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  1. Probably only Obrahiim knows. I guess it depends on what exactly it uses to stay in the air. It can be either shadow magic, soul fueled, or just held up by the will of the Lich King. And that's assuming it's not permanently enchanted. If it's powered by Lich King, they can just move him inside and boom, spaceship. With the other means it would be a bit trickier I guess. Yes! That's it! After the defeat of Legion and Illidan becoming the ultimate Mary Sue and Thrall returning from retirement to preach about how the ground is not happy that our armies walked over it, Bolvar makes his triumphant return! He will challenge the void lords themselves! And since they want to eat all the life in the universe, the Scourge is the ultimate weapon against them - they are not life. And so he unleashes his hordes from Northrend upon the world in a lightning strike to convert as many as possible, as well as calling those of the Ebon Blade that would listen back to him. And once again, the Alliance and the Hurrde must unite, except there's a divide amongst the Forsaken, because some of them feel Bolvar is right, while others... well, they think so too, but they're butthurt someone else came up with the idea and so they defy him. Malfurion mumbles something about nature and falls asleep. You're genius, we should put you into Metzen's vacant position.
  2. Well, they could, in theory. It's a portal key to Legion worlds, it's presumed Illidan could dial Azeroth with it because he added it into it while he had it in his possession. So the demons would have to get the guardian to Azeroth, which could be a bit inconvenient, seeing as what happened to the Burning Legion the last two times it tried to attack. According to Blizzard, Khadgar shaved and stopped wearing his silly hat. The last part isn't very fair, as Undercity is in sewers and besides, its inhabitants don't really live in the first place :P.
  3. MoP is one of the better expansions in the overall scale. We should skip Cata instead. Skipping anything is silly regardless.
  4. So where's the real Yrel? Did she die back then? I hope she died. That explains why we had a Maraad. Honestly I don't like him, due to him being the uncle of you-know-who and originating in that comic. But I prefer him over Yrel. Because Yrel, Yrel is probably one of the biggest Mary Sues in the game. Right after world-shaman (lel) Thrall Go'el, Varian (let's not mention that comic either) and that weird Anduin "let's make all the races admit the Light is as good as their own gods and also retcon half the timeline so he's not too old" stuff that happened during MoP. How do you even make a character this annoying. Even that part where she gets people killed is just an excuse to show that she can make a mistake. Exactly one. Eugh.
  5. Oh, your sweet naïveté flows like a river. If not since wow, then definitely since Activision, there's no way back. And even if - it would end up being as bastardized as Starcraft II or the-diablo-that-shan't-be-named. It's called Cataclysm. https://discordapp.com/assets/53ef346458017da2062aca5c7955946b.svg Well, technically they're netherships. Showing them in the Great Dark Beyond is silly however. That's like saying Outland is able to function as an atmosphere-retaining celestial body. Hint: It can't, the only reason it exists as anything but a crumbling lifeless stone is because it got literally blasted into Nether. Also in the beginning of this expansion, they kept warping in at various places they were attacking. Same technology as Tempest Keep and that minivan draenei stole and crashed into some furbolgs with. As for why they needed portals before, well, they got the whole universe to purge. Universe is a large place. Portals are a convenient way of invading people's worlds, kinda like skype video calls. Now we see spaceships, because the Legion is physically present. Plus there was an outrageous amount of Legion space junk in TBC. That's actually the reason why wotlk features so much duct tape. They were afraid the scifi might alienate people, so they went straight back into pretending the game is about medieval. Sigh, where are the 90s when games seamlessly blended scifi technology and fantasy magic and nobody really minded (Might & Magic series being the best example (though the HoM&M actually DID mind, there was supposed to be a cyborg city in Heroes III, but people not familiar with the RPG series complained), then there was Albion and eventually Arcanum which was a nice deconstruction of some of it). I think it was supposed to mean "I envied that you had the conviction to stand behind what you were doing, even tho it sucks, and your elevator-music-windchime-lightbulb friends too, and that's WHY I turned to Sargeras' power". As in, thanks to Kil'Jaeden being butthurt about Velen, Sargeras had an easier time to corrupt him. SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU RETCON A PERFECTLY GOOD STORY ABOUT A RACE OF SADISTIC DEMON FIENDS WHO MURDER PLANETS FOR FUN AND WHEN THEY GET DEFEATED THEY JUST SHRUG AND CORRUPT THE INVINCIBLE TITAN WHOSE WORK AND HOBBY IS INSTATING PAX ROMANA ONTO THE UNIVERSE INTO A RACE OF VAGUELY HOMOSEXUAL BODYBUILDERS WHO JUST HAPPENED TO GET CORRUPTED BY SARGERAS BECAUSE THEY WERE IN THE WAY AND AS A RESULT ONLY THE INSUFFERABLE RELIGIOUS DOLTS GOT AWAY TO INFLICT THEIR HOLIER-THAN-THOU ATTITUDE ON THE INNOCENT ORCS AND PLAYERS, METZEN. But hey, ever since they made Sargeras into basically lawful neutral in the last chronicle, are you really surprised? Not to mention that one holy dreadlord. Who knows what his deal is. Did he eat a naaru and became insufferably good in the process? Fate worse than death. Fun fact: Did you know Knaak wrote 21 books for Dragonrealm and 11 books for Dragonlance? That's probably the only thing I don't mind. Mostly because I know what happened in the Illidan book. Yes, what lies in store for him story-wise is tainted by Metzenity - basically in the book he meets an elder naaru (suspension level: about as much when the borg want to introduce something new and exciting and so they make a sphere instead of a cube) and gets a vision that he gets cleaned of the demonic corruption, empowered and will lead the armies of the light as its champion. It's extremely clear where the author's will ends and where Blizzard-dictated mandate begins there. So basically while this book has some typical unneeded fluff and a self-insert (thankfully less cringy than we're used to as he's not the main character) and eating demons' hearts, we gain new insight into what Illidan did during TBC (instead of, you know, telling us 10 years ago during TBC). Which consisted of exploiting Outland mercilessly to get all the resources he can, and getting the most bitter and broken elves to recruit as demon hunters. Illidan is a guy who once lost it all, had everything he loved burn or taken away (or seduced by Furion), and now he had a whole army of like minded people who are very angry, live only for vengeance, have sharp knives and don't afraid of using fel magic against the demons to the point they'd rather destroy themselves fighting Legion than let it take over. So basically what he does then is take these demon hunters and attacks some important Legion worlds with the demon hunters completely raping every demon they meet into shreds. As for Argus, Illidan wanted to attack it directly (remember, the demon hunters are very angry), but the planet has been thought lost/unreachable/hidden by the Burning Legion. But he finds out about a central archive of the Burning Legion. So he just comes waltzing in, carving his bloody path through the demons, taking the info he needs and destroying as much of the rest as he can. Oh, and did I mention he casually blew up the Nathrezim home planet in the process? Of course, he's really secretive and paranoid, so he doesn't tell anyone, and that's why Akama starts working against him (fuck, and they call Illidan the Betrayer). (also I absolutely love King for the way he dealt with Knaak's War of the Ancients - he simply chooses to not mention the past events, it's like those books were never written, it's great) See, Illidan was always a "fighting fire with more fire" kinda guy, but now he's firmly established as someone who is willing to take it to the absolute possible extreme if the goal, vanquishing the Burning Legion, is fulfilled. That's why he looks like a complete tyrant in Outland, because he is. He knows that even if one shattered world gets enslaved and completely exhausted of resources, it's absolutely nothing against the destruction Legion could wreak, and it's a laughably low price to pay for their defeat. It also adds a whole lot more sense to him creating the second Well of Eternity. It goes from "mana addict" to "this is my sacrifice, you don't get it, but if they ever come back, we'll need this". So in this spirit, despite all the circumstances being obviously nothing mroe than a hollywood-style showcase of special effects, Illidan going "you're a bunch of pansies" to the rest of the cast and summoning a fucking portal to Argus right in the orbit of Azeroth is actually very much in line with his character and with what the book established. He gets things done. *Garrosh theme plays* The most recent (and infuriating) example is Gul'dan in WoD randomly getting slapped into a portal by dying Archimonde. And then Legion goes and tries to pretend Gul'dan is some sort of threat. Guys, he's from an alternate timeline. The bronze flight might not see anymore, but if Nozdormu decides to eat some spicy hot talbuk and fart, the whole WoD timeline will fold in on itself and Gul'dan will stop existing! How am I supposed to take him seriously? Thank god he exploded. Honestly the WoD alternate thing was full of bullshit. They didn't even try doing anything new with it. Ner'zhul was an enemy again (though he had a very favourable position to try and be our ally), Gul'dan got to serve the Burning Legion again (and that was after he got punched out by the Hellscream family, so that shouldn't've happened). Oh and remember how they said this is gonna be Horde without demons that's much stronger, well guess what is the last zone and tier of raids, that's right, demons! At least Grom was a slight bit more sensible this time and didn't drink any suspicious kool-aid. Garrosh was a good influence I guess. Shame they wasted his entire potential. But hands down the most unnecessary, stupid, superfluous, infuriatingly dumb, self-serving thing was declaring that demons exist only once and so if you meet them in alternate universe, it's still the same demon. It doesn't work that way (of course, they had to do it because Blizzard's WoD finagling means that if they kept it the original way, we'd have to fight two legions). The fact Nether really doesn't have time as we know it (any experience of time in Nether is said to be highly subjective and shaped by you) doesn't mean it ignores alternate realities. That's dumb. Really dumb. Like putting-murlocs-on-everything-and-thinking-it's-funny level of dumb.
  6. Everyone loves backseat raiders. While I haven't played vanilla, I suppose these experiences boil down to "the time when I first played this". And until cata, it might not even be that different I suppose. I remember how me and some classmates were running around Dun Morogh, doing quests and boasting that we have better gun than the others (particularly, this was between me, a human rogue, and a classmate who was a dwarf hunter) and competing in who's got higher stats. Like armor. One of my friends actually considered us too slow, so he abandoned his paladin and started alting a druid to entertain himself. Safe to say, he eventually leveled that one much quicker too, and reached lvl 70. Well, after all, he's the guy who got up in the morning and farmed herbs to sell. Sometimes I joined him, since back then I didn't have internet yet. Also the other guy liked to collect ring and put them in the guild bank. We once took them all and replaced them wit ha single heavy stone. He wasn't amused. One story stands out though. I met a gnome once, and he needed help with the troll cave scouting quest. So I escorted him alright, and it turned out he was a twink, so, in accordance with all the legends about magical elderly people rewarding adventurers' good deeds, I got my first 100g. And they say helping people doesn't pay. Oh and once we got together for a lan party that ended up as a wowfest. That was the time I finished Felwood and first entered Winterspring. Also it was in the middle of winter and the host didn't have working central heating, so I had a fairly 4D experience. You know, wow was a lot more fun when you didn't know about what each zone contains. Because when you do, it switches from roaming around and finding quest locations to purposeful march towards points of interest.
  7. That's only because your warlocks cut it out of Comar Villard. Give it back!
  8. Back on Mystiq, we had a purge every half a year I think, with the criteria that any char under level 19 (because those filthy twinks) that was inactive more than 3 months would be wished bye bye and deleted. Come 2010-ish, it was made a bit more lenient and removed only lvl 1 chars with >3 months of inactivity. Logging onto them every few months is not that hard, right :P. Accounts stayed, people usually have other stuff on them so why bother. Plus, if you delete an account, the chars tend to hang out in the database anyway, so you have to delete both in that event if you want to make space by removing those particular lines of code.
  9. That's a punishment for trying to be a twink :P. P.S.: cg
  10. Yea, the problem with gathering professions becomes that the top resources are regulated by spawncampers (hi, devilsaur mafia) and the bottom resources are overflowing because there's naturally more low-level people, so everyone and their dog sells it. On Lolysium, tin for example, has no value. It's difficult to make money that way. Gotta go for the middle ones.
  11. As a person whose main had skinning and LW, raw materials of previous expansions sometimes nets a lot. Rugged leather as expensive as knothide? Absolutely! As for the herbs, well, unless you count things like the lotuses, I actually kinda like it, having to go into different places to get different types of grass. The most annoying thing is to have skill 20 and see mageroyal and earthroot all around you.
  12. Ok, fine point the one with bags. And yes, salt shaker is the strange egg-shaped secret to success. After all, you need few dozen of refined deeprock salt just for T3 for some classes. My point was more of a "apart from situational items and one or two things that sell, 95.73 % of the profession is actually useless". The exception to that being alchemy, possibly enchanting and later on jwc and definitely inscription (before they made glyphs permanent on cata because fuck you, new profession). Talking about that, I kinda like what they did with alchemy and jwc on wotlk. Yes, jwc is absolute pain to grind, but at least gives you something to live for. Alchemy and inscription have the research/discovery mechanic, which I hate every time I'm not high enough level to learn the next tier, because then it gives nothing and I'm wasting the day-long cooldown. On the other hand, alchemy can transmute gems on wotlk which is disgustingly OP and why would you ever take JWC again (well, because prospecting, you gotta get the gems somewhere). @Lilaina When we last talked about it, it was something like two accounts allowed and one sitting in the city or something. So that should work. Just don't be an idiot like me and have the char with enchanting on the same account as the others.
  13. Agree with this. The only good part of enchanting is the first few skills where you get skillups from disenchanting. Then it becomes painful and sore hunt of stuff in bulk amount, because if you need a single Greater Inconvenient Essence to hit a skill that allows you to train new stuff, you can bet that the item with 80 % essence drop will net you a Small Disappointing Shard. Of course, once you - spending millions of gold to get there - reach the max skill, you can make a nice bank on some enchants. Especially if you need every single crusader orb in Strat. Or you can just sell the mats. That's also valid. Some of the things can be exorbitantly priced and why wouldn't you strike back. But usually the profession's really slow unless you have alts funneling items to that char (depriving you of some extra gold on those chars because you can't sell shit) or a guild... funneling items to that char. People like to pair it with tailoring, since tailoring is LW with slightly lower usage of leathers so you can manage to live without skinning. It still doesn't really solve the need for weapons, and the blues it produces are difficult to make, but it's a start if you intend to go solo. Overall, it's even more annoying than engineering, which is a feat. At least in Eng you can realistically farm most of the things yourself. You know, professions in general aren't that useful in wow. Most of them involve a lot of grind at later skill levels and you'll be crafting only one or two things in the end, that are actually useful and/or sell well. In that regard, enchanting is surprisingly ok, I'd say right after alchemy. Why would you bother with LW/Tailoring/BS except for personal use. You'll reach a point where raid gear becomes better and what then? Nothing :P. It's even worse on TBC, where you practically won't use anything from professions. Except for that odd cloak or belt pattern or something from Sunwell. Professions. What are they? We just don't know.
  14. Clarke was with e at the end though.
  15. Ok, you got me there. I guess that was a part of Altaïr's... uh... I got nothing. Influenced by scifi tech on genetic level because his bloodline is special. EDIT: Oh I forgot to watch it to the end. Nice killcam on that HOMING ARROW. And WTF IS THIS, PREORDERING THIS SHIT TO GET A BONUS MISSION, THIS IS THE LOWEST OF THE LOW AND UBISOFT JUST KEEPS DOING IT! And the best part is, the bonus missions are usualy as much of a bland crap as the ones that already are in the game as miscellaneous activities.