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  1. Fucking draenei. One genocide wasn't enough (and orcs did a pretty shit job).
  2. That's not us then, that's the top raiding guilds. We kinda get annoyed too, when you do that in one day :P. Like that guy who leveled through the entire WoD level range by just drinking some XP potions and killing mobs for three hours.
  3. What a scrub. I already fished on there a bit, give me an unpolluted source on what should drop and I'll take care ofthe rest :P. I fished a fish there once. No joke! Are you a fish? HAVE FISH INFILTRATED THIS FORUM ALREADY?!
  4. Just dailies in general in Pandaplace. The crane monks island dailies, the tiger temple dailies, the jade dragon dailies, the whatever was that crumbling temple in the west dailies... I guess the only exception was Landfall, since Krasarang actually changed during that. But otherwise, maaaaaan. And of course, Tillers took cooking to its extreme. Plus, I just remembered, the fact you could skip all the previous cooking recipes by just getting their special recipes that skilled 1-whatever using panda resources. For low level chars that need it, this is financially infeasible, for high level chars, it's not necessary!
  5. I too was disappointed that Chen Stormstout isn't 3 meters tall. I know scale didn't necessarily apply in WC III, but come on, he was bigger than ever other heroes. Wotlk was sort of a zenith for WoW in several aspects. It marked the culmination and end of the story that began in WC III, it was the biggest wow ever was subscriber-wise and it was the last time Blizzard wasn't bossed around by Activision (got bought by it during wotlk) - therefore this was before the major incremental / instant gratification / browser-like changes to gameplay. Then they started mingling in all the various currencies and raid difficulties and subscribers started dropping. Then cata hit, ending the good wow. Subscribers dropped accordingly.
  6. If they do that and this is some sort of 4-dimensional chess stratagem, that will be interesting. Nostrils were trying to "mediate" between community and Blizzard and be friends. Hellgorund will inevitably become an antithesis of this - they promised to come back, so if they want to keep the promise, they will have to become anti-Nostrils. Going against that evil, server-shutting ("B")atman. Thank Corecraft for that. Their "we'll be the best" coupled with every question about a TBC server answered by "just wait for Corecraft" led to nobody even trying, because why would they. Hellground was just chugging along, being half-Polish original Trinity server from the late 2000s, not caring much for the world. Now that they started to care, they didn't last long, did they. I was wondering that myself, if they got donations, and they probably did, why close it now instead of waiting until the hype falls off? Unless again, it's a 4-D chess strategy. Or unless ("B")atman actually is behind all this and they're afraid of him.
  7. And this is why you don't host with the French - their national sport of surrendering can manifest at any time :P. When I first saw the post, it was transcribed. So of course I thought it's a nice attempt at trolling. Especially the grand salutations and the obvious (at least that's what I thought) misspelling of "Hellgorund". Turns out the thing was legit. Apparently not only the server and forums disappeared, their twitter did too. So yea, they called it quits. Meanwhile, OVH had a water leak in their server cave: http://travaux.ovh.net/?do=details&id=23777 No idea if it's related. But I thought it bears a mention. Well, here we have Hellgorund(sic) saying that evil ("B") (Batman?) took their servers from them and that they're going away but not forever. "I'll be bak," says Hellgorund. Naturally, people were suspicious and questioned everything. So then the team posted this: https://images.discordapp.net/.eJwNyEEOhCAMAMC_8ACotaj4my4SNFFLaD2Z_fvuHOd1Tz_d6nazpmsI26FZ-ubVpHMtvorUs3A71Ge5Aptx3q9ymwZMEKdxAYJIhEME-tc4JQCMNCekYcYl8OfR4ttd3fcHveQh0g.40d69ThKgNvrXKRAVyIiDgiN-Us (And this, I guess he was a bit mad.) It's nice of OVH to have their own team to abuse people :P. Various internauts pointed out the grammar is not exactly the best, but then again, OVH are based in France, so we're probably lucky it's not in neo-Latin of the gaulish variety. There were also some arguments over whether or not the address is legit, as the official address is [email protected], but they have abuse.ovh.net registered. That second thing might just be the website. Dunno. We could ask @Crogge if he knows anything about that email, he's used about three thousand hostings in the past ten years, he might know. Ignoring that, we have to ask why would OVH just folded like Nostrils paper, when it apparently has some history of refuting claims: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/60nu4w/ovh_has_a_very_good_track_record_on_defending/ So why would they cave to ("B")atman? It's a mystery. Then there's the other aspects, the team ones. Hellground ran for 8 years or something before the wipe and restart of this month (this makes it old enough for me to actually know it exists since it's been around when I started). The population was ancient, nobody even ran normal dungeons anymore, everyone just farmed bis gear and leveled alts to farm more bis gear with. Not that hard to see why would they want a restart. But if we assume they shut down of their own will, there comes a whole new set of questions however: - if they closed this because they got tired of running a server, why restart in the first place and create all this advertising, instead of just closing forever? - from that stemming: Did they want to capitalize before a shutdown? - if so, why would they close so abruptly and deprive themselves of the opportunity to Shennanize some donations? Something's missing there, isn't it. So I see two possibilities if they are making the hostile takedown up: 1. They weren't prepared for becoming a prime destination of the frenzied mob that calls itself "legacy community" and the people and strain both hardware and mental were too much for them, so after that one GM fucked things up, they just went "fux it, responsibility on international stage is too much, let's sink this boat and blame ("B")atman". 2. This happened (artistic rendition, please note I barely know these three names, the ranks may not reflect the actual position of these people in the team):
  8. Ever played Borderlands? The developers' idea of acheivements is "kill 5 000 bugs" or "shoot 100 000 rounds from a handgun". What an exciting game that was. I had to take a six month pause, that exciting! Thank fucking god. Gayscore is bigger cancer than gdkp.
  9. I don't much care for hipster alt rock, however, I always make one exception. Florence + the Machine, which I posted on the first page of this topic. I am making this one exception mostly because Florence Welch is insane and so is the choreography in some of the clips. (Btw, the first song starts at 1:45 of the video... hipsters)
  10. I still have to go and play the first one. Play again, to be specific. Because I uninstalled it after 5 minutes the last time.
  11. I tried posting a post today and nobody replied. Forums are officially dead. Btw, I still have the old mystery counter. In 30 minutes it's gonna be exactly 41 days from the incident.
  12. And then TBC came and Blizzard cruelly laughed at all aspiring enha tanks by adding this talent: http://tbc.openwow.com/spell=16268 WHY WOULD YOU INTRODUCE A TALENT THAT GOES AGAINST ITSELF And those fuckers left the bonus dodge talent in there until wotlk and changed the armor talent to stamina... which is still tanky! And that talent went on to Cata! The mockery of enha tanks never ends. Even rogue tanks are more succesful (on TBC at least).
  13. What do you mean? I visited this forum only once. I simply never left. Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll it's Real Life™?
  14. Basically this. As for story, WoD recycled TBC and defiled Wacraft I & II, Cata recycled vanilla, straight down to raid bosses. MoP at least tried to bring something new to the table. I'm not a fan of the interfaction conflict, because, as the Doctor once said, eventually the warring sides will have to do what they were going to do from the very beginning, sit down and talk (and then raid Orgrimmar and defeat Garrosh). But. A rather large but. MoP tried to bring a breath of fresh air (technically it was 10 000 years old load of pretty stale air trapped under a boatload of mist, but meh) into the whole shebang, and it actually worked. There finally was new lore to learn, new things to discover, and really, the only downside in this department was that the local mongolian expy were cows, despite there already being a species modeled after Mongols - the centaurs. Bonus points for both Alliance and Horde being the real bad guys here, as many pandapeople pointed out during the expansion. For no matter what our intentions, we bring war. Then Anduin went and became even bigger Mary Sue, and then Garrosh sprouted tentacles, yeah, that part was silly. In-lore though, it's fun that the old god personifications of negative emotions that a whole race had to learn to suppress to avoid being wiped out couldn't do shit to Garrosh. Because he already was so prideful, so hateful, etc, that there was nothing more they could do to him. I think in the mire that is the "oh well, community doesn't like this char, better make him the orc Hitler" MoP Garrosh lore, this implication is rather clever, all things considered. Oh and MoP had the same rare monster system as wotlk had - gold, cloth, item, some misc resources AND an achievement. Compare to the extremely shitty system of Cata. On the other hand, the raid difficulties, the raid and dungeon design (some places even have pitiful amount of trash I heard, so it's quicker to bash the boss' face in), the looks of the items (most of them look like rags)... meh. And daily hubs in MoP are cancer. P.S.: @Lilaina your new avatar looks a bit photoshopped.