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  1. Check this thread. More info/rumours in there.
  2. Lmao this had me in tears. Thanks for the laff m8 I r8 8/8 I haven't been able to catch up on this, but from a first glance (thanks @Struckd ) it seems like Shennas' little tantrum on the Ely forums is as much damage control as it is letting off some frustration. She throws around a few ad hominems but fails to really clarify anything. I hope Suzerains post is legit, but I am still wondering why he deleted it shortly after posting it. Patiently awaiting a response from Asura and/or Darkrasp, but I have to say I am quite relieved it turned out as it did. We all knew Ely/Valkyries past was filled with sketchy dealings and mismanagement of servers, but I also had hopes they moved past all that with this new LGN. But yeah, all in all, pretty confident CF will be better off without this mess.
  3. I D G A F Just give us a great final product and I don't fucking care who's helping you out. I understand you need to clarify these things for the skeptics and Redditors though. It has been way too much "drama" these couple of weeks, and I do understand the concept of PR, but these things wont matter in the end if you are as confident as you say you are in delivering the most polished core the private community has seen to date.
  4. @Primal This is real Grime
  5. "You had to flask for UBRS" Lol'd
  6. Lol at all you people "bashing" the people who're upset about this. Most people came to CF cause we we're unable to deal with Elysiums inability to deliver a well scripted server (or name any reason really). This, in addition to the fact that there has been a constant derogatory demeanour towards other projects such as Nost and Elysium, is what brings this out in people. Get off your high horses. I am withholding judgement until your PTE realm is actually launched (CC 2.0? KEK), but as for now the hype has been severely diminished. I still wish to see the most polished p-server realm out there when the time comes.
  7. There better surface a good explanation for this during these upcoming days. I understand that you want to bring "peace" to the p-server community, but not like this. It's not that hard, even though you're competing against eachother, you can still share information and what not. But having to carry the Elysium team, I don't see how that is beneficial to CF. Some people brought up the pop and community that Elysium already have, but devs has been stating since day one (since I got here) that they don't care about quantity, it's all about quality, and I don't see how this merge will benefit the quality of this project. If Crestfall release is delayed for some reason in these upcoming months, you can be sure this little endeavour of yours will be to blame, at least among us community-members. Not saying I would, and maybe it won't be the reason, but these news aren't anything people see as something positive, especially as you seem to be keep a lot of information about this to yourselves. I had Crestfall as the last server I'd ever put my faith AND time in. I don't get it. I also think most people react negatively towards this as this was probably not the big announcement people were hoping for. I'm pretty sure a lot of people either had a date for open beta release or something similar regarding your product.
  8. Will it be as we all have predicted?
  9. Welcome to CrestFall. I do hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and even though you'll be on the PvE realm, I wish you happy grinding (once it's released)!
  10. Met my arena mates during WotLK and Cata, also had a big LAN where we had a guild in our hometown solely comprised of people from it. So we were in last year of middle school (15yrs) and people from HS playing together. We were 26 ppl in that LAN, which lasted for 5 days.
  11. Wow I fucking died laughing at "Kronos" trying to catch it but falling down.
  12. I´m referring to arenas, but yeah I´m aware not every obstacle in BG´s fall under the LoS "rule" in TBC either. +1
  13. Would love to see LoS implemented in BG´s, but alas it´s not going to happen. Just have to wait til BC to "BOOM SWISH HEAL AROUND THE CORNER"