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  1. I miss threads like this. The good ol' times of summer of 2016.
  2. Was this comment present there? Jesus, some people have no chill. I understand now.
  3. I disagree. Banning people for having stupid and/or different opinions is an extreme measure and hinders further, possible fruitful discussions.
  4. I have faith in this. I think it's for the best. CF really can use more man power right now.
  5. *looks at the rest of the OP* Lol
  6. Can anyone feel me in with what Reeeeee means?
  7. I still have high hopes for this server. Wow is far from my main time consumer - time flies so fast and I can wait for CF whenever it releases. Given that, I want this server to succeed and some of the posts here (mainly by Outstanding) worried me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that most of the original leak is not true but even if it is, what either of us can do?
  8. Stop teasing us like a virgin girl that wants it but prefer playing for awhile before gives it up all.
  9. I loved the update. Good job with the Windfury mechanic!
  10. Back to normal.
  11. I used to visit it few times daily but my RL and messiness of pservers scene kinda drew me away to the point of barely visiting the site anymore.