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  1. 2030
  2. I was only joking. I totally understand what you mean, they are pretty massive.
  3. Wait, you mean videos like this? They're so huge and amazing though, bigger is better!
  4. Lol, that's one thing I worry about on the forums. Pissing someone off and then I get on their "Take their username list".
  5. Lol, if you want one of the "good" names, get online when the server goes live and create accounts like a madman. At the same time, this would potentially break up people trying to reserve names to then sell to other people, which I'm not a particularly big fan of.
  6. There was supposedly a spot so high up that you could jump off of it into a deep pool of water and you'd hit the bottom of the pool and still die from fall damage. I never found that spot.
  7. So I was watching some wow music videos from my childhood and I came across this video again. It brought back a bunch of memories because it was the first video I downloaded from youtube and put on my iPod video. There was always one thing that bothered me though and that was how the dude was able to cast while slow falling because you can't cast while moving! Turns out the solution to that mystery was the magical spell called presence of mind (which I didn't even know existed when I played vanilla). But I just realized a few days ago while playing a mage what was actually happening and I thought I'd share it. Bonus: Here is the second most watched video from my childhood, used to sing this one in the car with my brothers.
  8. I feel like vanilla was hard enough as is. Maybe I'm just a casual, but I think you'd need to be a real masochist to try to ironman vanilla.
  9. No spell hit for you until bloodvine! (maybe there is some BWL gear? Bracers of arcane accuracy or some shit?)
  10. World buffs/flasks being removed would make it "easier" for players who want to hardcore raid because they won't be required to spend as much time outside of raid farming consumables and stacking those buffs. However I believe that that recovered time will just be spent wiping inside of the raid which makes the process much less enjoyable and will keep players from raiding. As far as the content itself, yes removing those buffs would make the actual raids more difficult to complete, but some think the recovered time from not having to farm consumables and world buffs would completely make up for the extended time in the raid (it's understandable that some people want to put their focus on the content and not the preparation for the content, however that prep work is just a part of vanilla). I think the thought of it making it easier for casuals, is that less of a time investment is required outside of a raid in order to join the raid. That lets casuals have the ability to join the raids. However without those buffs, the casuals are going to be spending two 3 hour raid nights a week just trying to clear MC, that's not very friendly to casuals in my opinion.
  11. Yeah, I think from what Darkrasp has said, the herb spawns will probably not be easily conquered by a "cartel". I think they'll be rare enough to have a high price, but not so common that they'll be easily farmed and price controlled by a single group. Not sure how elysium handles the black lotus spawn, but from my time there, I haven't seen the prices go too wild, but at the same time I haven't been buying flasks and black lotus all the time.
  12. Yeah, making a huge chunk of the economy worthless would probably not be too successful
  13. Matt - Dwarf Paladin
  14. I was pretty familiar with that piece of the FAQ, I was wondering if this discussion was an extension or a change to the mindset they already had stated
  15. I feel like people exaggerate a bit much on current private servers, or are just focusing on the edge cases as the norm. I raided MC and BWL on Nostalrius and later on Elysium. The first MC raid we did, my guild didn't 10/10 clear, we barely 4/10 cleared in a 3 hour raid and it wasn't because we didn't know the strategy. Maybe we weren't the most experienced, but we were relatively intense and extremely knowledgeable of the encounters. The vast majority of these guilds on current private servers aren't pushing through MC on easy mode for months until after it's been released. I think people are going to be frustrated when guilds 6 months into raiding MC are still taking a full 3 hours to clear the raid. It has to scale otherwise people burn out and you end up with broken guilds everywhere. There are definitely cases on current private servers where an extremely intense guild of 60 get every bit of preraid bis possible, stack up on consumes and world buffs and then force themselves through MC with the first week, but scaling the difficulty of the entire raid for the longterm to prevent those crazy edge cases seems like a bad idea. I'm okay with some tweaks to make the encounters more interesting, but randomly offing a priest or a caster dps throughout the fight doesn't seem to really help. That sounds like that will just lead to more wipes. The quickest way to break guilds is with a lot of wipes.