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  1. Horde may be majority but all the good players are at the alliance faction, alliance premades stomp horde shitmades in general and most people that play undead rogues are shitters anyways
  2. 5/10 looks like an orgy ^
  3. >implying vanilla raids are difficult and needs alot of preperation
  4. Yeah well if we ban him his idiot fans will prolly not play here too cuz they are ironically sheep themselves whilst calling others sheep
  5. Just ban Alexensual from this server. poof problem solved
  6. Alliance masterrace, horde is 90% undead tryhard rogues/mages
  7. Don't allow names like Xiao etc so the chinamen dont invade
  8. No chinese cancer will be here that's why, Nost is fucked because of the chinamen ruining the pvp system and economy and the Nost devs are too afraid to do shit about it
  9. human rogue
  10. B U C K F L I Z Z A R D
  11. Human warrior
  12. Indeed the server is gone but not the memories
  13. Tbh i don't see it that way, yeah it's sad Nost got shut down but i'm happy that i got to experience it
  14. Raided up to BWL on Nost and almost got full tier 2 , reached rank 9 if i remember correctly but i never had over 300g i believe lmao i was always broke and never had consumeables in raids