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  1. I tried K2 a little while ago, after a long hiatus from the Nost shutdown. I thought it was so abysmal I sold the character before he even got 60. Figured I may as well, since everyone else is advertising and doing it 24 7 on that server. Couldn't step into any zone or dungeon without finding numerous flaws or issues, which baffle me because Nost had the things right for ages. They could have just copied Nost at any point. If another server is already doing it right, why not just take notes, then do that yourself? Instead, they ignored any concept of innovation, did their own thing, and that is the result, a shitty obsolete doomed to never compete with the new standard Nost established. I hope Crestfall, even without their source code, was paying attention to other servers, mainly Nost. It's not just a matter of trying to copy everything, but to realize what they did that worked, and what didn't work, what you might be able to do that's better.
  2. If you don't care about the models... then it basically comes down to whether or not you want to dedicate your life to swinging swords. Human Rogues are uncontested for swords, but largely wasted swinging anything else. If you're unsure what you'll commit to... you may want to pass up Human anyway so that every weapon is equally viable for you. There's nothing wrong with being an Elf, which has a full row of useful racials, including the best stealth value in the game. Except for max DPS on a raid boss, Night Elf Rogue is the generally best Rogue race. Night Elf also comes with the highest base AGI, meaning a higher possible total vs anyone else. The runner up is Troll, making it the Horde choice.
  3. Felcloth Gloves and 3/3 Bloodvine are about the only things you need to care about. If you're an Engineer, there's also a hat, but it requires Engineer to equip. The glove you could honestly skimp on, because it's not much better than the freebie version in DME, or the R7 PVP glove. You're spending a big chunk of change for very little improvement. That bag is a giant waste honestly, but to each his own. It's like the bottomless bag, which is another giant waste. 12 mooncloth down the tube just so you can have a derpy 2 extra slots over a traveler's backpack. The backpack sells for less than 1 mooncloth.
  4. There's no contest for me if I'm getting my characters back. If even the server turns out to be shit; I've too much invested to start over if I don't have to. Hopefully Elysium, after it starts integrating Nost code and talent, will be up to par. I'd be more worried about CF now, which doesn't have anything going for it now except faith. While it is true everyone dumped prior servers for Nost, starting over for the sake of quality, can you count on this to occur again? CF might only be slightly better than Elys, making it difficult for players to want to reroll yet again, unless everyone is already doing it too. We'll have to see how Elysium turns out. I think things will be up to them first, and whether or not they handle their launch well. If it's one big disaster trying to import and merge accounts; players will be less encouraged to stay. Many of us might not even get accounts back. I damn sure won't stay on it if I don't get mine back, as I'd then be rolling new vs everyone from the same prior server as me, who got to keep their shit.
  5. Been telling people for months now that Nost wasn't coming back and that they'd just release the source code. The first has legal risks; the second does not. Now we can finally stop hearing about it. The question now becomes whether or not to pick up our transfer to Ely, or reroll on Crestfall. I guess we should try both, as Ely will be up and running much sooner, I'd bet. If they manage it well enough, Crestfall is going to be outclassed. But account security is still at risk. I hope that when Nost publicly releases the code, it doesn't include any accounts. If this has to be shared with anyone, it should be hand picked projects. Sharing it with only 1 server minimizes the risks.
  6. When pressured into a response, they're just going to say "NO" again. What else do you expect?
  7. Being able to fish in peace again will be nice too.
  8. This isn't new, and no one should be surprised. Blizzard has been dead and gone for a long time now. It's just an empty husk, work for hire, under the fist under Activision. They continue to exist only in name form. Everything the company stood for has been gone for many years now. Now you have cash shop games, where they want to sell as many level ups, mounts, pets, card packs, skins, basically as much digital garbage as possible. F2Ps/MOBAs have become the common standard, because it's a low effort vs high profit ratio, which is all anyone is interested in now. You're not going to see a Warcraft 4, Diablo 4, or Starcraft 4, and honestly, that's a good thing, because they'd be insulting to us. I personally think SC 2 is a big joke, but hey, all your esports tarts bought it, which is exactly what they wanted, so cha ching.
  9. Should know that's a fake as fast as the page loads. First, Nostalrius has their own Youtube channel. This one is from some Russian joker. Also, they would not upload a blurry ass video which looks like it was taken from a garbage phone pointed at a monitor screen. They'd simply capture the screen with a program. Have you never seen any of their other videos???
  10. Selling water/portals is chump change. So is opening boxes. Mages really make their money AOE farming DME. Warlocks can make their own money selling DMW demon summons, which I preferred to do over killing the same 4 groups of plants all day. There's no way to contest which is better, because the DMW is heavily unpredictable. The Mage farm however is consistent, depending entirely on you, unless you're ganked outside the doors and die. That makes it the more reliable option, if nothing else, but personally I found it so boring I couldn't stomach doing it. With 60s of both, and the summon mats, I happily took my DMW summon runs. I'd have cared more about the plants if I had a character with Alchemy, but I didn't. If you have someone with Alchemy, then it'll be more worth the trouble. It doesn't have to be the Mage either, since all the plant drops are tradable.
  11. Mages don't have it anywhere near as badly as MDPS for competition. It's just higher than Warlocks. But as I've said, if you want to do MDPS, do it quickly, and try it first, the sooner you can get a slot before the thousands of other MDPS ding 60 looking for theirs, the better. If you're late to the game, you're probably going to be forced to go ranged if you want to get anywhere. Makes for a good plan B though.
  12. "Oh no... I KILLED the poor guy that rolled on the PVP realm when he could have rolled on the PVE one instead and ruined his life. If only they he anticipated something like this and rolled somewhere else instead... I guess I can't live with myself now. Also shame on me for having fun with something you don't like. Your way of playing is obviously the only right one." -For you, ignorance is apparently not a choice. You also make plenty of ignorant assumptions I'm not going to bother commenting on. Here's the thing though; most private servers don't even give PVE as an option. You're one of those tards, who act like it's a choice when they defend PVP, when it almost never is in reality. Crestfall will be the first time in a LONG time where it actually is a choice. BTW, I posted in PVE, not PVP. You should take your own advice and go to the correct place. But instead you're attacking someone who is obviously already going to pick PVE, then telling them to play on it. If defending your own preference is what you're trying to do here, this isn't an effective way or place to do it. If anything, you're enforcing our decision, showing us that your lot, won't be on the same realm as us.
  13. You shouldn't care about DPS. It doesn't matter at all because the guild will take both classes regardless. What you should care about is everything else. The biggest factor should be the difficulty to get slots and equipment. On Nost, half the server's DPS was Rogue. Gearing one BIS was nearly impossible, and so was securing a raid slot. Guilds only had room for a minority of the amount of players wanting to raid with the class. I eventually switched over to Hunter because of this, and went from struggling, to having the game handed to me. Hunter, on top of being the most easymode DPS class, had the least amount of competition on slots and gear. My Hunter took less time to get full T1 than my Rogue who didn't manage to get a single slot in more time spent raiding. If you really do want to raid as MDPS, I suggest doing it quickly. Don't drag ass getting to 60 and looking for that raid slot. Things will only get worse over time. Once guilds get their slots filled, they won't give you the time of day, then you'll be left waiting for newer guilds, which will be insta filled by the 100 daily Rogues looking for a raid slot anywhere they can get it. But if you're coming late to the raid scene on a server... you can forget about MDPS.
  14. World PVP is just ganking and grieving. Unless you want to be an asshole and deliberately waste the time of other players; it's pretty pointless. I also hope the FP NPCs respawn quickly here, unlike that Nost BS where they would be dead for a good god damn 15 minutes. 1 jackass could literally keep several locked down, because in the time it took the first to come back, he's done rode to the next town over, killed that one too, then come back. Or he can ride around the world all day, killing them as he goes, with each one being dead for 15m, wasting the time of half the people on the whole server trying to play.
  15. Rather than asking what's best, why not play the one you like? But I do not recommend Rogue, because there's far too many of them. if Nost is any example of what to look forward to on the next server... I would stay FAR away from that class. But MDPS doesn't have many choices if this is what you want; as Warrior you'll probably be told to tank or get out (Not much of an improvement vs Rogue). But at least Warrior can get all of its own shit at 60 by tanking. Rogue doesn't have this luxury, so rounding up your BIS set is a big pain in the ass. As far as raid slots go though... both of them are going to be a hard one to get. You'll have to convince a guild that a 10th or so MDPS is worth it. None will ever actively recruit more Rogues, and most turn Rogues down on the spot, because they have more Rogues than they know what to do with. DPS Warriors are treated pretty much the same, because they go into the same slot. Their main benefit of bringing along is less gear competition on Rogue tier sets. A guild is more likely to slot a Fury Warrior, because they're bound to already have 6 Rogues, as opposed to a 7th Rogue. But this is only a slight improvement... don't take it as a big plus. For casters... Mage is all around better in Classic, but not so much so that you can't go Warlock if you want to. Warlock has less competition because the majority of casters will roll the superior Mage, making that an advantage itself. I also don't like being begged all the time for water or portals, which is my personal opinion. Selling these in cities doesn't hurt, but you're not going to get rich off it anytime soon. Both classes can farm quite well regardless.