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  1. Once the class testing is further along, a bit of pvp footage showing different debuffs and cc effects interacting with each other the way they're supposed to, sort of like the spell delay/charge stuff you've already shown. And once scripting gets going, yes, all those broken quests, like the gnome explosives in Stonetalon for example. Or even a demonstration of that fancy new auction interface you've put so much work into.
  2. Thanks for this Elicas. Very useful for noobs like me.
  3. Hope the last plate of chicken tenders got cleaned up off the floor
  4. Tecmo Super Bowl. How I loved that game.
  5. Lots of love for Lego here. I had some uses for Lego, and Construx, but it was mostly to build bases for these guys: Hours and hours and hours of goofy plotlines cribbed from the cartoon, hokey dialogue, solo sound effects, home-made bases assembled and then blown up, even occasional guest appearances by the narrator as Unicron (for scale, you understand). Eat ya heaht out, Orson Welles! Oh, and while we're on the subject, fuck you Michael Bay.
  6. You're being suppressive and glib.
  7. I think this one is pretty much unanimous amongst the hardcore Crestfallenati, and I echo the verdict of the conclave, and stuff.
  8. Ha, well done. At least this is something everyone can agree on.
  9. I'd love an iteration that didn't use the concept of levels for character/npc power at all. Make it purely a function of firepower via gear and talents/spells. Let the questing system unlock talents/spell tiers. One quest tree gives a particular ability. Upgrades can be purchased with gold or traded for mats based on rep, etc. I'm not sure if this would make soloing dungeons or old raids more or less viable, but it might be structured in a way that would allow older content to stay relevant. Like people said about level caps increasing with new xpacs making old content obsolete. Well, what if there were no levels? Just HP and damage and armor? Content seasons. "Launch" a new server every 2 years or so, refreshing them once Wrath has been out for a while, or moving them to Cata, but basically making each server its own circle of content, so that if somebody wants to do it all again on a different toon/class/faction, well, they can. The original profession system, defined and interdependent. Race and class specific quests. THE LIBERATION OF GNOMEREGAN!
  10. Interesting 48 hours. I can't say that I'm excited about this development, because like others I question the benefits for Crestfall in this arrangement at the expense of community identity. However I can't call it a deal breaker. I really like the people here compared to other wow servers I've played on, including retail, so I understand the collective anxiety about the impact on the culture here. The FAQ eases some concerns about design philosophy, dedication to quality, and players bouncing toons around from server to server and breaking their economies, among other things. Nost pulled me into the private server world because it released at the same time I started looking for a vanilla version of the game I could play because WoD had just about killed my fun, so I haven't been through the Feenix/Valkyrie/Wowscape/Molten wars. I will say that I've found Elysium to be an underwhelming experience, not just because of programming quality but because the aggressive gold spamming whispering me constantly just sours my mood. So that disease coming over to this side of the fence concerns me, and I hope everyone who operates in the quarentine proceedings has the appropriate levels of hazmat equipment and training. Crestfall has the chance to be the thing I've been looking for since I quit retail. Something I actually take vacation time from work to dive into like a nutball no-lifer for a couple weeks when it launches, and then dedicate a lot of my weekends to. I still think it can be that. But I confess that I find this turn of events troubling, partly based on Valkyrie's reputation, partly on my experience with Elysium, and partly because a decent chunk of people here that I could see myself wasting entirely too much time with seem awfully disenchanted. And if they do go, what voices take their place around here? You all dropped an identity crisis bomb on us, and not everyone is going to react well to that. I'm still here, but I'm not going to dismiss the concerns of those who choose to go.
  11. I played through Wings of Liberty twice, and then lost interest halfway through Heart of the Swarm
  12. I know but I could use a Blizz themed distraction that isn't at least ten years old. Never touched Diablo 3, more or less given up on retail wow, not big on FPS so Overwatch was never going to be my thing, found SCII hard to get into, Warcraft movie was a fail (glad I didn't pay to watch that dreck), etc. At any rate, thanks for the crossbow shot to my bubble Chuckles.
  13. I'd even be possibly be ok with something that was toned down in terms of overt violence as long as the story was decent. Cogent and coherent with interesting characters would be enough.
  14. But part of me would love to see a Warcraft animated series, something along the lines of what Pixar/Dreamworks stuff looks like these days. Then you could keep the look and feel of the universe without having to go full-metal Industrial Light and Magic. I'm not worried about animation quality if the same team that made the cinematics made it (just scaled up) and I'm sure they could find voiceover talent. The hard part would be convincing Metzen and co. to import professionals to turn their story outlines and characters into something a grown-up could watch without rationalizing it. There's plenty enough there to take the origin sketches/events of the RPGs supplemented with material from all the knock-off novels and manga and comics and assorted detritus and give the best of it a largely coherent serialized treatment. It would eliminate some of the structural restrictions of feature film and permit more focused vignettes within the broader universe of characters and events. They might even be able to get somebody like Netflix to distribute it, or they could make it available themselves on their own site and not have to worry about those costs. I just worry that they'd either bring in the wrong writing and editing team, or override them in all the wrong ways, and screw the whole thing up. Granted I was a teenager when I played Starcraft/WCIII, and those storylines weren't highbrow, but they were fun. I'm not asking for Game of Thrones or Middle Earth here. Anything above Michael Bay quality narration would probably make me happy. But I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Excuse me while I go get another drink and watch animated robot Orson Welles eat planets.
  15. Nah. I resisted when it came out because I didn't like the idea of the subscription fee, but I liked Warcraft III so much I eventually tried it out, in 2008. Never looked back.