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  1. I want to see Asura live up to his levels of arrogance. To be able to talk so much shit about other servers, it'd be nice to see what he's actually fixed in a legitimate showcase video, then people won't doubt his coding ability and will refrain from criticizing his arrogance, as annoying as it is to read. I specifically want to see this because I want to know I'm not wasting my time being hyped for yet, another project, for the millionth time, in the private server scene, and with all the rumors about him working or being related to some 'billionaire' and being the 'best coder' - I'm sure it'll be quite interesting, considering we actually haven't seen anything yet. (obviously, except the Alpha video) The video should contain a number of the major fixes Asura has done on Crestfall, no one elses fixes except his (sorry Darkrasp and others, but Asura has to live up to the standards that he's set!) - the video can be as-long as he wants it to be, I'd prefer it to be longer than 30 seconds though. No annoying editing, keep it strictly professional and oh, let the facts speak for themselves, there's no need to compare it to stock MaNGOS, veteran players have seen it all and we'll know exactly what we're looking at.
  2. I'm really sorry for your loss Darkrasp. I value you as a developer. Keep up the great work.
  3. Brilliantly written, but the main reason I responded is because I see that you're now a Community Manager. Congratulations on your promotion!
  4. Yeah, it's saddening. All I personally want to do is help contribute towards creating a great server, I want this show on the road already; though I also fear that it never will come lol, but hey, that's what happens when you've been in the private server community for a while.
  5. I remember people did used to do this on retail with expansion releases. They'd complete daily quests/any quests and return them all at once then rush to the new zone to get ahead.
  6. Something good hath come from the wheat-addict-alzheimers-dwarf with titan's grip upon the many baguettes and loafs of bread. I come back to my computer and see these beautiful comments.
  7. Interesting.
  8. Same here.
  9. WTB Open Beta so I can help test and get a mass of dopamine release from contributing to something.
  10. Killerduki the Chosen shall Rise, for which the god spoke that the man was to be no joke. He paraded through the streets and marched among many men with holy retribution, determined to destroy any private server constitution. The paladin that one shots you, yeah that's the Duke Duki. The paladin that can run through UBRS in grays, yeah that's the K-killa DoOkE. The paladin that's main-tanking the pug Zul'Gurub you're in, yeah, that's him, the Duki himself. The paladin that knows everything, see's everything. I personally believe Ashbringer should be renamed to KillerDukibringer, in honor of such a remarkable genius. Idk, I was gonna try and be funny and say there was an open beta announcement in 7 days but cba cause won't be as funny as I originally thought
  11. 1 more week, if nothing has changed.
  12. Yeah I get it what you're saying and why it's done but I see it as an obvious joke. No matter, though, can't expect everyone on the internet to share the same humor.
  13. I'm gonna pretend you're joking about me not joking.