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  1. I think most of us browse wowservers and probably know that already. It's not relevant. Separate people from their work.
  2. The dev videos were on the recommendation sidebar while I was watching a different legacy WoW video on YouTube. That led to checking for Darkrasp's updates here as frequently as they came. I just want to undertake the journey again. The whole journey, as far as the CF team will let me.
  3. I just wanna help it happen faster!
  4. Somehow I hadn't taken the reality of this into consideration. Brb being overwhelmed by the staggering amount of work left for the CF team to do...
  5. Even with its glaring flaws in writing and continuity, pre-WoD I would have said the lore. I still love it, of course, Warcraft is and probably always will be my only RP universe. I just have to cover my ears and eyes starting around mid-MoP and pretend nothing is happening... Now it's probably the quests that are really touching, or surround very dark subject matter if you bother to read the quest text. Especially in vanilla, there are so many generic quests written by people who clearly didn't have a background in crafting a narrative or believable dialogue, but once in a while, there's a gem that makes the world alive for me. This persists even in Legion, if you're lucky enough to stumble upon an example of it.
  6. Not sure how I missed this for almost a full month since you posted it. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I want to go digging through a vanilla database and try to come up with more silly builds based around gimmick items.
  7. I'm leveling a druid on Nost-PvE to get some good practice in, get myself accustomed to vanilla again. I figure if I can play well with some class bugs and a swollen server pop, I should be even better off with a reasonable pop and no stock mangos silliness.
  8. It's in extremely poor taste to shit talk a well-liked an long established server on the forums for a realm that functionally doesn't exist yet. You cannot talk down to an entire community of ~20,000 players over what you saw one guy say in a public chat behind total anonymity and not yourself be the asshole; it isn't fair and it isn't right. Please don't become this, Crestfall. We are all on the same side and we all love the same game.
  9. I can't remember if it was the reddit post for me, or if I stumbled upon the clustering video first.
  10. I'm confused as to how special characters are somehow the harbingers of terribad names. You will still see heaps of trash tier cringe names with or without special characters.
  11. There's nothing wrong with playing a common class/race. Even a hated one. The rarest thing in the game isn't uncommon specs; it's people who excel at their role. You don't have to feel bad about being a human rogue. Be the best human rogue.
  12. Get well soon, Rodeg. Thanks for the update, Darkrasp, it's been tough to sit tight with all the vanilla hype right now.
  13. It's not simpler to spend money on discs. You'll have to patch up to the correct version and you can no longer download those individual patches from Blizzard, so you're still downloading untrustworthy files just to install 1.12.1. There are plenty of repack downloads that the community can vet for you, and are able to be virus scanned. Kronos' site links to one that lots of people use. I think Nost had a torrent too. It's very easy to come by a vanilla client and it may be legitimately impossible to patch it to 1.12.1 via Blizzard's servers.
  14. Someone, somewhere (reddit) is going to take this grossly out of context and use it as a banner for their fanboy crusade against CF. I just know it. Way to be classy and own the Holy Resistance mistake. Your primary opposition on the subject has never shown an ounce of said class and I'm pretty tired of hearing him bang on about it on other forums.
  15. Continuous arguing in circles about whether Lupos should be doing shadow damage or physical, and what hit% table it should use. On Nost, hunter pets would spontaneously disappear into the void, especially if you stabled one.