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  1. Nah. I resisted when it came out because I didn't like the idea of the subscription fee, but I liked Warcraft III so much I eventually tried it out, in 2008. Never looked back.
  2. Size doesn't matter!
  3. Serious counterintel tradecraft brah
  4. Outside of WoW, I'd have to go with Civilization 4, and then go old school: Starcraft, Tecmo Super Bowl on the old original NES (along with Mike Tyson's Punchout), Super Mario World and Mario Kart on the SNES, NCAA Football series before it was sadly cancelled, and Final Fantasy 7. And the most fun I ever had watching other people play a game was when a friend of mine and his girlfriend would duke it out in Tekken and talk shit in his dorm room while I was in college. You could hear them from down the hall, and it was always hilarious.
  5. Featuring the new Alar EmulatorTM?
  6. When the reviews are better than the movies:
  7. Like I don't have enough other things to juggle besides carrying this project. Ingrates
  8. Pig farms dude. Orcs feed their armies with pig farms. Sure, maybe they prefer conquering the boars since there might be more martial "honor" in it, but I'd put my money on lazy peons working on pigs that don't fight back much.
  9. My guess with the spacegoats is that since the Eredar were originally conceived as the evil geniuses that corrupted Sargeras (rather than the Dreadlords, I think it was later changed to), then whatever artwork that would've been associated with Archimonde or Kil'Jaeden from the RTS days would've borrowed heavily from the tradional look of demons that involves horns and hooves and tails. Pitchforks were apparently at the smithy's for a restoration at the time. Dranei would've just followed whatever came after.
  10. LFM Stranglethorn Fishing Extravanganza, must have "Master Angler of Azeroth" achieve and consumables, no scrubs!
  11. Something like this would be great if it was like the xp switch npc, where it was optional to toggle on and off as you choose. Have your fill of a certain layer of content, then move on to the next. The difficulties of actually making this work would be immense though I imagine.
  12. Watch your ankles El Gigante
  13. Looking forward to the hype videos. Take your time and do it right lads, we believe in what you're doing and we'll wait to see the results.
  14. 1. Professions. My main on retail was a gnome frost mage, always a frost mage (even when frost was a subpar pve spec, though I got decent enough with it to keep up with my groups so the grumbling died down) and a tinker. I got sucked into all the situational gadgets and tools engineers had available to them, and I used them to solo stuff I had trouble with or gimmick my way through something or just to goof off. I became a compulsive miner to feed the engineering, and then before I knew it I was a player on the low level metals market in the AH (I didn't start playing until Wrath, so while everyone else was levelling as fast as they could to catch up I was mastering my Thousand Needles mining route and setting the bronze, iron, and mithril prices, using the cash I made to get fancy gear). That particular metagame sucked me in quite a lot my first couple years 2. Lore. It's lacking in professional story development, but the broad strokes combined with the strongest moments from its predecessor (WCIII) made for a fun universe to enjoy. I was never an RP sort per se, but I do always like having something of a backstory to my toons for my own entertainment, and I take an interest in all the different factions with their own agendas, and grinding reputation with them. 3. 5 mans. Good 5 mans were so much fun with guildies or a friendly group. Just enough complexity to require attentiveness and coordination, without the barriers to entry and larger scale of raiding. 4. Arathi Basin. I liked all the original battlegrounds (and EotS and even SotA before it was changed around, IoC was less fun) but Arathi is still my favorite. Its the RTS in first person on a small scale. 5. Casual/drunken raiding. The only endgame bosses I ever killed before the next xpac arrived were Deathwing and Garrosh, at least partly because we somewhat outgeared the encounters (was never a heroic/mythic guy) and we wiped a lot, but man we had fun. 40 mans are different because there's too many people involved to goof off as much, but drunken ten mans were fantastic. Killing bosses felt great, but we had just as much fun talking shit to each other over vent as we did knocking stuff down and getting gear.