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  1. I won´t put my trust in this project until there´s an actual release date. Asura even told us back in February (or whatever), if Crestfall isn´t released by Q4 we´re allowed to call this project Corecraft 2.0. I´m not being pessimistic, it´s just that we´ve seen all of this before. Perfectionist trying to release a realm, while everyone knows that it´ll never be perfect. You can supply us with a game that is pretty close to the original experience (Nostalrius etc), people will still show up. Nost wasn´t perfect, but it was something that brought the community together. And this community is dying. There is no reliable options to play on today. Crestfall might be the last option we´ve got, but as we all know, players are impatient.
  2. Pretty much given up hope on this project as well. The Legacy community is dead.
  3. Crestfall 2030 confirmed.
  4. correction : remove autists
  5. >Horde guild >Not being retarded Pick one
  6. It's only the best class in the game.
  7. Paladin main and Rogue alt up until Cata release, after that switch to focus on getting legendaries for ez glad.
  8. My parents, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Carl Sagan.
  9. Only thing I enjoyed in MoP was the scenery and landscape. It was quite beautiful. Other than that it's a shit expansion as far as gameplay and original ideas goes. PvP was ok-ish at best.
  10. Someone give me a quick rundown of this Killerduki lad
  11. Good to see someone with some dank music taste. Dancehall is quite amazing. This is by far my fav.
  12. Theorycraft. Download it. Great addon. Also, most damagemeters has some kind of measurement of how many crits are done in a specific timeframe (e.g. since you last reset the meter). I use the "Damagemeter" addOn for this. It's pretty shit in general, but it does track your crits.
  13. If you're going alliance and decide to have a paladin as a tank, it's quite doable, especially if you have a mage in group. AoE pulling is a really effective way of leveling, so either tank would be fine, but when I've been tanking as a paladin from 20-50 ish it has been done without a problem. It's just that paladins aren't viable as raid tanks (occasional trash pulls and adds on bosses are usually fine). But back OT: I have no experience with leveling in a larger group, but I don't see why not. You'll run through quests pretty fast (except loot Q I´d imagine), so I´d also focus on doing quite a lot of dungeons, at least do every dung once so you complete all the Q's. I'd also try to find good farming spots, as you'll most likely run out of Q's pretty fast, seeing as mob exp in Vanilla is quite substantial.
  14. RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- oh wait a minute, fucking siiiiiick.