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  1. Look! It's the series I never played except for civ6 which bored me as all fucking hell! BUT IT'S FREE*! GET IT NOW ON HOOGLE BOOGLE DOT COM. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete *time restrictions apply
  2. Mayhaps they're coming back because in their perspective the doom they were saying was Lolysium. And now that Lolysium is gone, so is their doom, so they can return.
  3. From my experience, this can get quite ridiculous. On Dalaran wow, you can't type something like "guys, come on" because it's gonna think that's a link with dotcom in it. Also you can't link stuff like Silvermoon Robes of the Moon or that Outland reputation achievement.
  4. I like turtles.
  5. Yea, I'm not saying it's completely useless :P. It's nice to have an (possibly) official list. I say possibly, because I remember the thick guide for vanilla (the original bradygames one) that had starting stats for races wrong, because it was data from beta, and it changed before release.
  6. "Avgerage rare" Well, it's a nice list, but I don't think there's any useful info, except maybe for the spawn lengths and levels, to compare them with wowhead comments and such.
  7. Or huge gamebreaking population :P.
  8. This is sad. People can't even troll properly these days.
  9. Well, that last topic went from stupid opinions into abuse. That just ain't gonna fly.
  10. We had crogge there a few months ago, deleting the corrupted people, and he stayed.
  11. Render unto Caesar the things which are Caeasar's. CF server-related issues are CF team's to decide.
  12. Disgusting. Troll master race.
  13. Also lyrically themed. Not on purpose. I just found it on Weebl's channel while showing someone Badger Badger.
  14. >mentioning Kul'Tiras (happening in "leaks" since before Cataclysm) >mentioning Northeron (same thing) Why not mention Emerald Dream too? Oh, right. There was that half-assed raid in Lolgion. >style studio Is this like wotlk's dance studio? >shadow everything This reveals the true age of the author of the "leak". Shadow is edgy, kids. I mean, even Blizzard renamed shadow spec to insanity. Granted, that's edgy as hell too, but they didn't ejaculate the shadow over everything. Granted, if it happens, I'll be seriously considering why wow isn't named Metin3 yet.
  15. I support this.