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  1. Hi and welcome to 'la familia'
  2. Welcome nice nice... wait what !? did he just say that everyone who does not speak french doesnt behave good ? honestly never liked french talking people
  3. Welcome ? May i ask where are you from and how old ? So we can put you in a box
  4. I think its a good idea to spend some time vote talk about it and so on but compared to what the server is aiming for ( 5k~) having 150 people balanced is nice but wont say much about what it really will be we could ent up having a 90/10 ratio
  5. I think he will go undead rogue like last time Im not quite sure yet. what to pick
  6. Willkommen and hello oldschool dude from germany leveling together ? sounds legit. creating a German Guild ? ooohhh we are totally going to do this ! u'll PvP or PvE ?
  7. german

    fuuuu i said praise me all hail me !
  8. join in

    Uh wait wait got another one... Its high noon.....DRAW ! Oh wrong game I would like to share some quotes not directly from WoW but connected to it, its from the german singer/songwriter/gamer jan hegenberg he makes some awesome music altought you might not understand it but even the sound is great his maybe most famous title is called " die horde rennt" and is basicly " the horde is running" in some places back in time he was called "the robi williams of gaming " but what i reffer to is a bit more epic song its called "Auf in die Schlacht" and is super epic basicly every 10sec i get a chill while hearing this. Dont seem to find any translations of this song sorry .
  9. german

    Okay enough with that. Cant believe that my "hello topic" would run that wild. Lets get back to the core this topic is not about politics. Its about ME im the star in here all praise me
  10. Unbelieveable noone called out for one of the most annoying lvl 55 2h sword which is super annoying to farm ( if you habe no luck ) combine Jang and Sang to create Sul'thraze the Lasher!
  11. Nice game collection :)

    1. Scharos


      Its my oldschool love of all time 

      Those games made me fall in love with gaming 


  12. welcome into this little crazy town called Crestfall you started really really young with Everquest so i can assume ur now around 25~30 ? ^^
  13. german

    No i mean without boost i feel like its way to easy even without heirlooms I miss the hole " the way is the goal"nowdays people play to hit endcontent and farm raids back then it was to have fun and even leveling was pure fun
  14. Based on the "whats your favorite weapon" post already ongoing Starting now: best quotes or your fav. Quotes of all time My favorite of all time is definitly and will be forever the one we made fun of for like 3months is only really funny in german, Its from the kobolds for example those in the mines in elwynn forest they say: You dont take candle! ( in english it sounds very normal ) But in german they say "du nicht nehmen kerze!" The funny thing is that the grammar in this one is totally broken and the voice actor makes it sound perfectly like some refugee who dont know german at all. Actually you would say "du nimmst nicht die kerze" I know its not quite as funny for you as for me i will never forget that one and cheer it for the rest of my life Those things im looking for Those quotes you love and never get out of your head Those quotes which makes you always grin whenever you hear them
  15. 2rabbits sittin in front of Stormwind, A paladin apears, looks at them uses bubble hearthstone. One rabbit looks questioned to the other, while the other says, look he learned from last time we met.