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  1. Ah ok, someone could at least mention the word "Reckoning" and I'd know. Funny story, I once wanted to try it. Then I found out it's been gone for two years. Apparently there's a freeserver or something though. *maniacal, bordeline hysterical laughter* Good luck with that. SWTOR is to Kotor what WoW is to Wacraft. It is canonical Kotor III, essentially, but *for the cool kids with internet connection*. Aka MMO. Shitty MMO. Because that's what MMOs based on any good singleplayer game are. Bioware is one of the companies where you live long enough to see yourself become a villain (like our at-some-point-favourite, Blizzard). Can't hold the rushed ending of Kotor II against them, with publishers pushing for the Christmas release and whatnot (once more, Dan Vávra's words ring true and make it clear publishers are actually the evil obstruction games have to deal with). It's the recent shit. SWTOR as a supposed full sequel to kotor but insanely crammed with paygates, at least at release, which managed to quickly break its neck - a lesson shared with TESO, though again, publishers have their fair share in both cases. And yes, that's the monetary side of thing, but the idea of MMOized sequels is terrible in itself. What next, the ME3's ending is a chapter unto itself. Then we have basically stealing community mods and introducing them as "enhanced edition" of Baldur's Gate I & II, tampering with existing characters from BG1 in Siege of Dragonspear and rewriting their personalities, less than subtle political inserts in some of the games (Dragonspear again, also remember that 10 or so times one of the Bioware's major designer/developers tweeted white men should kill themselves? ). Also I can't even buy the non-enhanced BGs anymore, which is really great, because what if I don't want to support a bunch of mod thieves? Also there's the entirety of Mass Effect 4, but that was, once again, due to executive meddling. First, EA decided to fuck with a series that had a set ending, however crappy it might've been. Because dem $$$. So they essentially made a spinoff with 4 to pretend it has something to do with the story. Here's the thing: ME4 is a crappy sequel trying to make money on the favourite series. Nothing new under the sun, these things always come and add no substance ot the original, only borrowing the setting and the general look. But where the original has strengths, be it intricate story with various levels of morality (and I don't mean the red/blue dialogue choices by themselves, I mean the shit you can actually do to others) or at least a unique, interesting setting, a money-sequel does not improve. Money sequel merely copies what the people in charge think was good the last time, and put it into stasis, not changing anything lest it veers into the territory of uncertainty. Uncertainty does not generate cash. And that's what ME4 really is, rehash, with much less interesting villain or story to begin with. Basically like any Assassin's Creed after Ezio, with the exception of Black Flag - which actually dared to add something new. And EA being EA, they got the cheapest people for the job, that being gaming design graduates with no job experience, whose cred for working on Andromeda was that they are fans of the series. And as a bonus, SWTOR is using something really similar to Wildstar engine, because those are both games that refuse to accept the existence of analog signal (or nvidia drivers) and stretch like retarded on my VGA. Ironically, only on the GTX 750Ti, the integrated Intel piece0-shit runs it at correct resolution. But also at 6 FPS (Wildstar). TESO ran at about 26, can't explain that. EDIT: Oh and I forgot to talk about AoC. The first time I played it was some years after the release. I remember the reviews at the time boasting about the awesome beautiful nextgen graphics and what not. Well, I played it eventually, and No idea what exactly they were seeing, but people in that game are made of plastic. Tortage is a nice city, I admit. I also didn't get past it, because the whole thing was just so boring. The MMO I played the longest was probably Allods, which is literally a Russian WoW. It even serves as a sequel to a RTS series from the 90s (Rage of Mages). Except unlike wow, this thing has medieval fantasy folk versus communist-like dictature. Also literal spaceships. The latter faction makes them out of metal, so they look more like space submarines. Never got high enough level to obtain one, however.
  2. Pff, world chat is one of the main reasons some of us even have the chat enabled. It's true the pesky battleground people and sellers tend to spam it quite a lot though.
  3. A few months ago, the vanilla market share has been taken, too. Then everyone decided that actually vanilla sux and TBC isn't dead as everyone up to that point claimed... Crestfall does not concern itself with the matters of mortals :P. As for population, there's gonna be a limit of about 4 or 5 thousand, significant amount of players over that will result into another server being run. So high population is not a problem. As for expansions, the last time I checked, the plan was to run them concurrently only if there's enough people. Therefore, the PvE server is expected to transfer to the next expansion completely, the PvP might split, or it might not, depending on the population. If it's going to be not enough people to fill the server, then it's probably not going to split. Ideally also start at level 40, get the rest through a custom quest with colour-coded gnomes and put lowest tier set vendors in the starting locations. Now that I was suitably ironic, the answer basically boils down to "nott how we roll" :p. That's probably because so far nobody managed to produce a working AQ in a timespan that would be acceptable for anyone other than tortoises :P. And most servers won't even bother with Naxx, now that some people fiddled with the TBC shiny and the easily distracted part of the population wants to go there.
  4. I used to say this, but then I read an interview, where the designers stated that they wanted PvP from the start, but it was more important to finally release the damn thing. Also the original vision were in-world Southshore/Tarren Mill style battles. I suspect that's where the PvE/PvP division originally comes from. The names escape me, but someone persuaded the guy to make pvp instanced.
  5. Posting to show off mine. NeonPenguin5000 is my hero. Also I once made this, when it was, erm... topical. If anyone wants to, resize it and use it as a signature. And yes, yes, I know, for a sig format it needs to be smaller with bigger text, but I wasn't assed enough to do that. Also in the final days of Mystiq's community, I had this on Mystiq forum: Couldn't have it on gamenode. I'd get banned, as they were actively trying to suppress any resistance. Well, woe to the ones whose server gets bought by other server I guess.
  6. Mostly their need to clear any raid in 15 minutes since it opens. That kind of thing has been moot for over a decade. It just makes my blood boil. Their vain effort to chase something that has been available only once and that cannot ever be brought back unless they figure out how to erase their memories and are somehow prevented from finding guides. Only with that, and only with 1:1 settings of the raid and the game, will the playing field be truly even. None of those things are possible. Then they go and sit and complain that there's nothing to do. Well no wonder ye pitiful amoebas, if you consume the content in seconds like a swarm of locust, of course there's nothing left.
  7. What's that? Google only brought me Crowfall, which is in early access. Doesn'T look bad, but it has guinea pigs as a playable race. Better than gnomes, I guess, but I detest MMOs that include "cute" midget race just to fill some quota for people wouldn't play the game otherwise. This is perhaps why I like TESO. The smallest thing there is a bosmer and they're mostly cannibals and assholes.
  8. Indeed. Raise hand who thinks we should buff him even more. I mean, tryhards will probably find a way to get buffed enough to kill him even in the OP bugged state.
  9. Don't forget death knights. We should disable death knights. And hunters. And draenei.
  10. I thought those were these:
  11. Those are the only ones I tried... mostly because you don't have to actually buy them. Wildstar and TESO I played solely because of open beta. Oh and I actually did throw some money at Star Citizen, but not even god, only Chris Roberts knows when that's gonna be more than a few instances. I had a trully exemplary nightblade, who wielded a greatsword and was based around stealing people's blood. That was fun. Then I tried another one whose main skill was teleporting daggers into people's backs. Can't complain.
  12. I'd rather they stay off Crestfall :P.
  13. The PvE server is there so we don't have to listen to PvE people complaining all the time that they have to play on a PvP server.
  14. Not to mention that in days of yore (aka time when Xaverius fist played, you stupid kids, get off my lawn), a typical freeserver had like 800 people to be healthy, over 1000 meant that it was here to stay, and anything past 2k was oh my god this is amazingly fucking HUEG.