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  1. First - there's the benefit of living in Australia! love your updates - waiting with baited breath for the game. The wait will be worth it
  2. For what it's worth, with no offense to planks, no one has posted on his forum except for him on Dec 20. guess we'll have to wait and see where most of the population goes. I'd really like there to be an Oceanic PVE guild. Pvp is just a massive pain
  3. So.... I was just trying to find this forum and typed in <snip> Do you know what comes up? Its a GOLD SELLING SITE targeting Zul'Dare and Kul'Tiras. 100% blown away what a scam. The game isn't even launched yet an you have scum like that trying to say the server is live and that they can sell you gold, power level etc... Their URL is so close to this one is there something which can be done? Rath
  4. Yeah, I dare say we're about 6 months off raiding so everything will be fluid and noting is (war)locked in (like my pun ;)) im still totally pumped for crestfall. Nost/elys pve is pretty poor. Still a bunch of broken things and the Aussie contingent there are in a Japanese guild with raids starting at 10pm Melbourne time.... this fresh start PVE will rock!
  5. Dude it's on cool down
  6. Stock standard sounds for me! Nothing but pure game
  7. On topic: levelling difficulty: i am going to take the topic literally. How difficult [is it to gain a] level[ling] ergo, which class takes the longest and which the quickest: Hardest to level by time: Paladin Easiest to level by time: Hunter
  8. Yes, I pretty much always run with succubus and improved drain life... Her damage output is very high. Mobs are usually dead but the time they get to me and I can take the beating cause I'm just sucking their life
  9. #fail, good thing I'm soul stoned or I'd be dead!!!
  10. Yeah, that stuff is BiS! Guess I'll have to craft that too. Nfi what professions I will take. But that's for another thread
  11. Looking forward to sleeping beauty to wake up
  12. Sounds like there is only going to be one pve server there and it'll have the old database. Lots of people will want to start fresh = higher CF population.
  13. Professions: Level Leatherworking fishing cooking to 300 raid: bwl, naxx, AQ40 dungeons: DM (Tribute or no tribute) had a purple equipped in every slot reaching exalted with any faction outside my starting race (I did get one more - the defilers) find out where the instance portal in SW goes to...... moew to come as I think about them
  14. No, shards don't dissapear, they are not conjured they are drops. Healthstone, firestone, soulstone are conjured and do dissapear. I always enjoy turning other players into soulshards (queue evil laugh!)