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  1. I think it's suggesting developing custom new content that isn't TBC/wrath/cata/mop etc.
  2. And the questions scare me.
  3. Yo, this guy doesn't even know what a packet is
  4. I'll probably be on an NA server although I have enjoyed playing with all of the euros on private vanilla servers. Class: HunterFaction: Alliance (night elf)Realm: PvE1st Alt: Mage Prof: Engi/Alchemy, Mage will be herbalism/mining 2nd Alt: Rogue
  5. If we are talking about for playing vanilla wow, Mac and PC will both work like a charm haha
  6. Yet you recommend mage, the 1 button raider... But actually I love mage and love hunter. Will probably roll a hunter and mage will be my first alt. Mages make a fuckton of gold
  7. I reported one goldspammer who was spamming in /world with colored text on Elysium(two big no-no's). A GM messaged me that they do all they can do, but they can't go through all the reports so I should just deal with it and no action would be taken. Honestly a little frustrating, but I do understand it's a massive task to fight spam.
  8. From my knowledge of what the devs have said in the past, I really think there isn't going to be a concrete answer on this until we get much much closer to the actual point of moving to TBC. When that point comes, it will all come down to demand, if there are enough people to have a dedicated vanilla server and the PTE server, I'm sure both will stay open, if not then who knows how the devs will handle it, I'm sure they'll figure it out when the time comes.
  9. I'm sure it will follow the structure that Elysium donations do now. I really think the whole possibility with a vanity shop was the chance that only a few hundred people are playing. With the interest in vanilla that there is, it's doubtful the server would not have been entirely funded by donations even without the merge.
  10. Didn't they tease WOW on console for the longest time?
  11. Too many people here are fixated on the idea that without 10k pop, crestfall's PTE won't last. The point and goal of CF is that there won't be huge gamebreaking bugs, or crappy releases of content that make players give up on the server. You won't see 1-2k population drops because AQ isn't released well. It'll be polished and feel very much like vanilla wow again. People playing on CF will stick around, so it doesn't hurt to have the mindless shills waste their time on a mangos tbc. There seriously is nothing to worry about here. Just wait, there are a lot of people still holding out for a solid wow PTE experience.
  12. I'm sure some people were caught off guard with the announcement. As both sides get used to the idea and don't feel so surprised I'm sure people will feel better.