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  1. Which exploits/cheats existed in vanilla then? And fixing bugs is a top priority for Crestfall Devs as no one wants to play a buggy server.
  2. DPS wise alliance has better buffs for rogues and warrs?
  3. I've read some people claiming that after the AQ and Naxx arrives Horde as a faction would have an edge over the alliance in raiding. Is there any truth in that? I'm asking this because i'm trying to decide which faction to roll mostly in terms of min maxing.
  4. Been a while since i posted something in here, but MAJOR habbenings once again :--D gj crestfall!
  5. Been a while since i was here last time. What i read is that the Crestfall probably ended the cooperation with Elysium? So does this mean that there's a possibility for a standalone vanilla server?
  6. The difference is that it creates a competitive atmosphere to the game. I also find it quite hilarious when someone's being attacked by a mob and i steal the Q item front of his/her nose, especially when one gets mad about it. Like @ilovecats said, survival of the cheekiest.
  7. Yeah let's give full greens on everybody who start playing at launch too. :--D
  8. I never told you to "gtfo", i said that the retail is for you if you don't enjoy it here, just giving you a heartfelt advice. A big difference there.
  9. And that's the way it should be, if you don't like it, no need to play boi.
  10. Exactly, that how it was, so keep it that way. Same with the quest items, the waiting time keeps up competition and makes it more exciting, if you don't agree, there's retail always for you in that case.
  11. Something that you consider "unintended" might be to most of us enthusiasts part of the vanilla experience itself. Like imba said, don't let 10k people in at the same time, keep it at 3-5k and in a few days when people are spreading, the questing zones should be pretty normalized without the need to make the mobs spam every 1 - 2 sec, not even retail has a spawn rate like that i guess.
  12. It is funny how some people are trying to turn this server into a retail mode without even knowing themselves that they're doing it.
  13. +1000 Nost/ely already are suffering from this problem.