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  1. Just a quick thanks for Shagu Quest. Aside from telling where new quests are, I prefer it over Questie.
  2. Welp, there goes signing up for closed beta.
  3. Does this have some sort of GCD indicator? Sincerly, A leveling priest who doesn't like to spam smite after using SW:P
  4. ... do you think that there might be some PvP roleplayers that will act like an army from WC3? How would you react to seeing groups of 12 people in a rectangular formation march across the landscape?
  5. Horde, because the undead feel like they represent (for lack of a better word) one of my favorite songs the most.
  6. I grew up on the WC3 world editor. And YTPs. I was a strange child.
  7. I'm seeking to join this guild. Where can I sign up?
  8. Greetings from another person in the pacific nw!
  9. Hello! Just some guy saying hello to everybody. I also have a quick question. What will be the most proc-based class in this server? I had a grand time leveling an Outlaw rouge in retail and would like a similar experience here. Thanks in advance!