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  1. Only thing I enjoyed in MoP was the scenery and landscape. It was quite beautiful. Other than that it's a shit expansion as far as gameplay and original ideas goes. PvP was ok-ish at best.
  2. Someone give me a quick rundown of this Killerduki lad
  3. Good to see someone with some dank music taste. Dancehall is quite amazing. This is by far my fav.
  4. Theorycraft. Download it. Great addon. Also, most damagemeters has some kind of measurement of how many crits are done in a specific timeframe (e.g. since you last reset the meter). I use the "Damagemeter" addOn for this. It's pretty shit in general, but it does track your crits.
  5. If you're going alliance and decide to have a paladin as a tank, it's quite doable, especially if you have a mage in group. AoE pulling is a really effective way of leveling, so either tank would be fine, but when I've been tanking as a paladin from 20-50 ish it has been done without a problem. It's just that paladins aren't viable as raid tanks (occasional trash pulls and adds on bosses are usually fine). But back OT: I have no experience with leveling in a larger group, but I don't see why not. You'll run through quests pretty fast (except loot Q I´d imagine), so I´d also focus on doing quite a lot of dungeons, at least do every dung once so you complete all the Q's. I'd also try to find good farming spots, as you'll most likely run out of Q's pretty fast, seeing as mob exp in Vanilla is quite substantial.
  6. RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- oh wait a minute, fucking siiiiiick.
  7. Leveling a paladin is tedious, only warrior is worse in my opinion. You'll have no problems finding dungeon groups while leveling if you go healer or tank, which can be done with almost any spec (11 in holy is a must for Conc tho if you're tanking) And yes, farming gold as a healer on 60 is garbage, especially paladin. If you find yourself a decent 2h it can be doable, but it's still slow as shit. I am mostly farming DM:E or something similar, which require you to group up and split the profits. This is in my opinion the fastest way to get some gold as a hpaladin. Just find a mate (warrior preferable, due to his need for you as well) and try to get gold that way. But yeah, your best bet is professions or dungeon/raid farming.
  8. @Chickengreaseeat my a$$ mate
  9. R1 in Arena, specifically Cyclone BG.
  10. Check this thread. More info/rumours in there.
  11. Lmao this had me in tears. Thanks for the laff m8 I r8 8/8 I haven't been able to catch up on this, but from a first glance (thanks @Struckd ) it seems like Shennas' little tantrum on the Ely forums is as much damage control as it is letting off some frustration. She throws around a few ad hominems but fails to really clarify anything. I hope Suzerains post is legit, but I am still wondering why he deleted it shortly after posting it. Patiently awaiting a response from Asura and/or Darkrasp, but I have to say I am quite relieved it turned out as it did. We all knew Ely/Valkyries past was filled with sketchy dealings and mismanagement of servers, but I also had hopes they moved past all that with this new LGN. But yeah, all in all, pretty confident CF will be better off without this mess.
  12. @Primal This is real Grime
  13. "You had to flask for UBRS" Lol'd