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  1. I'm assuming blizzard left those items out for some sort of reason other than forgetting that they were in the code, but maybe not. I'd assume that's what the dev's stance on this is, but maybe not, could be interesting.
  2. If you are starting as a night elf, there are two quests you have to skip. The one where you wait for some damn dresser to spawn and loot an amulet, and the one in the tunnels where you have to wait at 4 different spots on 5 minute spawns for items. Useless quests. Also rogues are probably going to want to skip the level 10 quest.
  3. I would like to mention that in order to play TBC on a Mac, Wine or one of the other workarounds is your best option. The TBC mac client will not work with the most recent Mac OS due to Apple no longer supporting Rosetta in the OS. There's a much longer explanation into all of that, but simply put the TBC client won't work, so if you are planning on progressing through expansions, it wouldn't be a bad idea to set up one of the workaround methods now. If you are planning on playing just vanilla and just on your mac, then go ahead and play via the mac client for vanilla. A little bit of an addition to my comment previously about Wine. There are programs such as Winebottler which will package up the file and make running the app simply, however if you want to add any addons, you'll have to unbottle/bottle the application in order to run it again through the program. If you just use the base Wine program, you can just drop the files into the addons folder as you would on a pc, the only difference is that when you run the application, you do it through the command prompt and to my knowledge it does that process of packaging the files each time you run the exe. I might be a little off in that description, but from what I read and what I've experienced, just using Wine is simple enough and has worked very well for me to run windows versions of both the Vanilla and TBC clients.
  4. To answer the initial question, I would say you aren't going to find a 100% working server anywhere (even on retail), there will always be bugs ;). But Crestfall is aiming at 110% and I think they'll probably hit 99.9% working. Read a little into the forums and get to know the community and I think it'll help boost your confidence in this server development staff.
  5. I came from the Nostalrius community, we aren't all terrible people. I will continue to say that Kronos is crap though, just because. Crestfall is the future, yolo
  6. I love this
  7. Lol, good joke
  8. Easier to make a bank alt than waste the cash on the last few bank slots
  9. Something else not discussed here is gear. A lot of gear and sets of gear that people have put time into researching is for one function for each of these hybrid classes. I don't think there is a lot of optimized hybrid gear for those classes so that a druid could have high dps and healing, or something along those lines. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it seems like it would be another area that would take a lot of research by the community and education to those classes that those combinations do exist. I have always liked the idea of hybrid classes being played how they were probably created to be played, but oh well. On a side note, it's amazing to me how in old vanilla there were a few people who actually did play around with specs and such that weren't necessarily thought to be viable, such as a pvp survival hunter. Just blows me away how certain specs were actually viable without the majority of the community really realizing it.
  10. And this is why us hunters have to accept being a support class for raids and 2nd tier dps #feelingrejected #stillrollinghunter
  11. On the first nost server, I leveled with alchemy and herbalism, probably shouldn't have gone with alchemy for leveling. I'd recommend herb and mining and then when you hit 60, decide if you want to become an engineer or an alchemist. I ran alchemy for a while but then when I wanted to run DM (Won't be the case on this server) I trained engineering in a few hours. I'm not saying alchemy is great for hunters, but major mana potions get expensive and you need them for raiding. When it comes to professions, you can't really go wrong. There are going to be things that each one gives you that you wish you could have. Skinning is great if you want to farm devilsaur as a 60. I wouldn't say that engineering is amazing for hunter weapons because when you hit 60, everything is gonna be scrapped for blackcrow if you are a raid hunter. Flawless arcanite rifle is the equivalent you would be able to craft, so as an engineer you could do that, but the mats are very expensive. Then when the Rhok'Delar quest opens up, you'll use that bow through the rest of vanilla.
  12. Anyone with half an ounce of common sense and has spent more than a week on this forum knows. Just actually inform yourself about what is on this forum and what discussion has already happened and what decisions have already been made before claiming that the discussion needs to happen, and the decisions haven't been made. It's just frustrating to see the same requests coming from random newbies on the forum who cause a big commotion and are "waiting for a dev response" "in need of a dev response" "if a dev responds, then they can close the post". Look, the devs are working their asses off to make a server for us and don't have time to analyze the same questions over and over. All I am trying to say is that they have expressed their views enough that by reading the other forum posts and seeing what they've actually already said, you'd understand that this decision has already been made and bringing it up in another forum is in fact just another waste of time.
  13. Yes, but only because I like it as part of the experience. It's probably not the most efficient way to do things, but it makes it easier for me to max level my professions.
  14. Read a little bit of this forum post: It'll probably take a couple hours, so you'll actually get an idea of Crestfalls community so far and what the devs have to say. Again, read the above forum and then open a thread about flying mounts in 1.1.2, I'm sure people will take you seriously. And the devs will love wasting time on explaining why you're a dumbass.
  15. It's not my own hate list, you clearly haven't been on this forum for very long. Time and time again someone proposes a small change like this that makes sense for some people, but not everyone unanimously loves it. Every single time, the devs go with the 'vanilla blizzlike emulation' so as to not piss off the people who want it to feel like vanilla. It's an interesting idea, but it's not vanilla and the devs aren't going to implement it.