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  1. AFAIK that "hardware changed, reload to default settings" button comes up only when you run wotlk and further before running vanilla TBC. So in theory those two shouldn't conflict. And FYI, I got all expansions except for Pandas and Legion. Thinking of getting an old hdd for them, actually :D.
  2. My wow naming conventions were cemented fairly early. I mean, I had the first character's name down before I created it. Unfortunately, I found wow's name system is a bit limited, not allowing for surnames or hyphens and having a silly limit of 12 characters. Any case, I have a name for each of the ~9 characters I tend to have. One of them is routinely taken, so I had to craft that short name into a longer one (thankfully blood elves have that proper ring to their names that's easy to make). And another one is taken sometimes because it's only 5 characters long. The rest is usually long enough for everyday people to not think of them in any capacity. Thing is, over the years I developed background for most of them, so yes, they absolutely have to look the same and be named the same, even have the same professions every time! This also means I don't usually have the fun names, unless it's a character to just troll or to get to max level as fast as possible to see if the server's worth it or some other kind of throwaway purpose. Of course I do. That name is meh, you can have it. I like the name of the place where you can catch another fish for that quest in Kalimdor though :P. Of course, I never use names that seem to be already used in wow, so have at it :P.
  3. Also cg to 111 posts. P.S.: This is my 444th post.
  4. It comes with a custom-made mobile server room so Blizzard can never track you down.
  5. But... but... as the champions of the community they arbitrarily defined to fool/please Blizzard, they can't be seen as the bad guys, can they!
  6. Inb4 Crestfall renames to Firefall.
  7. The year was 2009, the month was summer and me and a classmate decided to try out WoW. Now, this was right at that magical time when interned stopped being an obscure scifi technology around here, so the first, easily identifiable problem was: We have no WoW. Where do we get one? Back then you couldn't just go and download a game (besides, you wouldn't do that, would you, you terrible pirate), that took days even with good internet. We wanted it NAO. Thankfully, in those primordial ages of early two-thousands when internet was a highly coveted treasure, when those with an access to it and the ability to get games from there were regarded as modern prophet-kings, in those years, there was a pretty wide network of people buying games and burning the CDs and sending them around and borrowing and trading and exchanging. And so it happened that still, though on the eve of the ADSL era, we were able to track down a guy who had a copy of WoW. So I retrieved it from him and brought it back, where we put it into the PC and it didn't work! The classmate was a rather rich kid though so the next week he got a brand new TBC battlechest (o, BradyGames strategy guides, I held you within my own hands once). We somehow happened upon mystiq.org and that was when we first played wow. Since it was his notebook, he was the one to select what to play. And that happened to be a tauren hunter, so my first wow experience ever is the rolling plains of Mulgore. I then made a nelf druid named Tazaog, leveled him to 2 and deleted him, after which I made (human rogue) Shammy-Lee, to whom I stuck until Insomnia ended 4 years later. As for the classmate, he stopped with the cow and became a dwarf hunter. Another friend joined, he was a dwarf paladin, but soon outleveled us and started a nelf druid alt that then became his main. And so began that very interesting summer when I played wow even though I had no internet.
  8. Now I'm wondering if the Boughs of Azshara were a reference to Two Trees of Valinor. Also you forgot that wotlk's Lich King and Icecrown are pretty much just a bit more human Sauron and frozen Mordor as depicted in the Jackson movies. The shouting about THE COMMUNITY is the same shouting Blizzard is fond of. Ironically, this manifests in very much the same you-think-you-do-but-you-don't way that Nostrils community made fun of Blizzard for during the shutdown in april. The nice thing about Crestfall is, it isn't primarily driven by the need to make money or be famous or gather as many people as possible. Deep down, the reason is simple mechanical "this doesn't work, why doesn't this work, this should work, I'm making my own server with blackjack, bitches and working things".
  9. Trees can't have LoS as trees possess no eyes.
  10. Hmmm, yes. Another veteran of the freeserver wars past I see. Let us have a toast to new tomorrow then.
  11. Emphasis on huge. Huuuuuuuuuuuge. YUGE. Not one of those tiny cages orcs or goblins use.
  12. I just found this topic. How dare you be better at art than I am! I like the screenshot though :P.
  13. Burn it regardless!
  14. Oh, so that's why it got fixed. Someone made a topic about it :P. I know things though. Like that it was all @Humperdink's fault!
  15. Obviously you have to use the shady chinatown website's special offers! (And avoid the jewblins in Booty Bay)