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  1. Was in closed TBC.com beta with him. So true!
  2. warlock guide

    Well written. Have to mention that some of the BiS items won't be available when server launches, so might wanna update this but in the end it says everything about raiding with a warlock. Maybe another tipp for the alliance players: when raiding you will be in need of alot soulshards. You can farm these 2 mins of (epic) riding away from raidstart (usally ony head popping in stormwind entrace) in raven hill, duskwood. Buff yourself with detect invis and you will see.
  3. Like it very much! i am not a pro in UI things but for me it seems to work nearly perfect. I get some healcomm errors when in BG - i guess from other players not in range or so.
  4. more reading, less trolling....
  5. Hey Soyo do you have a source of this thing worked on retail?
  6. You're welcome bro. I dont know if the firedmg from fiery weapon procc scales with +dmg or the firestones ... If so it could be the better choice - but that comes to playstyle. I would go with the first 5 points into demonic embrace. After this it comes again to your playstyle. Destro will push your personal dmg (and aggro) while Demo will increase your succi. Because you are not aiming for a special abillity on the end of a talent tree you are free to walk wherever you want. Engi will be fun with stun grenates although you can optain the right ones very lately (iron grenades). But you have those nice googles that increases your health pool. For your early game alchemy will be good too. you have nice heal pots and armor elixiers - they will help and support your playstyle even better i guess. please make a video of you! I am interested in how it works (:
  7. Okay I think I understand your point. Here's what I would do: Pull with Immolate, throw all possible dots on the mob and start auto attacking with meele. When the mob is at your feed start dps with succu. She has a feint abillitie - normally I dont buy those kind of books for leveling - I would advice you should do. if she crits and/or pull aggro use searing pain as a taunt abbility, till the mob hits you again. I think this could work. The main issue I see is the dmg you gain from mobs. You should totally focus on stamina, defense, armor after this go for int. Fiery weapon is very expensive (when leveling) - I dont know actually but I have the feeling that Lifestealing is a cheaper enchant.(dont blame me if not) I would go for lifestealing anyway. Nearly same proccrate like fiery weapon but the dmg dealt is transferred to you. So win win. Moreover it is the most aggro building enchant ingame (aggro on dmg and aggro gain on heal) thats why warriors use it on daggers in aggro intensive fights like lashlayer f.e. So basically, it can work yes. But go for cooking - you will have some downtimes Edit: something like this: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IZbgzhxxMxZVxMtM0z (if u dont like corruption)
  8. Hi Clavus, on my experience of playing warlock i fear you will become frustrated with this kind of playstyle. The issue i see is the pet - the succubus. You have to know the suc. Has very very very low hp! she is designed to not tank. If she has aggro, she will die in a few swings. Here comes the pain: if u aim for meele damage your dps will be quite lower than hers. Even when you pull with dots ( i would recommend to pick up corruption no matter which spec you'r runnin) you wont build aggro, cause the mob will be in meele range (only 110% on aggro swap) so the succubus will do a whitehit + leash of pain and have instant aggro. She will die 4 secs later. 1 soulshard lost each time + downtime after each fight she dies = topfrustration and rage quit inc. btw: the fiery weapon enchant dropps in brd so very lately. So, if your lock will be your main you will level without it when server starts. Furthermore curse of agony is "building" its damage. It starts low and gets higher. = nearly zero aggro gain at the start. Next thing: soullink. Even if you could handle the aggro issue, your succu will die because of soullink. Again, she has very very very low hp. If you can kill a mob fast enough you will have to heal her to full hp. So i would recommend to pick up improved health funnel in the talent tree. I think your playstyle will result in an aggro ping pong - you dont want to have the succubus tanking, so you will aim for being target #1. the only way to achiev this will be by casting searing pain. But this style will be suiting more into a destro specc than a demo one. My advice: go for the standard soullink spec, run around with your blue friend (he has taunt, bubble, high hp and gives you and him the -10% meele dmg buff over the -30% soullink). You can try to get some points for your firestones, but not for the sacrifice of 5/5 corruption or shadow burn. When Voidy is tanking you can meelee on the mob. you choose gear with stam and defense on it, mixxed with some + firedmg clothies. Maybe CoE will be better for you because of the fire dmg but this is personal preference.
  9. I played warlock in classic wow and again on kronos 1. i like the different abilities the class provides. You have alot of survivability skills and can run around with pets. Personally demo lock leveling is one of the smothiest things on earth for me. Especially after hitting lvl 40 for soullink. At this point shitty meele gankors will be raped and you become god himself. You run around with -40% dmg, full stamina buffed thru talents, and a voidbubble (which absorbs in case of fire ~ 900 hp), insta resummin a new void (so you have the opportunity for another bubble) and furthermore the free potions aka life gems. And If you have failed pretty hard and got killed althouh you have 1 million skills to avoid dying, you can go for the "walk of shame" and give it a second try because of soulstones. sadly Demo isnt viable when it comes to raiding. And heres the problem. Drain said pretty much everything about that. For me as little pve tryhard i dont like the fact of trying to be #1 on dpsmeter and suddenly being forced to afk in fight, cause of a shadowboldcrit and aggro issues. The raid playstyle of locks and mages are very similar. You're just hitting that Bold-button afap. Mages build less aggro, dont need that much hit gear - which makes locks more rng dependend cause you wont be hitcapped - and furthermore the mages have an aggro reset with ice block. Everytime i was raiding with a lock i was telling me "next time you go for a mage" . really a hard decision. I couln't even tell you if i would roll a warlock or a mage this time if i had to choose...
  10. Guess you ruined this year christmas for him ^^
  11. When I read the last announcement from Nost, that they wont rush the fresh realm and wait for balancing servers, suddenly the situation from kronos/nost launch came to my mind. i can imagine they will wait with the fresh realm till cf announces the release and jump in a few days before, just like they did with kronos. the fresh realm is their only "weapon" against cf. And however they want to absorb every comunity member for their fight for legacy servers. An own developed core which provides the opportunity for PTE and nobody knows is Future of the comunity and the real legacy! I totally agree with our devs to not rush for a release date. But with the situation on kronos launch in my mind and the fact that cf is an enemy for the nostylsium road for their legacyfights / donation moneyfarm i fear they will wait with the fresh one for the cf release announcement. They have nothing to loose in the end and can sit out the situation by telling the comunity it's for population balance the settle the old pvp realm and shit like that. We all know that a fresh server attracts allways ppl from other servers - and i bet nostelysium wont have the situation that a fresh server, where all ppl are running thru stranglethorn is dying, because of another project release. I bet they want this joker on their hands. in the end nobody cares about an 1year old pve server to re-launch. the real "race" is about cf/elysium pvp.
  12. Woop woop nice update! Ty darkrasp this sounds so nice you better think of a name for a second pvp realm
  13. Sounds rly good and suits me perfectly. Was aiming for a guild that don't wan't to raid hardcore but Get there things done. Hm if I would just know which class to choose ...