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  1. If my interest in vanilla survives to the opening of CF, I'll play. I'm soberly disappointed but I'll hop on. Mostly I just want to play with you guys. I don't post much (though I was pretty active on the discord before it went down the first time) but I've rarely come across communities I actively want to be apart of. The forum life just isn't for me haha. In the end if the CF realm(s) can hold on to a little of what we had here I'll be happy enough to play continuously. Kazrid - PvE
  2. Obviously alliance master race.
  3. Asura has stated that he isn't going to let a certain youtuber bring this down and that he will continue with the project.
  4. All praise our lord and savior Chickengrease.
  5. Stronk Russian Bandit Ox! Welcome aboard.
  6. It seems we found the same source, kek
  7. http://www.playthingofthegods.net/SpriteDarterHatchlingGuide/SpriteDarterHatchlingGuide.htm If this is of any help. I just sort of sifted through it, seems like it's detailed enough.
  8. Proof of holy resistance. Haha no but in all seriousness the only quest I can think of is: Cuergo's Gold.
  9. Welcome to Crestfall! Horde Scum or Alliance Master Race? PvE or PvP?
  10. I'm more than willing to stick around until and during Wrath but we'll see I suppose. I haven't been able to fully engage myself into TBC over the past couple of years so I'm not sure how I'll feel come the time.
  11. Every two weeks is correct
  12. That was Stumped and I! Probably the main reason we didn't move servers until AA died off. Gearing 20 characters was a giant time investment on top of everything else.
  13. I'll always be tanking vanilla servers, helping people gear up is one of my favorite things to do in this game. And yes, I should have added in that it was still plenty of fun on that small realm. I have great memories, I'm mildly glad it's dead though so I'm no longer tied to feenix.
  14. Just curious. A few weeks back I met and hung out with an old guildy, Ironring from Feenix Al'Akir. We went touring through a cave and talked about the guild/server etc. It was a lot of fun and I have plans to meet a few other WoW friends. He's taking to our German guildy, my friend is on the left, his gf is on the middle and I'm on the right.
  15. I can't wait to find some obscure pack of mobs no one wants to tangle with and just AoE them down as a Tankadin. Over and over and over and over.