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  1. You could also argue that the transparency is showing that there is no profit being made, so there wouldn't be any loss for Blizzard (they might not see it that way though). I had made the assumption that donations wouldn't be associated to individuals and there would be an opt-in to show a username, or just an opt-out to show an anonymous donation (If they are shown publicly at all). I might be missing what you are saying here, Donations are hidden unless requested from the community? Or individual donations will be shown if requested by the donor?
  2. Yeah, there's definitely a nice spectrum of terrible ideas about donations that Crestfall can easily avoid
  3. One server that I am absolutely not advertising for, but I saw it linked on a reddit post tracks donations like this. A part of me thinks that's even a little too detailed. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement a page like that and if it's worth taking time away from gameplay development.
  4. Something I've seen over and over again are people claiming that these "not for profit" servers are pulling in much more money in donations than they claim and devs are pocketing the money. Now the people who actually believe that may just stuck under a tin foil hat, however ideas like this generate drama which then generates reasons to not play on the server. That being said, it might be a good idea to track donations publicly so people can at least see money in money out. There might already be plans for this on the website, but it seems like this hasn't been largely discussed yet. Now me personally, I think the devs should absolutely take a cut of the profits/donations, but that's a topic for a different time.
  5. On a more serious note, but still not too serious, don't just list out a bunch of features that are already expectations for the vanilla wow community. Nostalrius Hype video will be my example: "Pre-Nerf Alterac PVP Ranking System Blizzlike Leveling No Shop Progressive Realm DDOS Mitigation Large Dev Team Stable Server Over 4000 Subscribers Old Items Restored Challenging Encounters Strong Anti-Cheat 40 Player Raids" That list scrolled across the screen with random clips of mass encounters between players. I'd say focus on what Crestfall is bringing new to the table, that's how you hype new people. And don't just say random shit like "Challenging Encounters", "Stable Server", and "Over 4000 subscribers". Video For Reference
  6. Please include the inception sound and at least 1 Wilhelm scream (videos linked for reference if you live under a rock)
  7. *Nods* *Blows air out of nose*
  8. Yeah, the discord was drawing me away for a while, but after that closed I pretty much refresh the front page ever 20 minutes hoping there is new content. Sometimes I get inspired and start some shit-tier discussion, but that's about it.
  9. Did this happen in secret? @Darkrasp
  10. The first part is what I was thinking of doing, but you do bring up a good point, the quests I would be saving from vanilla would be some of the best quests to finish that 58-60 grind and I'm sure I'll want to complete them then. I was pretty sure there were plenty of quests in EPL and WPL that reward 10k xp in vanilla. Does stuff like that get nerfed when TBC launches? I definitely wouldn't be running around Azeroth turning in random quests, I would focus on hub quest locations so I can turn in a bunch and then get straight to Outland. I wouldn't be wasting the entire launch day just running in circles, that would be stupid. My only thought is, if you have an overpopulated HFP and you can't even get mob tags, what's the point of rushing there? Some xp in Azeroth is better than no xp in Outland. If the server is going to be sitting at 6k cap when TBC launches, I have a feeling it's going to be hell with that many people in HFP. Retail servers were capped much lower and I know that even then it was carnage. Now when it really comes down to it, I'm a PvE player, so I probably won't be doing any of this because HFP PvP won't actually be an issue for me. This was mostly just a thought I had and I was fielding it for viability. From what it sounds like, xp gains in Outland are just too much higher to skip it with vanilla content.
  11. Welp, seeing as it looks like no one likes my idea. I'm going to strap myself to it and do some actual math to see if it's viable. I will not become killerduki.
  12. This is a long way out, but I don't think any recent private server has successfully moved from vanilla to TBC. On retail I'm sure some people thought of this, but I'd also think that the vast majority of players hadn't. A lot of people who go back and play the old content through pservers seem to generally be more savvy on maxing XP gain and such. So here is my thought/question/idea. Would there be a strategy to keep a full quest log of quests ready to turn in towards the end of vanilla so that when TBC launches and the level cap goes to 70, you can turn them all in and get a jump on being the first to 61. That has the possibility of allowing you to skip HFP and the carnage that will be overcrowding there and just move straight to Zangarmarsh. I really don't know much about how old quests transferring across expansions or if there would even be enough high experience quests for this to be viable. Just wondering what people think.
  13. hi

  14. People were toxic in the discord, but I don't know about here! I feel like the forum community is pretty good. We love @Outstanding!
  15. I didn't make the cut, probably should have spent less time trolling and being a shit, and more time working on the security system for Crogge's basement server farm.