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  1. Yeah most achievements are far too easy to get and will just be something you get randomly without even trying which is pretty sad and annoying because then it doesn't have a feel to it. But achievements such as; Server first X, Kill the boss in a very specific way thus making the encounter a lot harder, arena/RBG rating, exalted reputation achievements etc etc, those are the achievements that I love and I wish it was only that kind of achievements which made it through. It is purely a epeen thing, but so is pretty much everything else in WoW though.
  2. Well you should join a raiding guild if you wanna raid and at the same time avoid "skill checks" is what I meant... There are gearscore-alike addons for vanilla but they're not being used by anyone pretty much. My point was simply that there's lots of other variables that people can judge others on, and not just achievements. Hence why you instead should be joining a guild and you won't have to deal with that sort of behavior like you were when PUG'ing. If you don't join a raiding guild.. welp.. then you will have to deal with people who behave like that, regardless if achievements is a thing or not.
  3. I don't agree that it would be better off without the achievement feature at all, it's great seeing that achievement pop up after you've finally accomplished something "big" and it's also fun to collect achievement points in general - giving you more stuff to do in game. The point you're making about achievements being a "player skill checker" to join groups/raids is only true if you're guildless and in that case it's your own fault for not wanting to socialize in a social game. Besides even without achievements people will still find ways to get a first hand impression of another players skill level such as *ahem* gear score *ahem* (puke :D). Luckily this sort of behavior isn't that common for vanilla as far as I have experienced. Also achievements can be faked regardless if its client side or not with addons such as https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/overachiever/files
  4. This. AND read the readme/description of the addon before you install it, so you know exactly what it does and what commands to use to customize it ingame. It's pretty much self explanatory but oh well If you don't wanna go through the trouble of setting up your own UI from scratch, then you should install a UI pack from someone else and go from there.
  5. guide

    On Nost 1.0 as Horde (With a broken rage formula in favor to the tank) I know for a fact that a tank with Windfury + STR totem, no matter how skilled the tank was it wasn't possible do more TPS than an "all in'ing" good geared Warlock. For alliance, BoS (+ BoM and BoK on the tank) might make it possible for a tank to do more TPS under perfect conditions, although I don't know since I don't have any experience raiding as alliance. You do however also have to consider boss mechanics (Especially threat wiping mechanics) and human error etc which is a huge factor that Hunters do not have to worry about any where near as much as Warlocks have to because of Feign Death every 30 sec, which is why it's not a bad thing for Lupos to "help" warlocks stay below the tanks threat so they don't have to stop DPSing (Which is a DPS loss for everyone since the debuff just goes to waste in that case), not to mention that ISB isn't the only debuff that increases Lupos' damage which is another good point as to why using him is good for the raid. A fully buffed Lupos attacking a target with all the debuffs active can do up to 180-200 dps on its own when BM+MM specced... which is quite a lot. Probably, although threat is an issue for melees on horde - especially warriors. I don't really have a lot to say about this spec because it has to be tested in a real environment to give proper results when it's a matter of situational events. (threat, melee/pet DPS uptime (boss mechanics), how good the players benefiting from your TSA are etc.)
  6. I'm probably go with Tanaris and Felwood as my favorite leveling zones. Good amount of PvP yet not to the extend of it becoming tedious as fuck (STV and Hillsbrad), easy questing and lots of humanoid NPC's which are easy to kill. edit: Horde PoV
  7. hi

  8. This could be said for many things for vanilla in that case (RIP ap buffs not being beneficial for Hunters FeelsBadMan) although I really like the fact that MEETING stones only were to MEET with your entire group, cuz in TBC the slacking problem started "Hey guys I'm just doing this thing real quick so can you please go and summon me, thank you!" which gets very annoying when almost everyone would use that excuse Isn't the default LookingForGroup channel enough for you? People still use the trade channel (And /yell, /say, /general etc) every now and then though because... well more advertisement
  9. It's human nature to keep improving though I'm probably the type you're talking about but I don't see anything wrong with it either. There will always be casual and hardcore minded guilds so join whatever you like the best and you won't have to think more about it. I'm probably "annoyed" by casual players just as much as you are "annoyed" by hardcore players, but at the same time I completely understand that it's personal preference as to how people wish to spend their time on games (or anything in life tbh... both types exist for everything) so people can obviously just do whatever they want and it's no biggie. It's also not about no longer "needing" theorycrafters for a 13 years old game - some people just enjoy theorycrafting because they're very competitive by nature (me) ^^ edit: Also without theorycrafters it probably wouldn't have been possible to find majority of the original formula sources etc that private servers are using... SO YEAH you should thank us! :Kappa:
  10. I usually gather all the world buffs before raids together with guildies which takes about 30-45 min. (Yes, I'm a complete try hard ) I don't really have any "mental routine" for raiding. Regarding music, I'm probably in the minority when saying that I play a ton better without music (just in game sound - disabled in game music) so if I'm gonna try hard then it's without music. Then again it does make sense that I'm playing better without music since you react A LOT faster to sound than you do visually, and with music I won't be able to hear in game stuff (or voice coms) just as well.
  11. guide

    9% additional agility (Buffs all your main abilities damage) vs 15% Multi-Shot (10 sec CD ability)? The agility wins for sure, no doubt. Especially for PvP since lucky crits (burst damage) can make a duel become entirely in your favor. But even then, LA is just flat out better than imp MS. As for the rest of the talent points that looks fine. It's personal preference as long you pick up the essential talents. (Humanoid Slaying, Imp Wing Clip OR Entrapment, Deterrance, (And Killer Instinct + Lightning Reflexes if you choose to go that far down in the tree))
  12. guide

    Added Traces of Silithyst to the guide. (Had forgotten all about that one)
  13. guide

    Ah yes!, I actually remember this now from my own experience on retail was fun to see EVERYONE make their way to the crossroads before it was too late. Updating OP now