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  1. Wow I fucking died laughing at "Kronos" trying to catch it but falling down.
  2. I´m referring to arenas, but yeah I´m aware not every obstacle in BG´s fall under the LoS "rule" in TBC either. +1
  3. Would love to see LoS implemented in BG´s, but alas it´s not going to happen. Just have to wait til BC to "BOOM SWISH HEAL AROUND THE CORNER"
  4. Found it through some extensive world chat shitposting on K2.
  5. Merry christmas ya´ll
  6. 5. Will Ferrell movies. His humour is literally spot on for me. 4. Any Tarantino movie 3. The Dark Knight 2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Uncut/extended, the cut is for plebeians (also jews)) 1. Inception or City of God, can´t decide between the two. EXTRA: Any Monty Python or Mel Brooks comedy. I am glad my father introduced me to these when I was young. One of my favourite movie scenes of all time is from History of the World, Part 1: I am in general more of a tv-show guy lately, as I have become bored with Hollywood "re-inventing" or resurrecting every other franchise/successful movie from the past, or just any shitty Marvel/DC movie. The first ones were real look, like Ironman, but they´re milking it way too much. There is however a huge audience for these movies for some reason, seeing as they´re all highly rated in IMDB and they break box-office records on the reg. I know I have to dig/look up indie (or just not promoted by the mainstream) movies in order to get original ideas and good stuff (this also applies to todays music industry) but I have become way too lazy for that. TV-shows lately has been real good, seeing as they´re all at a very high budget since HBO upped the standard. Shows like Westworld, Vikings, GoT, and many others are better than 90% of the movies released today IMO.
  7. Rogue/Mage for sure.
  8. it´s a 6k cap on both servers.
  9. Welcome. Nice to have some likeminded PvPers come along to this project, even though you´re a pleb Horde and will get steamrolled in premades and PvP in general.
  10. Sorry but this is just plain wrong. Paladins are always assigned to raidhealing due to fast cast-times. Only time a paladin would be assigned to tank healing in Vanilla is due to lacking group composition. OT: I have only played paladin (and druid to some extent, but that´s not in vanilla) on a decent level, so I can/will come off as biased. Priests is indeed the "best" healer class in vanilla. They have the biggest heals, decent HoT, and a well geared priest can and will keep your tank alive, as well as the occasional renew-bot on the raid. There´s a reason druids innervate the priests in raids /sob. Playing priest also involves a whole lot of downranking, so dependent on situation/raid encounter, there will always be a different rank of a spell to use. This involves a lot of keybinds/macros in order to be up to par with the situation. I suggest you look up a priest guide if priest is something that is of interest to you. Also pretty stronk in PvP. Pick Dwarf of going Alliance. There´s no other option here. Shamans are good, and they just keep getting better throughout the WoW timeline (this is a PTE project after all). During vanilla, however, they are second to priest (imo Pala>Sham) when it comes to basically everything. Totems bring utility and increases dps (mostly melee), but seeing how threat is a major issue on horde side with WF proccs, shamans utilization cannot be maximized until TBC when horde gains Salvation. In regards to healing, shamans are on point. Chain heal will keep your clumped melee groups alive, as well as totems having a reliable HoT. Cleansing totems will be used a lot in the latter stages of Vanilla. Also pretty good in PvP combat, with mail + shield. Can also dish out quite a burst. Druids are by far the weakest healer in Vanilla, they´re sort of average in every aspect. However, they bring good utility with CR and Innervate. MoTW is also pretty underrated. Druids just don´t get the + healing necessary in order to match up with Priests Renew in terms of HoTs, they are however a good supplement. You´ll most likely spend your time spamming HT, using different ranks depending on situation, and decursing cause mages are usually slacking. Pre-hotting tanks are necessary in some encounters, but will in most just cause problems in terms of threat. I do have to say druids is one of the more fun classes to play, in terms of PvP. If you´re not a total waste of oxygen, you can and will survive most players in PvP because Bearform and your mobility. However, druids deal with mana problems in PvP in Vanilla due to high cost for shapeshifting (not sure how their situation regarding mana is in PvE). Also one of the easier classes to level. Paladins, as stated above, supply a wide set of viabilities; raid healing, Blessings (get PP bruh), auras, BoP in dire situations, Judgement of Light/Wisdom if there is debuff slots viable makes for pretty good supplements for casts etc. Paladins are also by far the strongest healer in PvP. You´re basically a tank with heals if you´re fully plate equipped + shield, with the only problem being mobility if BoF isn´t active. Paladins also have the hardest time solo-farming materials etc if you´re playing holy. Your damage is pretty low and spamming concecration will have you drinking after every other mob. This is just from my PoV. As I stated, biased towards paladins, and the material presented concerning the other classes are just my opinion based on some facts.
  11. Lol yeah this is one of the better threads in a long time.
  12. This was posted today on Ely forums, and I thought I´d share it here. I watched this for the first time back in 2009 some time after WotLK was released. I was only 12 years old when I played vanilla, but I got to experience almost every part of what Paxton describes in this movie, even if my game-play wasn´t at a high level. I just watched this for the first time in years, and I got hit with Nostalgia HARD. Just thought I´d share it here for people who´re interested and who want to get a bit hyped for World PvP.
  13. @spazyspaz @fruitsalad Paladin leveling in it´s essence:
  14. This thread actually makes me want to play even more than before. based shitposts/10