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  1. not more often than you for sure
  2. NElf zones -> human zones. Most liked among the all are Ashenvale, Tanaris, Winterspring, Feralas, Fellwood, Badlands!!!
  3. NElfs are master race !
  4. scorpions in silithus also worth to farm - they drop pretty expensive junk and blood. The last sells for 21 silver per 1.
  5. Soloing as a feral 4 last bosses in Maraudon for 15 minutes per run and 65 gold per hour average
  6. i confirm that both Shadowmeld and Feral instincts doesnt work/ or broken on Zeth'kur which is Anathema core right now. Approaching while stealthed (Night elf druid with 3/5 talents in feral instincts) from behind to orc shaman (we both are 60) allowed him to detect me somehow and frost shock me out of stealth. I see this completely broken stealth mechanic.
  7. I am totally disagree with baning the retail vanila ways of farming gold like solo maraudon, DM, Lord incendus etc. Remember that the game is not only about grouping. It is a solo experience and solo adventure aswell! U cannot disable that option for some players or it would be fun-server and not blizzlike anymore. And as Darkrasp mentioned, players do have to be able to farm gold somehow!
  8. i stoped drink alco in 2008. Since when i do not drink at all. It is enough allready i am on *wow drug*
  9. lol that was fun ) What is in fact the time will show. A puppet UK ranians created these terms like pro-Russian or not. I really admit some rusophobic posts allready on this forum. I think devs should take care of it. Is this server going to be political arena where leftist ukranians will spread their lies and rusophobic propoganda?! Or can Russians at least defend themselves?! As for Trump - he clearly sayd he is about to return friendly relationship between Russia and Usa. He also sayd he will claim Cremea as Russian territory. I trully believe he is a man of honor and word. And not a leftist zion puppet like Clinton. Lol even ukranian president poroshenko supports Russia by paying taxes of his property located there and giving job to Russians))) I really hope this is the end of leftist liberal era of USA. Cograts with electing Trump.
  10. Keep up doing brilliant work! You have our support!
  11. i feel you my slavic brother! that rat allbright is simply a zionist. And not WHite or Human at all. If i were american u would vote Trump no doubt. Slava Serbii!
  12. Even your avatar complement of what you wrote there and it shows exactly you demand everything from everyone doing nothing. Just want you to know as a nostalrius player since may-june 2015 i can say that many of us before Nost had only Feenix vanila server experience. ANd Nost really was a far better than Feenix still it had its own minuses like: - overpopulatin that wasnt fixed at all - no server split no closing creation of new accounts; - guilds that were on the good hand of Nost crew; - rank+gold selling; - unbearable lags during peaks; - ignoring the bug tracker posts (in some cases for almost 6 monthes - feral dru + noggenfogger elixir case). As for me Nost was a brilliant time of my journey and it helped me to remember my classic retail wow time but still i think nost will not the best when CF comes out. I bet on CF! This is why i stay here!
  13. still bad thing is community spliting over this announcements. I have many folks from ex-nostalrius that join Nostlysium but me with some also stick Crestfall.
  14. Well sayd! Golden words as we call it in Russia )
  15. its not even about gogs and gorgons. Fortress has 9 speed troop at the begining - they easily can get up to neutral archers while imps need to upgraded or even cerbers. Also Fortress has good heroes like Tazar, Bron, Alkin. But i do demoning as Inferno (playing without diplomacy) and that way i easily have over 1k horned demons on 5th month (650-700 on 4th month) which can smash any unit if they hit it. Also do not forget that fortress can build vywerns on 1st week playing 200%. While inferno is pretty hard to build up efrits on 1st week. So that way u go creep as fortress on 2nd week and on 3 rd week as inferno. My favs from Inferno are: Nimus, Marius, Pir, Fiona, Ksiron, Zidar, Kalh.