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  1. They had many great brawls during Legion. Also including an "Southshore vs Tarrens Mill"-Battle. Or Warsong with 3 Flags. Or snowy AB where you couldnt see further than like 20 meters. Some were really really funny.
  2. If you are a meele you might want to group with a ranged to Tag mobs easier.
  3. The server is in closed beta at the moment. Devs say release is still in 2017.
  4. MoP is by far my favourite expansion. I loved the raids , ToT is one of the best raids ever for me. I loved challenge modes. I loved the first PvP Season with the initial PvP-Power system. I loved timeless isle world PvP. I can't understand anyone not liking it 🤗 Edit: I also really enjoyed the first days of brawlers guild (really cool solo challenge)
  5. Levelling as a group is only useful if you manage to pull/kill a lot faster than while being solo. 2man group on release works pretty solid but anything above that will just slow you down. the starting zones will be so populated on release that you wouldn't be able to pull so much mobs that it would justify bigger groups. Race might also be an important factor. F.e. Being in a group in teldrasil/Mulgore is more viable than being in elwynn/durotar.
  6. Hi, the hot (and dot) mechanic only cares for ranks. It doesnt matter how much addheal you have, if there is druid using rank 10 and you use rank 9 he will allways overwrite you if you have an existing hot on the target. And you will get that said message if he has a rank 10 on the target while you try to cast rank 9.
  7. Enchanting can be very profitable. You should combine it with Tailoring and do cloth-shuffle. Buy Cloth -> Tailor green stuff -> DE -> Sell EnchMats Getting money from ench via tips is completly random and requires you to have rare formulas.
  8. Passive Health regen should only be effected by combat. It is possible to leave combat while having a dot on yourself.
  9. Hi, in the FAQ it sais: Q. Are you going to have progressive content releases, ie. will Maraudon and Dire Maul be closed at launch? A. We are not going to follow the exact Blizzard patch schedule. Instead we are going for a hybrid system, rolling back or withholding some content in order to recreate the general experience without too much work, since our team is limited in size. We are going to be phasing items roughly in two sections, "Pre-1.9" and "Post-1.9", where items that were added to the game or changed after the 1.9 patch will all be added/updated at approximately the time of the AQ launch. We intend to launch with Onyxia, Ragnaros and Maraudon active, but the Dire Maul release will be delayed until some time later. The exact release schedule is still being determined internally. So i guess Items at release will have stats like in patch 1.9. The big item upgrade was in 1.10 IIRC. So there should be no turban at release.
  10. Thanks for your effort and dedication! @Xaverius @Gorbulas
  11. I think a paladin is very versatile and can fit to any partner. i wouldn't recommend another paladin or a priest as they don't bring so much dps. I think best would be a warlock or rogue.
  12. Its Vanilla that will transition into TBC after Vanilla progress is over. Its likely to release in 2017. (Current plans of the devs). There is no ETA for TBC transition atm.
  13. I kinda see that problem as CF is a progressive server it might be important to people on how the class/specc will turn out in BC. Yet its still in the stars when TBC will really hit CF (or if it does at all?! ... I mean thats still a lot of work to do) What would you like to see ? Should I add another attribute to each specc which gives info on how the specc will be in TBC or would it be better to start a new Thread ?
  14. Yeah, thats true. This is misleading as leveling a warrior is really a pain in the ass compared to most other classes. I'll get this fiexd somehow. Thanks for the feedback !+1 EDIT: At first I thought id write a little text to it, but after I finished I prefered to keep it clean so I just changed it to "medium". You think that this fits better ?
  15. Leveling in a tank or heal specc is slower. So most people will unlikley ever do so. Yet neither do I believe that a tank or heal spec would be required to tank or heal a leveling dungeon. A warrior can easily tank in arms/fury specc. So I think the reason is not about the spec but more about enjoying the gameplay. Most people enjoy putting out big crits and smash an oponents face (regardless of if he does it with a weapon or seplls). Warrior Tank gameplay is pretty dull (personal opinion) and neither to they have anything to strive for. While a DPS can push for bigger dps on the next raid/dungeon they tank cant really improve. If he didnt die last time their is not really anything he good do better. Same for a healer. Still some people like that type of gameplay and those will play tank/heal. Yet it has shown that there are a lot more people enjoying to play dps compared to heal/tank. BTW watching "omg zomg olololol crit videos" on YouTube just makes most people want to play that class. And I've seen only very few good/entertaining tank or heal footage while there are tons of great DPS videos (PvP and PvE)