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  1. You better burn it.
  2. Cool. Gonna write my story soon. I had a very different experience. RESERVED (Coming Soon - This Year)
  3. Nice, good to hear that Rodeg has recovered.
  4. And still waiting for TBC to be released...
  5. The Alliance. Most people wasn't aware about racials so The Alliance was heavily overpresented.
  6. Are you talking about mob tagging?
  7. Yeah, I've a problem with that because I can't easily rewrite it with an english keyboard. Names like " Leön, Leon-, Leon' " Can easily be written by anyone, but cyrillic or chinese can't.
  8. Should be maximum two special characters per name. And I should be easily for people with english keyboard to re-type. Like "ü, è, -,`, ', ö" and not like "ø,æ,å".
  9. I play with improved models on Nost and Kronos.
  10. I really like the community here too.
  11. It doesn't matter. I had a high end computer back then and I had 750KBps down and 60KBps up. WoW was running smoothly, I even made fun of my friends for buying a high end computer but only playing WoW and chatting on MSN. Waste of money, WoW ran well on shitty computer and decent laptops. I played Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 competive so I had to have good bandwith and PC. I had 45-75 in ping, I played on Darksorrow. I mained both hunter and warrior in vanilla and as warlock during TBC. Yeah it's ten years ago, but I still remember. Pets had delay. The limitations wasn't within the infrastructure but the client itself, which we are still using. In other words, nothing has changed.
  12. To be honest, I want TBC. Except that I wished they something with the Human, Orc, Undead, Troll model. All humans look the same. Orc, Undead and Troll have some serious back issues. I wish there was a more customization options in the character creator. Seems like Blizzard broke the male characters back on the Horde side, just so they could be the size with their female counterpart. It gives the male character a really bad attitude. Even tho Blood Elf have some femi gestures they are the only Horde race that have confidence. Therefore I prefer playing as Blood Elf, because it's the only real badass on that side, the others look like bunch of emo's except the cows.
  13. How old are you mate? RAR is what everyone use, and it's was extremely popular when streaming wasn't a thing 10 years ago and you had no options than to download things illegal. Only old farts are you using integrated ZIP.
  14. Last! Nice update.
  15. Hey, you find his stream over here. http://www.hitbox.tv/darkrasp https://www.twitch.tv/darkrasp