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  1. Watch your tone with me, boy.You may be friends with the owner, but i am still your superior as a developer As if i could forget.Listen, Uther, there is something about the code you should know.Oh no.It's too late.These code lines have all been mangosed.They may look fine now, but it's only a matter of time before the hype dies. What? This entire code must be rewritten. How can you even consider that?There has to be some other way Damn it, Uther as your future co-owner,i order you to rewrite this code. You are not my Co-owner yet, boy.Nor would i obey that command if you were! Then i must consider this an act of Corecraft. Corecraft?Have you lost your mind, Arthas? Have i?Developer Uther by my right of succession and sovereignty of my Co-ownership i hereby relieve you from your command and suspend your developers from coding. Arthas you can't just... It's done!Those of you who have the will to rewrite the code, follow me. The rest of you... get out of my sight. You just crossed an unprofitable line, Arthas. Jaina? I'm sorry, Arthas.I can't watch you code this.
  2. Hey!Late to the party but i'll post it anyways.I am a 14 yo gamer that found out about WOW when i was 8 and was hooked to it.When i hit 12 i understood english really well i found out about private servers and started playing on one(dalaranwow).After my time there i found out about Crestfall and have been lurking here since July already. The people here are fucking amazing and i am glad i found out about this project.
  3. Thanks i guess You are a really cool dude too Val
  4. Hello guys!Today i wanted to play a ''game'' called show your desktop (duh). Rules are simple Post your desktop picture Rate the desktop above you and post your own So here is my desktop.
  5. Rocket league/Overwatch/NBA2K17/Dead by Daylight for me
  6. I hope you have a great time here pal.
  7. Cool video but why are you wearing a hat with headphones?
  8. This is beautiful.Laughed my ass off thanks for that
  9. Hello!Today wanted to present you a new way to listen to music together. There is a site called Plug.dj.It is another way to communicate with Crestfall community and find some great new music.Plug.dj is easy to use you just have to register set up your playlist and you are good to go.People might say ''Oh but we already have a musicbot why we would need that site'' The musicbot we have isn't any good the bot dosen't work from time to time and when i have used the bot myself all i heard is songs like ''FROZEN HARDBASS REMIX'' and other type of songs that don't fit it ''enjoyable music category''.Using plug.dj you create your playlist and go into any room that fits your style of music and go in the queue and when it is your turn you will play the song from your playlist.In plug.dj you can prevent any trolls or just stupid/long/offensive songs by granting someone moderator rights.They will be able to ban people and skip songs. Good points of using Plug.dj It is easy to tinker with you can set up commands/infoBOTS anything you want. Easy to use. Little visual rewards and bonuses using plug.dj Bad points of Plug.dj Can lag if the site experiences a heavy load. Needs people to be good/dependant on people using it. If people are really intrested in this sorta thing we could create a plug.dj room under Crestfalls name.
  10. No reason for Goldberg to win.I think we will see Nakamura or KO aganist Brock in the future and they will be who will win aganist Brock
  11. I hope this is a pathetic attempt at trolling....
  12. Brālis euroleague or NBA?
  13. CHO CHOOO!Get your ass in the train our next destination is crestfall closed beta!Welcome pal
  14. Spurs got intrest in them this year one of the reasons is Davis Bertans.Latvian and well i am Latvian too Family friend when i am up at night i usually watch spurs games (Me and LA have too big of a time difference) hoping for the best for both teams . Better be a fan of multiple teams so dissapointment chances at the end of the season are minimal
  15. What would be?A pally a mage maybe a priest?Would you try to save the world or would you wanna rule it?With the globe in your control use it but don't abuse it.I would be a druid shifting shapes would be surreal give the kids a scare i'd be a bear or a retarded Seal!For real though i am curious what would you be?