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  1. Grind in between questing locations. When you're headed to a mob camp for a quest with a dense player pop. You can take a nice long grind on the way there. For instance when you're going to the razormane camps in early barrens, take out every raptor or plainstrider on the way there. Step out of your path if you need to. If you get into a habit of killing every mob you see(granted its not a turtle or scorpid or something else super tanky) then you'll give yourself a lot of xp between quests, eventually you'll find yourself doing green quests and blasting through them with ease. When mobs are on respawn, go off and kill a few unrelated mobs and come back. I was constantly behind the leveling curve until I started grinding more. I was always finding myself out of quests that I could complete at my level or having to waste time traveling to other zones. But if you're able to grind out a good quarter of each level on mobs unrelated to quests you'll find yourself going quite smoothly. And it's also less strenuous than having to grind out a whole level at a time because you're out of quests
  2. I think I wanna roll sham, resto in vanilla and then ele in tbc. I just can't do a dps in vanilla unless I have a dedicated guild where I can always have a spot, hopefully the same applies for tbc. I always liked ele shams in tbc, heavy support with solid dps. I play a Druid right now on Kronos and am lvl 52, so soon I'll be vanilla endgame for the first time as a resto Druid, but as easy as it is to level druids it's so boring, energy ticks are not my style and I'm sick of staring at a cats ass all the time lol. Mage also sounds fun though, I love the idea of frost leveling in vanilla, only thing stopping me is I raised with a warlock on Excalibur so on tbc it will just feel a little too familiar. Hunter also, easy ass leveling in vanilla and monster dps in tbc.
  3. i love lore and i think nobbels channel is amazing. when i first started working my security night job at a bullshit train station i spent about 5 straight thursday nights watching his videos. i havent watched him lately because its mostly new lore, i was watching all of his videos about pre-established stuff and not the retconned lore. his videos on the old gods, war of the ancients, the troll empires, sylvanas, the lich king/scourge, illidan, and gul'dan are all great and really tell a lot. i dont think one can properly appreciate the game without the lore. for the movie franchise, i know the story was retconned a bit but generally wasnt too bad, and i liked it and hope there are plenty more, specifically i want a prequel for the war of the ancients movie, that would be sick.
  4. Why do people want to remove things like dual spec, death knights, and titans grip? Dual spec allows farming and still is quite the gold sink at 1000g. Farming mats and doing dailies as a lvl 70 healer in tbc is horseshit. It's part of what detracts players from rolling non dps roles. Don't be a masochist lol. also death knights, I get it, they start out faceroll, but it's leveling content and tbh I've never felt it was THAT much more easy as a DK compared to say, a hunter or pally. In the raid scene they do high dps early on and practically stay there for the whole xpac, they've always been a horrible scaling class, it's part of the game to have ezmode dps for early tiers that scales for shit and then the inverse. And why no titans grip? What's wrong with that? It gave fury warriors the identity they deserve man, the spec that deals the epic numbers and has he epic class fantasy of a dual wielding plate wearing berserker should naturally be able to dual wield bigger weapons than the thief class.
  5. Class identity. Absurd numbers of aoe mechanics in raids. I don't think raid and dungeon finder is a terrible idea I just think the community exploited it. Letting people who don't have the free time experience the content is fine with me, I wouldn't have experienced any of MoP without it. My main issue is the removal of talent trees, class homogenization, and the changing of raid mechanics which really dilute the mmo feel of raiding, it's no longer about preparation and planning but more about a singular effort of dodging aoe while maximizing damage output, it's become incredibly tedious and distant from the mmo feel
  6. Mage is the best. But they have downtime and use consumables a fair bit. Warlocks need soul shards but they are incredibly efficient.
  7. Level 60.. lul. i started when the naxx patch dropped so it was already near tbc, and I had no clue what I was doing. I skipped all quests without rewards because I didn't know they gave xp so I basically grinded to 22 after hopping between 10 different toons over my first year of wow, then I learned how to level better and hit lvl 34 and then my pc shit the bed and I couldn't play until I got a new one and by then wotlk was coming out which is where I began raiding. ED died due to nost when I was 38 on a warrior. Nost died when I was 38 on my Druid, k2 died when I was 46 on my Druid, and I haven't committed to Elysium because it's such shit. I'm really hoping I can finally experience 60 content on crestfall. I have done tons of research on different classes, I really want to heal at 60, I love the idea of resto druid because you get gear thrown at you and I love the look and play of the class but I don't think I can stomach leveling as a cat anymore, so im thinking sham this time around.
  8. i cannot for the life of me understand why anyone, being of sound mind and body(relatively speaking) who is FOR emulation, would want to sabotage crestfall in any way??? this is the most promising server that has ever been in development, the dev team has practiced great transparency with the community all along, interacting, give and take sort of thing. they have been giving us what we have been clamoring for ever since feenix, and they designed it from the ground up with a fresh core to blow the old ones out of the water. they even went so far as to UNITE as many major server communities as they can to try to make it one big centralized server so the population isnt split and we can have it as close to a retail experience as possible, and heres the kicker, when they found blatant corruption, they BACKED OUT! showing an obvious dedication to REAL QUALITY EMULATION SERVERS, rather than shortcuts and under the table deals. the crestfall dev team have been the white knights of this private server scene ever since they started, they are the last sliver of hope for wow emulation, if this project gets scrapped because of this stupid ass drama, i dont know if the PS scene can recover, its a point of no return for the community to take it upon themselves to sabotage the best project out there because some fuckface streamer told them to. it shows that fanboys of one server or another know no bounds and nobody can now develop a server with peace of mind. seriously, why would they do this? why would alexensual promote this? it makes no sense whatsoever. @Asura i got your back 100% and hope you can shove this drama right up their dirty little shitters.
  9. this nost saga has become laughable. its like ronda rousey coming back with all the hype in the world and getting rekt and embarrassed and showing once again that its all hype and nothing more. their server was quietly spiraling out of control anyway, the chinese and gold sellers and resource mafias had the server going completely haywire, draw distance was a disaster and sometimes you didnt see a mob appear until you were already in aggro range and this was required to keep the server online and lag free(and to say it accomplished that is a stretch), i mean seriously, nost was gonna crash and burn at some point. blizz sent that C&D and i believe they saw 2 things, a way to cut and run without taking the blame, and a slim possibility of getting hired by blizz. they lucked out, its like 2pacs death, he died RIGHT after his peak so even though he was going slightly downhill he still died on top, thus his legacy is overrated forever. same thing happened with nost, they were still massively successful at the time of the shutdown and the inevitable problems that would doom them never came to fruition. nost is just sad.
  10. im going back on my choice now. im thinking tauren sham or troll priest. i want to heal... i think. cant make up my mind to save my life. still wouldnt mind rolling mage, love the concept of arcane mages in vanilla, very ahead of its time for the content(popping cd's, conserving mana, actual rotations, burning mana, etc.). honestly i want to do something i enjoy, without feeling the pain of pugging as a dps, since my time constraints could make it difficult to find a good pve guild. rogue is also in my potential dps classes but the lack of utility isnt appealing to me and having the anti-gank advantage doesnt appeal either on a pve server.
  11. oh my god... he thought meatwad was a turd lmfao
  12. instead of hard root beer which seems to me a good way to turn your stomach inside out after drinking just a few, try a jager-barrel. 1 part jaeger, 2 parts root beer, and ice. beautiful stuff.
  13. nothing better than a good ketel one or stoli mule. theyre so refreshing, delicious, and get you a good buzz going. and since theyre half ginger beer you can hammer down 10 of em and your stomach will feel fine!
  14. football, as in NFL. absolutely obsessed with it, was my first passion as a kid, dream job would be an NFL talent scout. GO RAVENS! get your shit together! lol