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  1. There's a few of us around. May eventually be enough for a couple guilds if the server is successful enough. Elysium's pve server has a couple oceanic guilds.
  2. Are you threatening me?
  3. Premade BGs with guildies, especially in Arathi or AV. We weren't hardcore but we could certainly handle any poor pug that went against us, and we always played defense in AV just for fun. Wiping the horde on Balinda was always worth a laugh, and we got angry if we lost a bunker before Drek went down. That and wearing people down with my disc priest buddy in 2s, and raiding in early Cata because it was my first real endgame pve. We wiped a lot in BWD, but it was fun, and so were the Zul'Agains
  4. Not a musician, but Adam West is dead. All hail 60s Batman:
  5. Australia. Hopefully I can find some folks with compatible play times on weekends.
  6. Or through sheer volume, like Elicas.
  7. PR on Reddit was one of those circles of Hell so awful Dante left it out
  8. Cata was my favorite xpac for pvp, my guild had tons of fun with rated battlegrounds. MoP was surprisingly ok storywise, given what has come before and since lately. I gave up with WoD, pvp had lost its shine and the pve got straight up boring.
  9. Chris Cornell dead at 52. Let's just make this a tribute thread for favorite artists that have passed on. There's been plenty of them lately. This video is crap and the song's a bit cheeseball, but it's a favorite to sing along to: And an old classic for good measure:
  10. I'm a dirty casual so raid tuning won't be a big concern of mine until a ways into the launch, but I actually like the framework that Darkrasp has laid out for raid tuning. I'm ok with a little more of that margin for error than the hardcore folks will want, but I also like the idea of say, resistance or execution being important. Those things should matter more than they currently do. I also enjoyed imba's post about the complicated nature of tuning itself. Slapdash tuning is far worse than no buffs at all, and there's a lot of variables at play in any given fight or raid.
  11. Right, well, carry on then