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  1. The lads from Nost are probably getting sued by blizz. Even though they arent hosting or incharge of the servers. they are implicated in it . They were stupid blizz met them they know them personally how on earth did they think this was gonna end. Elysium core is complete garbage with out nost. So elysium might aswell close all thier servers as the majority of the population will not trust them any longer and nost has just lost the faith of all its followers. Blizzard 2 - 0 Private Servers
  2. Hi We are still around Currently doing modifications to website. you may private message me at time for questions.
  3. Our Raid Days look as if they will be Wednesday and Sunday For now Until more content is released Pulling @ 19:30 GMT -23:00
  4. Offspec will only go to someone when no Main specc needs. Pvp items will be determined by the rank (Aiming For rank)
  5. We Will be using a Loot Council system - 3 dedicated (1 caster - 1 Melee - 1 Healer) With a great knowledge of the game they will not be in the Class leader/officer ranks but completely alone so as not to create any problems. This works well and we have tested it on other servers. We dont like DKP as it rewards people for just showing up and doesn't gear people properly as people hoard dkp for 1 item and pass on upgrades for 1 BIS item. We intend on gearing the whole raid group as 1 and not individually.
  6. Still Recruiting ( We Are not interested in the elysium- nost crap) Quality> Quantity
  7. People are more than welcome to apply already as we are looking to have our raid roster sorted before the server launches.
  8. Who are we? We are a group of veteran players who have done our share of hardcore, both on private servers and on retail. We’re all getting a bit older, and as such we are shorter on time than we used to be. We are still firmly addicted, though. So, to get our fix without it eating up all of our free time and then some, we decided to form this guild. What are our goals on Crestfall Kul Tiras PvP Server? Our long term goals here are simple. We want to clear all current content in a single night of smooth raiding. We currently have no plans to compete for server firsts. If the opportunity presents itself, we may go for it. But our main goal is to raid, get geared, and enjoy the game. To get there, our short term goal is to build a raid team and lift them to the skill level needed to get everything on farm. We are fully aware that some players are newer than others, and that some veteran players may have ideas that are not always entirely correct. We’re happy to help out where needed, and will likely go over theorycraft with most of you at least once. For additional safety, we feature - A raid leader with 12 years of experience under his belt. - A team of highly experienced tanks. - An easy going GM. - Kind and capable class leaders. Who sort of players are we looking for? We’re looking for two sorts of players. The first is people in a similar situation to us. Veterans who no longer have the time or appetite for ‘hardcore’ pve. The second is new players who are willing to learn and enjoy the game with us at our pace, stable farm without racing for firsts in a game that’s 12 years old. For all you newer players, don’t hesitate to apply. We’re entirely willing to teach, so long as your goals align with ours. How can I apply to No Skills Just Luck? Applying is simple – you can fill out a form on our Website and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we’re able, through this website. While we are not blind to class balance, we are interested primarily in the player behind the toon. So don’t hesitate to apply just because a class is listed as full. We are always looking for exceptional and like-minded players. Currently Recruiting: Restoration Shaman - High Restoration Druid - High Holy Priest - High Shadow Priest - Low Mage - High Warlock - High Rogue - Medium Hunter - High Fury Warrior - High Protection Warrior - Medium (Must Have alot of time and availablity) Exceptional knowledge of class If you think you have what it takes and want be part this Guild make an Application on our website. No Skills Just Luck
  9. Activision have blizzards balls in a vice now legacy is a dream and blizzard will never do shit about it proven by that post. Did i not say at the start of this post no way in hell blizz will do anything
  10. They will say it is in the pipe lines string everyone on and do nothing like activision always does. Blizzard is no longer what it used to be once they took over. the idea of retail legacy servers happening is not gonna happen