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  1. Found the gnome shill.
  2. There's no such thing as a movement for legacy servers. The only group that's close to that and identifies as such are the vanilla autists. The rest is simply people who want a server without Blizzard's bullshit, or without having to pay. Nobody is really rallying under some banner. That was Nostalshillus' gig.
  3. Told ya. Legacy Network (and anime) was a mistake.
  4. You can't stop RPers from RPing. I met this guy in Goldshire during my three-week stay at Nostrils' pvp server:
  5. Raiding is actually a great gold sink, especially if you're something else than a rogue, because of retalents :P. Making money is a philosophy, rather than a task. You can farm more things concurrently. You can sell things you make in professions. You can sell fish for people who are too dumb to figure out where to get cooking ingredients, which is the most imba thing in the game. Or you can sell your body and become a tank for hire. I played on TBC, but once I made hundreds of gold by just buying healing potions at Argent Dawn quartermaster and selling them on the AH.
  6. The warlock version of the Durotar starting chain quest, Vile Familiars, working for blood elf warlocks. Of course, that's skipping a bit ahead. On vanilla, I'll be content if Gramma Stonefield won't use text from Are We There, Yeti? in Speak With Gramma.
  7. I'm pretty sure he meant the recent thing. With the previous thing, there wasn't any LN to bash yet, as it's jsut been announced. Now it's been a week or two and there's enough to bash :-). Also humble, eh. There are many perspective on this. Well, at least two. Calling it a "network" at this point is pretentious. To have a network, you might want to get more participants. With two members, it's a string at best. Well, unless we're talking a hammock. Er... what was I talking about? Oh yes, perspectives. Well, transparency. Yes, the incident did come out of nowhere, I was surprised about it myself. CF was always transparent. Or at least, it was always transparent enough. Our lord and master Asura never divulged more than was necessary/harmless for the world to know, and I'm sure that was advised to the rest of the team as well. Transparency continues now though, so hopefully no more things I have less than 24 hours to prepare for. Because change is bad.
  8. But... Darkrasp is the Trump of wowservers! Be careful, or you'll wake up one day on the other side of a wall. Well, at least you didn't give access to the infamous dread pirate Croggers :P.
  9. Lol. Onus, my friend, onus. Aka burden, from onus probandi, burden of proof. It's latin. Latins were people in what is today the city of Italy, in the state of Europe. It's in the east of USA.
  10. Oh I did. That's why I was surprised at this drama... it's like, ok, but we already have this dude and people aren't pulling out pitchforks en masse. And at least, nobody can bug our prismcharm :P.
  11. I didn't know there was drama.
  12. I had a knockoff NES! Gamestar! Yes, just like the magazine. Looked like this. Wasn't exactly this model, but save for a few details and the front grip on the gun, basically this. Though my version has crosspad and A + B buttons on the body itself.
  13. We are already beet testing the best beets.
  14. You need to put all the points into the arms talent tree, not just so you get to the last ability.
  15. I agree on the scale issue. Also not that versatile when they predefine you shapes, but hey, gotta asume different mindset with technic than with system. These were great for building various mechanisms. Actually there used to be a line with programmable central units so you could make your own simple robots. Never had that one, unfortunately. As for big parts and ease of build... well... thanks to that I once made a functional crossbow out of them. Shot that snow dude's sword across two rooms, I was very content with myself. EDIT: It has occured to me I also had this hummingbird/X-wing bird. And approximately 6541 plushies, mainly dogs.