidence of the patch 1.12.1 Chain Heal mechanics that would be great.
  5. Windfury has no ICD in Vanilla and the devs are aware of this. You could stretch Vanilla to the 2.0 patch when Shamans received their TBC talents (including Dual Wield). At that point it had an ICD, but we already know that this is the TBC client with locked content (such as the new races and outland). Any claims made to Windfury having an ICD in Vanilla are false. Proof is required to show WF had an ICD during patch 1.12.1 but it won't be provided because it doesn't exist.
  6. I don't know what they do and don't know. I only know that this video was provided as evidence that CC does in fact break:
  7. It's neither a personal opinion or what the staff thinks. There was a discussion about it on discord, yes. But Darkrasp has never said that he believed it to be the case.
  8. I like dungeons that punish bad plays the best. The Wailing Caverns walk off is a good example, you don't have to jump but some people do, then there's this special kind of guy who jumps too early and falls in the gap. Usually this guy doesn't make it back because he gets lost on his way up. DM-E is also fun. You can skip quite a bit of content, such as the lashers and other trash mobs, but you have to be aware of where you're walking. I can't count the amount of times my group wasn't paying attention and got caught by adds or didn't manage to walk between two groups of mobs without aggroing either side. People getting themselves killed in lava, falling off edges and other sinanicans are my favorite. After the infamous whelp room you're fighting against mobs that can push you off the ledge. Seeing people getting knocked off to their doom never gets old. I like these moments a lot.
  9. Crestfall is PTE. No way in hell will CF sit around, wait and watch a couple of rotten community members try to delay AQ by half a year.
  10. Giving away all of Ragnaros's mechanics and what you need to defeat him is a big spoil. Since every other pserver has this fight wrong he's usually even easier than in his most nerfed state during retail vanilla.
  11. To be fair, it doesn't matter what your animation does. The only thing that matters is your swing timer. You can use an addon to track this. You shouldn't slam when you see the mobs health drop, you should slam right after your swing timer ends. The difference is the time between the server sending you information. When you do the swing timer method you only need to know when you've send information to the server, if you wait until you see the mob's health drop then you've been waiting for the server to send information back to you. On Crestfall (and in retail) it is very important to use Slam after your swing timer because Spell Delay is at play. If you wait until you see the health of your enemy drop then additionally to your ping you can also waste up to 400ms waiting for the Spell Delay tick to arrive.
  12. Suggestions like these have been mentioned a lot and always been shut down because it doesn't resemble anything from retail vanilla.
  13. You're not only hopeless, but also stupid. They can't provide evidence, you can't provide evidence, nobody can provide evidence. You're here saying there's a guy who says "HURR DURR PATCH 1.14" You full well know he's factually wrong and that he can't provide proof. How gullible are you? There is absolutely 0 evidence to suggest that Windfury has an Internal Cooldown during Vanilla. How about you learn how to read patch notes and figure out the truth for yourself. Instead of saying 'us shamans'. Get real. There is no 'us' there is only a 'you' who doesn't understand the situation. You got trolled by a moron who believes patch 1.13 and patch 1.14 is a thing.
  14. I understand your concern but please learn to read. Your first link is patch 1.4.0 not patch 1.14. Big difference. It says Bug: Windfury Weapon procs off itself. This has nothing to do with the internal cooldown. Your other second source is from patch 2.1, as I said in my first post patch 2.0 isn't Vanilla anymore. I played Shaman since vanilla and I can assure you 'we Shamans have already confirmed that there is no internal cooldown for Windfury in Vanilla.'
  15. Feel free to provide evidence.