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  1. I think we need to see what our boys plan to do with their project before we think of throwing money at it and them.
  2. The only reason you can point to Elysium for an example of financial woes is because they abused their player-base arrogantly and consistently over a time period of years. That said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a slush fund. Paying for the server is the easy part. Paying for people is where we've all seen things get sticky. The issue of compensating the people responsible for developing and maintaining this kind of project is only sticky legally, and not morally: I'd go so far as to say that a literal tip jar for the personal financial support of teams spending who work so hard to make these servers is a morally and practically reasonable idea as long as it is out front, on the counter, and completely distinct from the server donation box.
  3. My only gripe is that it took this long. I dissolved my guild in goddamn spring.
  4. Don't sweat it, Crestfall devs. Whether you release in two years or ten, our love for the game isn't something that goes away.
  5. Oh dear. And here I was, holding Pottu on high as the gold standard of incorruptible. I feel like we're missing some context here but I have a hard time imagining what kind of context could not make this an incredibly shitty reason to ban a player.
  6. Is this the 2018 "my uncle works for nintendo"? Anyway, the Elysium merge is legal shenanigans. It wasn't for monetary reasons and all the gold in china (that phrase has a special meaning now) couldn't protect Asura from Activision-Blizzard, now that they've started sending thugs door-to-door in any country that will tolerate their shareholder's insane demands.
  7. We need Pottu. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/55066-banning-of-guilds/?tab=comments#comment-441355 And then the other GMs came at him as a mob, pulling him back, and comforting the community that Pottu won't be allowed to go all manhunter on them. I think Pottu's goddamn right. This is what Nostalrius would have done. They aren't going far enough to discourage this behavior. This shit is why RMT still rules Elysium, and why it's going to be the same way on Crestfall unless measures are taken. We're all about to inherit Elysium's problems.
  8. @[email protected] Hypothetically, if you're right about this, you posting about it damages the likelihood it'll work if shit hits the fan. Nuke those messages, just in case?
  9. Pay to set up another VPN? There isn't a magical line of code that intelligently looks at all incoming connections and knows what is and isn't a VPN, specifically when the proxy networks they're using are configured to mimic normal connections. The gold sellers are going to react to this significant inconvenience, you can be sure. It'll damage their profits, it'll slow them down, but it is not an impervious wall of protection. In short, there's no way it'll work on its own. In tandem with strong and observant enforcement and an ever expanding blacklist, it can be effective. This had never concerned me before because I had always assumed Crestfall would do the Crestfall thing and delay release an extra sixth months or whatever's needed to assemble a team of suitable meganerds who actually want to hunt gold sellers the couple hours a day it would take to do so effectively. But Elysium doesn't do that. They just don't. I couldn't tell you if it's a lack of talent, a lack of interest, an under the table deal, or any combination of the three. It's just how things are over there, and there's no reason to think things will change.
  10. The VPN ban will only slow em' down. It's not a perfect defense. It is common knowledge that Elysium's enforcement regarding the RMT scourge is, to put it politely and to temporarily disregard conspiracy theories, simply inadequate. It is common enough to buy gold and get away with it. (On the other hand, talking about this is taboo, and threads on the matter last hours at best, although they surface continually.) How will Crestfall be any better off, if they're sharing the same GM team?
  11. Actually stopping gold spam would require one or two people to spend several hours a day monitoring tells and adjusting the filter manually. No one on Elysium wants to do that. It's not hard, it's just tedious. It's also a question of incentive. The gold sellers have an overwhelming incentive to keep breaking past the filter with dire consequences for their business if they stop. On the other hand, Elysium can look at their player base embracing gold spam as an acceptable nuisance and reasonably conclude that dedicating several man hours a day to stopping it isn't worth the effort. If you want it to stop, you have to quit permanently and cite gold spam as your reason for quitting. Then several thousand other people need to do the same thing.
  12. Test the waters, man. If you do get banned, what of it? Are you losing anything you really need to keep? My personal experience talking about this and other contentious stuff relating to this merge was lots of deleted posts, a permanent account strike and a temporary ban, and then the account strike vanishing and the ban being lifted well before its set duration elapsed. There was never any communication with me about the change of posture, so I can only guess at what it meant or who was involved. Point being, I'm not sure Elysium knows how the hell this is supposed to work, either, or even how to approach the issue on its forums. I couldn't begin to guess how this coin's going to land, given the ambiguous signs. We're just going to have to wait and see.
  13. Hey, mean. Take it easy on Duki. He was abused by Paladins as a child. On the altar, day after day, being made to thank the light for his suffering.
  14. Community lost, eh'? As I've said before, this community only existed as it was because there was no game to play. The moment a publicly accessible server goes up, the general stinking wad of humanity that is the WoW private server community invades. I can see no reason this wouldn't apply to the Crestfall we imagined we'd have until recently. The only practical thing we can do about it is look for link-minded players in guilds. I wouldn't say Crestfall forum-only, because I had a great experience doing this in early Elysium. Old-style players and the kind mindset we've been avoiding so far, well, when they get in game they're pretty much oil and water. A man with a thought process that is 50% pepe literally cannot endure a gauntlet of social interactions with normal human beings working towards a common goal. The reverse applies too, naturally. I'm saying in game these things sort themselves out. Forums, though...