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  1. k. I joined last May. Am I allowed to be offended that Asura started the thread by calling people attention-seekers if they have a problem with the merge and choose to voice that concern?
  2. I'm glad you guys can pull in hackers and exploiters to fight for your side. However, scamming, gold-selling scum like whitekidney and radeghost fucking seriously you guys? Really? "We're now directly affiliated with these historically untrustworthy people, still doing their shady shit. They're trustworthy now. Trust us." That's you. That's how you sound. 8|
  3. You'd have to catch me all the way across the river in care bear land first.
  4. Not sure if genuinely self-aggrandizing or ironically self-aggrandizing. Good points as usual, Outstanding.
  5. Don't engage. Trust me, save yourself the frustration. RisenUI is one of those people whose overall opinion you'll often agree with but they are extremely persistent and single-minded about some issues. Like certain other well-known... let's call them 'voices', in the community... they will soapbox to absolutely no one eternally. Sorry, Risen, I agree with some of the stuff you say here and on r/wowservers but your attitude skeeves me.
  6. @Darkrasp I wasn't going to post again but I want to respond to you personally since you're clearly not a shithead and I've enjoyed reading your updates for the better part of a year now. You said you didn't expect the backlash, meaning you and the rest of the staff fundamentally do not understand the reason for it. Other than the more... bombastic responses. Those are a foregone conclusion with any big announcement. I'm talking about your long-standing supporters who had their hearts set on Crestfall happening as it was presented originally. Crestfall is now inextricably entangled with Elysium. It is impossible for influence to not flow in both directions. Elysium may be your friends. Elysium are not our friends. Time and again, over the course of years, they have made horrible decisions that adversely affected the playerbase. They are demonstrably untrustworthy, unprofessional, and in way, way over their heads. All the time. It is ceaseless. And I personally have experience with this storied mess all the way back to Scriptcraft 1. (I took the boost. Burning Steppes was a nightmare.) Crestfall was the last hope for a lot of us. Uncompromising fidelity to the legacy experience, insofar as is humanly possible. Then you come out of absolutely nowhere and announce a close partnership with a staff we have ample reason to severely distrust, and insist that they are, in fact, trustworthy. And you guys are surprised when a handful of your patient fans don't see the positives in such a partnership. I am certain that Crestfall will still produce an experience of supreme quality, right up until it comes crashing down when: A. You are dragged out in the undertow of their inevitable lawsuit with Blizzard, or B. More and more of their terrible practices and design philosophy creep into your own until the project doesn't resemble the original vision I actually have enough faith in you guys left to bet it will be option A. Sorry for the wall of text, but for me this isn't the death of one realm. This is me letting go of legacy forever. I won't settle for another mangos hack job and I won't get invested in something I expect to be ruined by outside forces. I always thought the name you all chose for the project was strange and rather at odds with its intent. Now I understand; I am absolutely crestfallen.
  7. And I'm out. I'm sorry, Crestfall. I specifically bailed on playing the Elysium relaunch because of the apparent clusterfuck very early on. I hope whatever you guys got in exchange for this was worth it, but I don't want to be a part of it.
  8. Not on board with this. Not at all. Elysium have made some extremely questionable decisions in the past. Some of their philosophies are fundamentally at odds with Crestfall's. VPNs, anyone? I don't understand what the community, or the CF team, stand to gain from bogging themselves down with Elysium baggage. Really disappointing.
  9. I think most of us browse wowservers and probably know that already. It's not relevant. Separate people from their work.
  10. The dev videos were on the recommendation sidebar while I was watching a different legacy WoW video on YouTube. That led to checking for Darkrasp's updates here as frequently as they came. I just want to undertake the journey again. The whole journey, as far as the CF team will let me.
  11. I just wanna help it happen faster!
  12. Somehow I hadn't taken the reality of this into consideration. Brb being overwhelmed by the staggering amount of work left for the CF team to do...
  13. Even with its glaring flaws in writing and continuity, pre-WoD I would have said the lore. I still love it, of course, Warcraft is and probably always will be my only RP universe. I just have to cover my ears and eyes starting around mid-MoP and pretend nothing is happening... Now it's probably the quests that are really touching, or surround very dark subject matter if you bother to read the quest text. Especially in vanilla, there are so many generic quests written by people who clearly didn't have a background in crafting a narrative or believable dialogue, but once in a while, there's a gem that makes the world alive for me. This persists even in Legion, if you're lucky enough to stumble upon an example of it.
  14. Not sure how I missed this for almost a full month since you posted it. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I want to go digging through a vanilla database and try to come up with more silly builds based around gimmick items.
  15. I'm leveling a druid on Nost-PvE to get some good practice in, get myself accustomed to vanilla again. I figure if I can play well with some class bugs and a swollen server pop, I should be even better off with a reasonable pop and no stock mangos silliness.