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  1. As @Outstanding said, Coolmodi is one of our "super useful" people. He's been doing stuff for us with Bloo and Crogge for sometime behind the scenes. He's taking care of some stuff for Crogge and I.
  2. My problem is the fact they'll be able to link you to your habits and preferences if they want to. "Well, based on his Facebook and Gmail, he's John Smith from Chicago. His history shows he likes lesbian porn, cartoon porn, and listens to mostly rock. He plays League of Legends and Eve. He seems to look at these 3 Facebook profiles often, and seems to have a difference of opinion of us when it comes to Politics. How do we use this information?" It becomes a slippery slope on how much they start snooping and how much they can control. It's already known places like Facebook and Reddit are biased to specific sides on issues. Imagine if they could link your Reddit history to your real identity as well. Ever spent time on a site like 4chan? Now they know every thread you've ever looked at. It's been seen at Facebook where they advertised specifically based on political liking. You don't think this type of stuff could go farther? Data is a weapon, whether people want to believe it or not. Allowing people to purchase and use it as they see fit is definitely a problem, even if you have nothing to hide, people can use the data for one purpose or another.
  3. I've spoken with @namreeb, as well as looked at code. While I see the concept of attempting malicious activity with similar ideas, I don't see an actual issue with nampower. If we do find it as a cause for issue down the road, it will be restricted, but until then, I don't have a problem with it personally. I will close this to prevent any arguments.
  4. Crogge and I have been in emulation for 10 years. We know what can happen, so we're straight forward with how things are. I don't think that's a bad thing. That's part of our transparency. Other projects will shut down last minute, or disappear entirely. We want everything on the table from day 1 so should the time ever come, people are prepared for it instead of shocked about a random shutdown.
  5. First - Yes of course. All finished quests are logged. There is some stuff we need to look at (What quests don't count as some do not), but most will as they have on retail. Secondly - I plan to add basic tracking before vanilla goes full launch, so we can track some data (For example, killing original Onyxia, Quintessence achievement, etc). That way we have all initial data when wotlk would launch.
  6. Regardless of client or location, people will all be in the same channels together, however, English will be mandatory in public channels (Trade, Zone, LFG, etc).
  7. First part of clip - Might Rage Potion (+45 to 75 rage, +60 str for 20 sec) Death Wish (20% damage increase for 30 sec, 3 min CD) Kiss of the Spider (20% attack speed for 15 sec) You can see when he changes clip (patch at 20%), he's at around 1k sustained dps (not 1500 because it was burst) Now, to pop himself back up (Check Auras for first two, since he had just used them at clip swap) Death Wish (20% damage increase for 30 sec) Might Rage Potion (+45 to 75 rage, +60 str for 20 sec) Recklessness (15 sec of almost all crits) Spam Execute (Since patchwerk is under 20%) It's not complicated to see how he hit that via BURST, but he didn't sustain it.
  8. First and foremost, I would first like to welcome newcomers who have joined us this past weekend. We know the past few days have been a bit hectic for the scene. Hopefully over the course of the next few weeks everything will return to it's normal state. Last week on Discord, we said we were preparing an announcement based on the results of what might occur this past weekend, and now that the dust has settled, we here at Crestfall are ready to make our announcement. Crestfall Gaming's vanilla Closed Beta will begin on December 26th, 2016. This date was decided on due to a majority of the staff being available due to Christmas/New Year holidays, allowing us to smooth out any issues that may occur when closed beta begins. While we could prepare the closed beta by an earlier date, it would be a shame to rush something we promised we'd do correctly. This time frame provides us with enough time prior to the beta starting that we don't need to worry about breaking our promise, as well as giving a month or so for volunteers to start working with our scripting engine. After Closed Beta begins, we will slowly start allowing more people in weekly until we move into open beta, where everyone can join in and help test. We have no estimated time on how long closed beta itself will last, but it will definitely not last as long as our alpha did. We will also be providing our progress page shortly, but instead of it being progress from phase to phase, it will be a progress report for launch itself. We look forward to having more people join us as we push into beta and continue our work. At the beginning of December, the beta sign-up page will be launched and information on invite waves as well as actual testing progression will be announced. We look forward to everyone joining us on Azeroth. Crestfall Team
  9. Actually, most values are based on old ones with slight tweaks. The problem is instead of basing off off stuff like Wowhead is like basing your English homework on some work from someone who can't speak the language. It's better for us to look at different places. You also don't see Darkrasp's second monitor where he has discord, more chrome open, sqlyog/heidisql open, and more. It's not all just "Here's a random value, throw it in", it's a "This seems somewhat accurate, and we'll see what players say". We'd rather have lower values than higher values. It's like content. Start with slightly overtuned and nerf it based on that. With us, it's lower values, and up it based on feedback/new information. tl;dr: He bases it off some of our old data, plush research, and he would rather make something harder to obtain when entirely unsure about it. Prevents issues this way.
  10. You've got Gary "Don't offend people who broke laws to get here", "Bake the cake", and "I'm too high to do this seriously" Johnson with his VP Bill "Going to promote Clinton as much as I can" Weld, and Jill "Wifi is bad for us" Stein. Basically, third party is a joke this year, and there's no way I'd vote for Clinton (I wouldn't have voted for Sanders either. I like the money I work to earn, and I still enjoy my rights). +1 God Emperor Trump.
  11. I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure this is client side. It does not occur on any TBC+ server (ours included), but it does on every vanilla.
  12. Roadblock gets it. We're not looking to buff the content in some awkward way. We're adjusting/compensating for the 1.12 talents/spells/etc. We're fixing known exploits Blizzard didn't take time to, and that's about it. We're not going to start changing entire mechanics of the game.
  13. Darkrasp tends to be anal about some of the stuff, this included. He had charts and what not all setup for me so all I had to do verify and write the code.
  14. We had it fixed over a year ago. http://pastebin.com/YiGSVVMK