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  1. I was pretty familiar with that piece of the FAQ, I was wondering if this discussion was an extension or a change to the mindset they already had stated
  2. I feel like people exaggerate a bit much on current private servers, or are just focusing on the edge cases as the norm. I raided MC and BWL on Nostalrius and later on Elysium. The first MC raid we did, my guild didn't 10/10 clear, we barely 4/10 cleared in a 3 hour raid and it wasn't because we didn't know the strategy. Maybe we weren't the most experienced, but we were relatively intense and extremely knowledgeable of the encounters. The vast majority of these guilds on current private servers aren't pushing through MC on easy mode for months until after it's been released. I think people are going to be frustrated when guilds 6 months into raiding MC are still taking a full 3 hours to clear the raid. It has to scale otherwise people burn out and you end up with broken guilds everywhere. There are definitely cases on current private servers where an extremely intense guild of 60 get every bit of preraid bis possible, stack up on consumes and world buffs and then force themselves through MC with the first week, but scaling the difficulty of the entire raid for the longterm to prevent those crazy edge cases seems like a bad idea. I'm okay with some tweaks to make the encounters more interesting, but randomly offing a priest or a caster dps throughout the fight doesn't seem to really help. That sounds like that will just lead to more wipes. The quickest way to break guilds is with a lot of wipes.
  3. I will agree with what some others had said because when it comes down to it, how the sides decide to play will determine how the game runs. More often then not I've seen in the current private server scene, even when actions are made to try to extend the battles, if both teams want to rush to a win or rush to a loss, there isn't much standing in their way. This is because a large majority of people just want to rush a win, get their rep and move on. A fix for this would be reducing the value of a win or loss. That would however result in games never ending because it would be more efficient for players to just sit in and grind out the turn-ins. Who knows, though, maybe that's what the current pserver community needs to actually fight for 24 hours
  4. I'd level a hunter first, then in your off time level a mage as your first alt.
  5. I really don't think any actions should be taken apart from preventing botters from auto routing and collecting the same nodes. Honestly, even when it comes to botters, players are better at identifying a player just riding the same route over and over and not interacting with anything else than a computer is able to identify. As unfortunate as it might seem, players who want to organize and collect all of one resource is part of the game. I don't think it's the position of the developers to engineer how players decide to play the game.
  6. That's true, but you lose valuable first tier healers/support/dps classes to put paladins in the raid. Also, totems.
  7. Yeah, they always could have changed them to not be skinnable in TBC or a later patch. Sounds like they definitely weren't skinnable at the time of that article being written though.
  8. So if it's not moonkins, did nostalrius/elysiusm get that wrong because of the wowhead/vanillagaming entry about them? I know it's not a very reliable source and probably wrong, but that does explain why elysium has it wrong ;). http://db.vanillagaming.org/?npc=10158#skinning
  9. I always thought that everything should be skinnable, except maybe undead
  10. I'm pretty sure the Darkshore moonkin were definitely an exception to this rule, Yeti's as well (in feralas and winterspring). Let's see what some research can turn up.
  11. For the Rich Thorium, it's not really a small number of spawn points, there are probably 2-3 times as many spawn points as there are nodes available at a given time in the zone. I definitely understand doing a random X feet of the node, that definitely hurts anyone trying to bot. I really don't know how much that will change the feeling though, other than having to submit a lot more tickets for ores spawning inside of rocks and trees.
  12. That would definitely work. I keep trying to hate this idea, but every time I think of why this would hurt players, my scenario is solved with people just hitting greed. For example in a guild run, if you are farming gear with your guild for an alt, you'd all just select greed instead of need. This would definitely punish players for needing items they don't plan to equip. I don't foresee the devs implementing this sort of change to looting mechanics though. Very interesting discussion point. I will also say, it seems like the worst cases of ninja looting are in Raids and an issue of untrustworthy members having access to master looting. There is also the problems of a green that someone mistakenly needs on, a lot of times I've seen the person have everyone /roll and then trade the item accordingly. I also have no idea how difficult of a change it would be to have BOE and BOP copies of all of those items.
  13. Being a casual and hitting world bosses is the best though! But actually @Lilaina, I'm currently a casual member of a raiding guild and whenever they go to attempt Azuregos, they just need people to fill the few extra spots. They'll always take a guild member over a random, so it's not out of the question that they'd want you for world bosses
  14. But r/wowservers would say a server that is actually 100% blizz-like and perfect isn't blizzlike because it's r/wowservers You aren't going to ever go kill Azuregos?
  15. Random spawn locations are an interesting idea. When I think of something like Rich Thorium nodes in Un'Goro crater, that's where I have some concerns. For the most part, the Rich Thorium nodes were generally all around the elite dinos in the southwest part of the zone. If node spawns are randomized in a zone, is there a chance the rich thorium is just going to spawn in a safespot up in the northern parts of the zone. One of the difficulties of farming in that region is avoiding the elites or having to clear them to farm a node. That was a built in prevention for botters as well. If you wanted to farm in Un'Goro you almost had to be active in the game, you couldn't write a script to avoid all of the mobs and safely farm everything (Silithus is a very similar situation). As long as the node spawns can be randomized to a certain number of potential spawn points (as it was done already in retail vanilla), where it's not predictable exactly which node will spawn at what time, but if you want to farm you know which areas to look in, then I don't see a problem with randomized spawn points. If the spawning is done across an entire zone though, it'll just decrease the frequency of a player being able to find a node. All of the sudden you have hardcore players who want to farm finding about as many nodes as casual players just passing by. I don't think that's beneficial to the economy, nor does it favor the player putting in work to grind for an epic mount, or a respec. Gathering professions become a game of RNG and not a viable source of income. Maybe that is the intention, but I think farming nodes was part of the vanilla experience and shouldn't become even more of a game of chance. I don't think nodes should be completely predictable, but they still need to be farmable.