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  1. Ya'now how we respond to this question in these 'ere parts, riiight? Also we need to clear up something, guys. Something very important! Enha (from Enhancement): A man, woman, or a cow wielding heavy weapons and smashing people's faces with them, in accordance with the one true shaman spec. Encha (from Enchanting): A person who spends their time plummeting into poverty by buying ridiculously expensive items and turning them into dust, sparkly rocks and goopy magic residue which he or she then tries to peddle for extra price or to turn into bling sold at the corner that nobody wants to buy. I hope that'll help you realize that there's in fact a significant difference between these two.
  2. Wrong, we can also post memes. http://imgur.com/9077sT4 Well, CF's not a business. If you're into that kind of thing, Twinstar has been a business for the last 8 years or so and it seems they're doing ok. Why wait?! It's been years since I became a hateful old lady... wait, that's not right.
  3. A fine addition! Join us in biding our time. Also, hm, Dunwall. A great city... in its better times, at least.
  4. I joined on a date I don't remember because it's not even the month I thought I joined. Well, that happens when you stalk a place for weeks before overcomign your laziness and bothering to create an account (it was easier on leddit, as I already had an acc there).
  5. There's a Q&A?
  6. And they still mostly do a better job than the journalists who are usually concerned about how exactly a given game exploits women.
  7. Plus, adblock plus apparently started to enter partnerships with some companies to show their ads. Now what's the point in that.
  8. Good catch. That one is, of course, essential. Also, http://www.wowhead.com/item=33229 The only purple pirate shirt in the game. Unfortunately, Cata ruined it, just like it ruined everything else.
  9. We'll just have to make towers uncapturable unless 40v40 people were fighting for 24 hours already :P.
  10. It's a terrible, horrible, bad idea.
  11. JC Denton is the best, I agree. It would be somewhat silly to get inspired by one specific entity. The history of mankind is aswirl with ideas and interpretations and re-interpretations and virtues and moral codes and you should be free to grab and interpret your own. Of course, some have proven to work more than others. A role model then is nothing but an individual who happens to have accumulated a significant amount of traits that you hold in importance. For me, it really changes depending on the mood, and depending on the niche of human activity I am thinking about at the moment. For example, a person that automatically inspires respect in me, was mr. Christopher Lee. In writing, Victor Hugo for first properly using recurring characters, John Tolkien for crafting an incredibly sturdy framework interwoven with mythology and linguistics, and Terry Pratchet, for writing a 40-book fantasy series almost entirely based on absurd satire and getting away with it. Oh and lately I've become interested in professor Jordan B. Peterson. His lectures are fantastic. But those are just shards of the greater fount of ideas and principles. Everyone can reach out and touch them and see what they like and what they disagree with. Sometimes, after all taking this all in and churning it around in your head for a bit, you end up inspiring yourself and that's called "having principles". For example: "Never be sorry." Now looking at the face value of it, to never be sorry is very rude and unrepentant. Good, I got your attention. People (yes #notallhomosapiens) say sorry on a daily basis, mostly using it as a automatic rebuke than actually feeling sorry. Saying sorry is convenient, cheap and quick way to stop the other person from being offended/hurt at you without the need ot explain yourself. And that's precisely why you should never be sorry. You should explain yourself and give reasons for why you did what you did, so they understand you. Then you apologize. Being sorry is best saved for situations you have no control over. I suppose this ties into the principle of trying to be as good as you can, despite your shortcomings and flaws and failings. Because ultimately, there's only one way to fail, one mortal sin: To give up.
  12. If Britain gets pissed off, they'll sail the island away from Europe completely and then the only internet you'll get there will be satellite.
  13. The problem is, there are those who do and damn hell they're gonna use it. I mean, these days you can say there are only two genders and next morning your boss tells you he got 600 letters demanding your head for being a racist. Wait, you DON'T take your receipts out to the shop parking lot, burning them and scattering the ashes? Try using duckduckgo for your search. They claim to be unaffected by previous search results. Google on the other hand... a friend sent me a link to her new shoes about a month ago, totally unrelated sites have been popping shoe ads at me ever since. Targeted ads and the way they collect the data for that are pretty disgusting. Not to mention google started soft-censoring people on youtube by denying them ad revenue if they have wrong opinions. Well, we already had global network with its own darknet and instant access point devices, now we're getting omnipresent surveillance in a sense. All we need now is some highly advanced implants and constant rain and it's finally cyberpunk.
  14. I suppose retail got it wrong too then, since the yetis in Feralas and Winterspring at the very least were skinnable.
  15. Ah yes, memories of running dungeons (mainly happened in Slave Pens) on TBC trinity server. *plops down mana spring* -tick- *everything aggroes the totem and proceeds to eat you*
  16. We didn't even get an email that we're banned.
  17. They realized it needs a major redesign (I presume the cliffs... dunno what's wrong with that, there usually was a slope here and there to go back up) and probably didn't have time. On TBC it wouldn't make sense anymore, so they gave up and made it into the shithole it's in Cata. Some of them count towards Loremaster of EK. The Thalipedes quests for Razelikh chain.
  18. Well, if no reward is blizzlike, then it shall have no reward. Don't see no harm in leaving it repeatable. Azshara was never finished and it's a shame, it was a nice zone.
  19. Make one then. As for us, all in due time.
  20. Mostly useless. There might be some spawnpoints that are the same, but you'd just get a massive bunch of ghost entries.
  21. Fucking draenei. One genocide wasn't enough (and orcs did a pretty shit job).
  22. That's not us then, that's the top raiding guilds. We kinda get annoyed too, when you do that in one day :P. Like that guy who leveled through the entire WoD level range by just drinking some XP potions and killing mobs for three hours.
  23. What a scrub. I already fished on there a bit, give me an unpolluted source on what should drop and I'll take care ofthe rest :P. I fished a fish there once. No joke! Are you a fish? HAVE FISH INFILTRATED THIS FORUM ALREADY?!