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  1. You're just on a roll today with the stand-up
  2. This is comical
  3. I'd be interested in seeing more responses!
  4. I'm going to further this thread and ask between: Hunter, Warrior, and Druid
  5. I am assuming that the 0.87 is the percentage of the attack to NOT be a crit. The 0.13 is the 13% crit chance he was talking about.
  6. Going off @Lilaina.. Hunter is a little bland in vanilla but the rest of expansions they have an insane amount of depth and interesting things you can do. Take a look at my favorite vide of all time, she is PvPing against max level 80s while she's still leveling; maximizing mechanics Hunters have..
  7. @Kelila I agree.. maybe we could get some clarification from a dev? @Darkrasp
  8. guide

    @Soyoen I know you say Humans are the superior class for Alliance for PvE. However, in PvP, dwarves are the best class because of Stoneform (blind, bleeds, slowing posions, etc). Humans don't become the superior PvP class until 3.0.2 (I think is the correct number) when Perception is dropped and and they gain Every Man for Himself. Long story short, if I am picking dwarf to have the upper hand in PvP will I be severely hindered in PvE?
  9. Why have I seen in multiple locations that it's recommended to use consecrate rank 1? Is this to save mana? Does rank 1 do much dmg?
  10. @RipTonight Yeah, she has other videos showing how she clears trash mobs. That's a bummer that they are removing that.. I vaguely remember them saying that they are going to have bosses have spells that teleports players to them if no one is within x range 30 seconds in the fight. Silly when it's just creative thinking of the surrounding environment and utilizing the Hunter's skill set
  11. So just how hard is the leveling grind for warriors. Is it super slow because have to constantly eat? I never leveled a warrior in Vanilla.. how is it?
  12. Hunter forums are a little slow, so I figured I would like to get some conversation going.. 1. What are your favorite hunter videos from classis WoW? PvP and PvE 2. My favorite videos were the Hunter vs. World videos.. Will this be possible in Crestfall or are the devs creating something on bosses where you can't kite them? P.S. Been tossing up a few different classes to roll when launch happens and hunter is one of them.
  13. @Elicas wasn't sure where to post this but had a question about Shadow meld in Vanilla, my memory has faded me. Is shadow meld able to be used in combat? I remember being able to use shadow meld as a 'vanish' as a druid to re-stealth and reset a fight was clutch.. but forget when that was able to be used