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  1. Ha, I hope all the professions get this kind of love. Looking forward to your findings.
  2. Which is precisely why gnomes are the Master Race. Absurdity is everywhere, so I absorb myself in the less tragic sort and enjoy being Wile E Coyote.
  3. The Golden Lotus dailies almost made me quit the game for good, in terms of being grindy. They did result in a 1 year hiatus. WoD was the final straw. Throne of the Four Winds is one of my favorite raids. Short, fun fights, and absolutely beautiful visually.
  4. Chen Stormstout was the whole reason to keep playing WCIII towards the end of the campaigns, and I like Brewmaster Monks for exactly that reason. The folks I don't understand are the ones that bellyached about Blizz ripping off Kung Fu Panda. WCIII (and even Vanilla, remember the wandering turtle carcasses on Darkshore Beach?) came before that flick, so it amuses me that people gave Blizz a hard time for that of all things, when Pandaren are far less derivative than pretty much every other race and set of plotlines in the whole Warcraft universe.
  5. The only other boss I can think of that might make arcane resistance useful is Azuregos, but I've never actually fought him so I can't say that for sure
  6. Now now, everyone has a roll to play, even if we croissant see it in the moment.
  7. That just makes me think of Azshara Crater
  8. Barov Servant Bell. That and the box of puppies trinket made soloing Viscidus kinda fun.
  9. I didn't even start raiding until the first tier of Cata on retail. What's EPGP?
  10. @Xaverius 7/8 m8 Agree with most of what you said. Main thing I enjoyed in Cata was pvp, but then I was a mage, so I doubt everyone feels the same way.
  11. I know that pservers by nature are more volatile in this respect, but I don't have the same amount of goof off time that I used to, and every time I want to play these days (on the "practice" server) the dang server is down for one reason or another. I can deal with down time, as long as it's got some advanced notice or it doesn't always coincide with when I want to play
  12. MLA??? Must be an English paper. Nobody outside the liberal arts uses that format unless things have changed.