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  1. Action shot of CF team in their new hosting site:
  2. I think there's a small Aussie server that runs Vanilla content on the BC client, with the BC content disabled. That might be your huckleberry if it's still around.
  3. Sorry you'll be leaving the beta testing group but hope to still see you around the forums. You're one of the most important voices here. Have fun in the States. Enjoy the junk food and the spectacle!
  4. gear guide

    Shadow might be useful, but the arcane list would be awfully short and probably irrelevant. Would love to see that boss fight where gnome tanks are optimal for that extra arcane resistance
  5. Ha, I've sometimes thought about this. Just imagining a 40 man paladin raid. The main excitement would be trying to beat the enrage timers.
  6. Honestly this is a great tribute to ye olden times, with nostalgia mist and a very good soundtrack. It looks good, but it SOUNDS better. To me that's what sells it and puts you in the mood to go cut down some Scourge.
  7. Happy 4th!
  8. There's a few of us around. May eventually be enough for a couple guilds if the server is successful enough. Elysium's pve server has a couple oceanic guilds.
  9. Are you threatening me?
  10. Premade BGs with guildies, especially in Arathi or AV. We weren't hardcore but we could certainly handle any poor pug that went against us, and we always played defense in AV just for fun. Wiping the horde on Balinda was always worth a laugh, and we got angry if we lost a bunker before Drek went down. That and wearing people down with my disc priest buddy in 2s, and raiding in early Cata because it was my first real endgame pve. We wiped a lot in BWD, but it was fun, and so were the Zul'Agains
  11. Not a musician, but Adam West is dead. All hail 60s Batman:
  12. Australia. Hopefully I can find some folks with compatible play times on weekends.
  13. Or through sheer volume, like Elicas.