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  1. does nobody here ever listen to elicas? don't get so bloody excited, you shitstorming reddit dwellers.
  2. for the world chat trolls, use this: https://github.com/EinBaum/SuperIgnore/archive/master.zip it's made by EinBaum and offers: UNLIMITED ignore list size! TEMPORARY IGNORES Ignore only in specified chat channels! Uses default WoW interface and /ignore command
  3. i doubt private server databases are the kind of info they wanted...
  4. ah, then i completely agree!
  5. the whole point of this server is progress through all old expansions with the same character. on retail, people started tbc on 60, obviously so will we. also, the vanilla areas will likely be full of paladins and shamans. the imbalance between horde and alliance is just down to a design flaw made by blizzard, that's how it's gonna be. no way around it.
  6. Wrathbringer (EU), german speaking server. played a pally called Jacobine(holy, ret) and a druid called Taliesyn(resto/moonkin) there.