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  1. Chris Cornell dead at 52. Let's just make this a tribute thread for favorite artists that have passed on. There's been plenty of them lately. This video is crap and the song's a bit cheeseball, but it's a favorite to sing along to: And an old classic for good measure:
  2. I'm a dirty casual so raid tuning won't be a big concern of mine until a ways into the launch, but I actually like the framework that Darkrasp has laid out for raid tuning. I'm ok with a little more of that margin for error than the hardcore folks will want, but I also like the idea of say, resistance or execution being important. Those things should matter more than they currently do. I also enjoyed imba's post about the complicated nature of tuning itself. Slapdash tuning is far worse than no buffs at all, and there's a lot of variables at play in any given fight or raid.
  3. Right, well, carry on then
  4. I still play in a window most of the time. I like being able to toggle between the game and other stuff on my monitor, because I don't need two of them.
  5. I'm not sure if it's the pre-area that's relevant to this or not but it seems like Gnomer in general is lighter on trash mobs in the corridors than it was in retail, and almost no grime encrusted objects were dropping to clean in the machines in mangos servers. It might be my memory that's wrong, but I thought everyone ended up with a bunch in their bags that they generally cleaned and vendored off, though one starts that ring quest.
  6. A completely fair and rational position. I'll lobby for it in the future as a wishlist feature. Thanks for clarifying Darkrasp.
  7. As a PVE server guy that likes battlegrounds I'd love to see this, but I'm not inclined to grab a flag and start a crusade. Just give me classes that work right, quests and events and fight mechanics that work the way they're supposed to, and a group of drunken wise-asses to kill stuff with and I'll be happy forever.
  8. I joined May 4th; I'm a bandwagon rider.
  9. For all the parents out there, consider the amount of footage viewing time required to sync these two videos:
  10. Did someone say? (sorry, couldn't resist)
  11. Nice. I could trade vids on 90s rock alone for ages.
  12. @Ugondiss heh, challenge accepted:
  13. I'm not really sure I can call myself inspired by anything, really. There are a great many people and ideas that I find interesting or engrossing or praiseworthy, but I'm not huge on heroes. What I do love and value, is catharsis. I like to rock hard, laugh loud, etc. At it's best it's a great feeling that stimulates your heart and your mind in one way or another. Some people that I've gained something from, aside from teachers or parents or friends or my wife and daughter, would probably be these: Politics n' philosophy: Washington and Lincoln among early American presidents, for obvious reasons. More recent presidents would be FDR, Eisenhower, and Obama, with a nod to Jimmy Carter as the best modern ex president (that dude's done some serious work after he lost to Reagan). People that are closer to me ideologically are Mikhail Bakunin (the most prominent dude that told Marx that his method wouldn't work, from the left) and Chomsky, though anarcho-syndicalism has serious issues with scale and use of force guidelines, among other things. It's where my heart is, but I know it has its limitations. And I've kinda stopped following Chomsky. Dude hasn't said anything new in years. Other interesting 20th century figures to me (some more villains than heroes, or both in the same person) include De Gaulle, Gandhi, King and Malcolm X, Mandela, Mugabe, Yitzhak Rabin, Deng Xioping, Antonio Gramsci, and Churchill. I haven't read a ton from the ancients. I sympathized with Plato at times, and his writing clearly translates well to English because it's not bad for what it is, but I disagree with him more than not. Aristotle I'm more in agreement with of the two, but a lot of his stuff is like reading an appliance manual, father of modern western academia or not. Cicero is one of the more interesting Roman guys I've read, though Juvenal and Horace are more fun (love me some satire). From more recent people I find Foucault interesting reading when I feel like digging into something, but I'm old and lazy and can't be bothered much with critical theory these days. Among religious figures the ol' JC and the Dalai Lama are interesting certainly, but I'm not actively religious, and Buddhism is more a philosophy of life than a religion anyway. Culturally I'm about rock music, stand up comedy, and trippy novels. Some writers I've loved are Herman Hesse, Leslie Marmon Silko, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet is overrated though, seriously), Jonathan Swift, William Blake, William S Burroughs, and Salman Rushdie. Among artists and performers Kurt Cobain got me through my adolescence, and I still put Nirvana on for an energy boost or a sorely-needed outlet in the car at high volume from time to time. Jerry Cantrell is another favorite from the same era and place, and has the advantage of still being alive and making music (albeit without his vocal partner Layne Staley). I love the Pixies, Mudhoney (seriously, Mark Arm did punk rock sneer as well as anyone in the American scene), Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine (Audioslave was a substandard bi-product of the two bands, but it had a few decent songs, Like A Stone and Moth immediately come to mind), Tool, or if I'm feeling more sedate, something like Modest Mouse or Wilco. Classic rock is great too. Love me some Led Zeppelin. I also enjoy bombastic classical. The 1812 Overture, the Firebird Suite, and A Night on Bald Mountain are all favorites. Among comedians my first real obsession was with Bill Hicks. These days my favorite is probably Patton Oswalt, but I like stand up in general and I'll give anybody a shot.
  14. Ha, I hope all the professions get this kind of love. Looking forward to your findings.