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  1. True, however people tend to take long breaks from WoW every now and then - especially since CF will be PTE it is very likely that people will return to their bank characters being deleted after a longer break if this were to be implemented. So I'm personally not very fond of this idea unless maybe low level characters with "Bank" in their name will get ignored or something alike (as well as character above the limit which was said to be lvl 19 due to twinks)
  2. rip lvl 1 bank characters :^)
  3. ofc you don't have to rerank, that'd be ridiculous.
  4. Welcome
  5. What's the purpose of this thread?
  6. You should really provide some evidence of this instead of asking for rumors to implemented Not saying you aren't right about this (personally I don't know, since I don't know much about professions) but without anything to back it up with, everyone could be asking for anything and say "this is how it was, trust me".
  7. Thank you for sharing, subbed
  8. You definitely scale A LOT faster with gear on current WoW, no doubt. On current WoW almost all BIS trinkets, weapons and set bonus's can give you a 20-30% (If not more) DPS increase from the 2nd-3rd BIS item, you wont see that big of a DPS boost in vanilla at all aside from maybe weapons but you don't even get a better weapon on every content update for some classes. Now obviously there's gonna be a huge difference between a player that is MC and Naxx geared, but usually when comparing players that are only 1 content patch apart - like MC and BWL then there won't be a huge difference depending on the class.
  9. There's gold selling sites like that for all private servers. Here's the one for Nostalrius http://nostalrius.net/ and Kronos http://kronosgold.net/ etc etc... But yes, the staff is fully aware of this for a long time now and has been discussed on these forums several times too
  10. I'm dead set on playing a Hunter as main. I always choose the archer/assassin type of classes in all the games I play As an alt I've come down to it being either Feral Druid or Rogue... It'll probably be Feral Druid though, since I enjoy playing the "underdog" classes.
  11. Welcome
  12. Welcome!
  13. This is already happening regardless of number tuning or not due to casual/hardcore guilds, raid setup, class calls.... Besides fights were a lot longer on retail due to the reasons mentioned in my previous post (and in OP), and it wasn't a problem then.
  14. I don't think you realize how much of a difference in difficulty there is between private server vanilla and retail vanilla. Not only do we know all the boss fights in and out, and what consumables will be useful for this and that... or just generally know our BIS list from patch 1.1 to 1.12 from the get go. Talents and abilities are also in their 1.12.1 state on private servers which is a fuck ton stronger than it otherwise would've been. Some items are also to be released much earlier than they did on retail (almost only affects pre raid gear but still) which also adds to the power creep pile. In my opinion I would absolutely love to see fights getting tweaked a bit in their numbers. I wasn't enjoying that bosses died within seconds on Nostalrius which was the last time I played on a vanilla server. I don't follow you on this one. Why would that make the racials more imbalanced?