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  1. No, you won't.
  2. In seriousness, this is a fun idea and I'm glad to see a group of friends actually putting it into practice. Ignore the fun police. People who think they're hot shit for min-maxing a 13-year-old game successfully but shit on "nonviable" builds are self-parodies. Just laugh and be thankful you're not that boring.
  3. I was strongly considering enh shaman if I only have time to play super casually when CF releases. Delighted to see some real attention being put into WF mechanics; I'm sick of it being a buggy dumpster fire on every server I try to test on.
  4. Thanks for your contribution to the community. @Darkrasp Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeing reason. I am genuinely sorry on behalf of the toxic influences that saw fit to pry into the personal lives of the staff; that is totally unacceptable. As someone who was obviously against that whole LGN business from the word 'go', I'm glad it's largely blown over. I always wished you guys the best of luck but now I can again look forward to actually being a part of CF instead of just distantly hoping it succeeds.
  5. Does %t not work on emulators?
  6. You'd have to catch me all the way across the river in care bear land first.
  7. Not sure if genuinely self-aggrandizing or ironically self-aggrandizing. Good points as usual, Outstanding.
  8. I think most of us browse wowservers and probably know that already. It's not relevant. Separate people from their work.
  9. The dev videos were on the recommendation sidebar while I was watching a different legacy WoW video on YouTube. That led to checking for Darkrasp's updates here as frequently as they came. I just want to undertake the journey again. The whole journey, as far as the CF team will let me.
  10. I just wanna help it happen faster!
  11. Somehow I hadn't taken the reality of this into consideration. Brb being overwhelmed by the staggering amount of work left for the CF team to do...
  12. Even with its glaring flaws in writing and continuity, pre-WoD I would have said the lore. I still love it, of course, Warcraft is and probably always will be my only RP universe. I just have to cover my ears and eyes starting around mid-MoP and pretend nothing is happening... Now it's probably the quests that are really touching, or surround very dark subject matter if you bother to read the quest text. Especially in vanilla, there are so many generic quests written by people who clearly didn't have a background in crafting a narrative or believable dialogue, but once in a while, there's a gem that makes the world alive for me. This persists even in Legion, if you're lucky enough to stumble upon an example of it.