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  1. That was really my initial feeling. It feels nice to think we can go back to how it was because the Crestfall community was pretty happy with how it was. I had come to accept LGN, but I didn't see it as a big game changer for CF. I think these two points go hand in hand. I think the way the information came about and how the searching for it has gone down has only hurt the private server community. The blatant call outs and searching for anything that could possibly be used to show corruption I think put a bad taste in people's mouths who might just say no to private servers forever now. There were good contributors to the private server community who really got thrown under the bus throughout all of this. Hopefully this move will mean less drama moving forward, because as fun as it is, I'm tired of it, it's too much to follow. Goodnight!
  2. I'm tired of spam in the discord so here is a place to share your feelings about the roller coaster we've been on since the LGN was announced. (I understand this might be moved to Off Topic).
  3. I will say, one of the most consistent ways to farm gold is killing buzzards in deadwind pass. The grey and green drops will consistently get you 20g an hour from a vendor. So if you just want to grind out somewhere with no competition and no interaction with other players, that's a good place to go.
  4. That just made my day! I think this topic can be closed now.
  5. *Warning* If you don't want to read a garbage post with garbage ideas, run the other way *Inc Shit Posting* *I wonder if this is too Off Topic* So guys, how do we feel about a competition to see who can get an account banned the fastest on launch (Dummy accounts of course). This is for people who miss the initial wave of leveling and populations are too high to start leveling successfully (having participated in Nostalrius PvP launch, PvE launch, and Elysium relaunch, and fucking up all three of those starts, I think it's time to change my early game strategy). Please discuss strategies on ways to get banned below. I'm tempted to go with a classic /yell [Insert racial slurs here] right on spawn, but I fear that will only get me muted by a GM. I'm also okay if this turns into a "dumbest reasons you've seen an account banned thread" or a "dumbest things you can do in game thread".
  6. This is mostly what I try to do. On elysium right now I have a 60 mage. As the game progresses and new enchants and such are released, you just have to anticipate what materials are going to be in high demand and then go farm them. Arcane crystals are always in high demand, so mining isn't a bad skill. You'll also just want to start running dungeons. Strat/UBRS/BRD emp runs, people run them for BIS gear, but a lot of blues drop, so vendoring those or disenchanting them just builds up gold over time. Gold accumulation is different with every server though, so we'll almost just have to wait until release of CF to really find out what the best farming spots and best things to farm are.
  7. The Nostalrius version that I did was fantastic. Accepted the quest, opened the cage, ran out, Feign death, went back to the questgiver and look it was complete! Didn't have to do anything really. It was definitely not scripted correctly, but I got my pet
  8. That might be the case for the vanilla client or other expansions, but TBC is a different story. Without Rosetta support on the Mac, there literally is no way to run the TBC mac client on a 10.6.8 OS or newer.
  9. So the TBC client for mac won't actually run on a current OS mac because they stopped using Rosetta in their OS and the Mac TBC client required that to run. There is no workaround to get mac to run the old mac client. You can however use one of the methods in the forum post I'll attach that will allow you to play using the windows client.
  10. That's an interesting topic, because I've definitely done that on Elysium PvE to other players, and they always say "I screenshotted" "that's griefing" "enjoy your ban" and I haven't been banned yet. And I was reading old blizzard forums and it doesn't look like it was considered griefing. It was just part of the game. Now I'm sure if I was going to a low level zone and sheeping every quest mob a player was trying to grab, that would be an entirely different issue cause it's actually directly impeding the progress of a player. Even then, on PvP I'm sure Blizzard might argue "have someone come kill them". The idea of griefing in this way is probably only a PvE issue and I think it'll only be bannable in extreme cases.
  11. I can't say this is permanently the stance or exactly how it will be but I'm sure it will still be up for discussion. I remember seeing darkrasp mention that any "griefing" acts against your own faction would be banned. This was in reference to alliance players throwing naked level 1's at Kazzak to cause him to regain health when an alliance guild has the tag on the boss already. It's a touchy subject but I think same faction griefing on a PvE server would not be tolerated at all. However I think for PvP, the answer might just be "get a group of the opposite faction together and kill them". I don't forsee any big change will go into this to try to avoid it or prevent it because as @Soyoensaid, it seems like a lot of this is just how vanilla gameplay is.
  12. So I definitely never thanked you for this. So Thank you! It's perfect
  13. You should probably include a new arrow to account for people begging for the the Elysium -> Legacy Crusade transfers
  14. Really it's as simple as this. Elysium characters will be sitting on 2 years of farming Naxx. When CF transitions to TBC, allowing that economy to flood over to TBC will ruin anyone trying to come from CF vanilla. Now if you wanted to transfer Elysium characters but wipe all gold + items I think that might be a different story, but that just won't happen.