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  1. Yes its an mpq as well, tho it handles only a single file that handles light effects, shading etc.
  2. Brilliant!!
  3. Yeah mate, my bad i can say i thought it differently like having all specs in one place since most tend to turn to restoration at level 60. Anyway im going to add it as an extra guide even if im not as good to create guides
  4. At early 60 without having any high end dungeon gear it is good to go pure resto 5/0/46, this would be the preferable build for 5man/10man instances, with a better possibility to defuse emergency situations with Swiftmend, and Subtlety will increase your chances of survival significantly. 24/0/27 Now this is the build for advanced raiders with some better gear, i would recommend having +325 healing rate, since critical becomes very valuable with it. It takes away Swiftmend and Subtlety, but gives 9% less mana cost and 0,5s cast time reduce after a spell critical. Subtlety should really not be necessary in 20/40man raids anymore and Swiftmend is worth losing for increased mana efficiency and faster casting speeds from time to time. Nature's Focus and Improved Rejuvenation are no vital talents for raiding, since Healing Touch will be your main spell and you should not take damage very often that disrupts your casts. The Talents I chose to put into Balance before Nature's Grace & Moonglow are not necessarily to be copied (except for Improved Thorns maybe).
  5. What if you make achievs in the begging be on out web interface profile. From there we can check what we done and what we miss. Also since its classic you can strip it down from what doesnt presented and keep only the classic specific. Not sure if it can be done easier as a web service to the player rather try to implement it to the client it self.
  6. I see, thanks for those small information, i was suspicious that the lamppost of stormwind should be embedded on the main wmo to be honest. For the fences i had a weird behavior when i tried to change them so i call it for a later test and check.
  7. I see, i haven't messed much with .wmo's and adt's yet and my changes didn't include any map editing at all. But since i tried to made some changes in fences i found out that i couldn't replace since the belong to that map. Another example is the Stormwind light posts aren't replaced with new ones. Seems those inside the city belong to Stormwind map and aren't a separate model. My changes are mostly creature made, spells and general things that can be change without affecting game in bad terms. I quit trying change things in world since they require to map edit and make the changes. Unfortunately vanilla modding doesn't have much information in the side of modding as WotLK i.e has, as also add that aren't tools that support classic version since generally the modding community started to exist and mod wow at late TBC and hit pick with WotLK.
  8. As far as i can tell till now, you cant replace doors or things like that since it requires to edit completely the map of the specific dungeon, those things are embedded on the whole map and trying to modify the map will end up banned since warden will detect differences. Models swapping doesn't affect much again since you have to expect that you do that for your eye pleasure and only, since in the server side things are same. So in case you model swap a gnome with a troll you believe that can hit him when actually you perform same actions and you dont get benefit. Hitbox for players remains same since if you want changes that will affect heavily a model you have then to edit it and make the changes. In other words what ever change you made in a model it affects your side not the both. Im aware these as far as i know from my project found here, some you might already know it, and in case you dont have a kronos account original thread here. That is the knowledge i have since im not a professional model editor for living, if anyone has far more knowledge in server side things and heavy model editing he can give us a far more detailed report and correct me.
  9. Same too, i would love to check things online.
  10. You can check on excalibur DB for items, yes Wiki has items altered due to the changes. Robe of the Moccasin
  11. Old ironforge is been implemented by a guy that i know for 3.3.5a. Tho its totally alpha version and he hasn't release anything. It can be done tho it requires a lot of editing and testing, then pass the "map" file to the server side and done.
  12. Hard Poser style is what i like !!!! What is next Whitesnake ??
  13. Wow didnt expect to see more bookworms here. Since modern age is about "Ebook" i specially love the feeling and smell of a book specially those been kinda old. Call me weirdo I like SciFi books and specially had love with warcraft novels. I have in small collection of all Warcraft trilogy up to arthas and i can say i loved them, the Elric of melnibone books, Corum Jhaelen Irsei trilogies, Dragonlance trilogies up to Twins trilogy (didnt like it much afterwards, turned like a wet tears and lovecraft to me ) I have started recently to read the Game of Thrones tho im still in B1, bloody 997 pages aren't so easy. Of course everyone will have in his collection Lotr books, i can say the only one haven't finished for so many years now its the bloody Silmarillion, i always drop around the time when Sauron makes his first move, somewhere in the middle of the book if remember correct. I have read also many book borrowed from friends involving much of Forgotten Realms fantasy and Dragonlance. Of course im huge fan of Drizzt do'urden first trilogy.
  14. I want to say that we stuck in a word or term with the meaning how it was or supposedly be, but we dont look if this can be "fixed" somehow and prevent some things happening. In case of Dire-Maul of soloing anyone can argue and be right at the same time but creating somethings that will normalize the situation when the blizzard back then didn't even act, well i dont see it so game breaking. There are many issues fixed with BC and many more with WotLK, talking for exploits or bugs that back then blizzard gave them a non-critical status until they finally fixed them but in a private server lifespan will be critical, since pop is lower and somewhat always the same people. that might abuse or get advantage of such things. Of course this is my point of view. dont know if anyone agree.
  15. Hey lads, im working on a project for quite a time. Two weeks ago i lost a guy due to RL things. Im asking if anyone has a good photoshop knowledge, not like mine that is in basic use only, to help me with my project. You can have a preview here and here. What i need is help with some model re skinning. All credits to what is made will go to the creator. I cant recreate another, although i would love too, but its already hard to try update different websites. If anyone is interested to help me pm here or message me. Thanks in advance Zero out!