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  1. Dix out 4 Asura ! <3 CF
  2. No offense man , stick with the server fottage. Just beeing constructive critic. no Show off at the beginning. Explanation while the mechanics beeing Shown was Nice. Cut out the rest entirely. its ok you have fun with this , But the Internet is a harsh and direct Place. disslikes should tell you That you rather Harm the server. Take the Vid off, edit it , and im sure you get more upvotes Edit: and thank the gods no one Posted it on reddit wowservers. This would be total meltdown
  3. This does more Harm than Good. im Not a social doc, But this ATTENTION CRESTFALL ALPHA and then mostly showing yourself... no offense man But i instantly disslike you + That shines off to CF ... I wouldnt have allowed That. Title is highly missleading and Reminds me of facebook adds Btw look at the disslike rate
  4. 5000 reached !
  5. Just for the lolz, and possible outcry cause i nearly Rape my New GPU . A Picture of my way too big 1070 and my way too Small Tower :-D . Asus Strix 1070 , can rly recommend it. Quiet and Pulls 60 fps in Ark at max settings at 1080p. Working for a Dealer so i got it sub 400 € :-D
  6. Best Part / Punchline in my opinion is that Allen Brack has its Name under the update . The "you think you Do But you dont" guy. Such Lack of PR Empathy. Maybe its about Sending a message. Its too dumb Not to Laugh about it
  7. Tooth Problem solved? Hope your better now. Much strength for the next Days, i always had Problems with eating After dental Operations
  8. Hmm how longs it gonna take from Release to end of wotlk? Got a feeling we Talk about Stuff +2 years or more away
  9. Sounds Like you would have enough Tools to built whole new Quest Areas . I know you cant make terrain changes (can u ?) but there would be ennough empty spaces that are gated off, that could be well, a special "crestfall Zone / Raid" like Hyjal or Kharazan Dungeon.... on the other hand, wacky Idea dont do it ! ... Still would be funny to find all Staff Members as Ghuls in Kharazan Graveyard "Something's messed up with my jaw and I'm in a tremendous amount of pain." - Sounds Tooth-related ... get well soon ! Pain there is my worst Nemesis too.
  10. Good point... already lost arround 50h of Playtime on Nost
  11. i am not so strict on that when it comes on release dates if its not years or half years. Its not like nearly everyone in software developement does it. On the other hand, totally understandable not to like it. Still thinking it doesnt indicate that they wont release like CC. As stated just opinion , not more
  12. Sure it works that Way ? I should pm him more often :-3
  13. I understand that, but hey, who doesnt in that scene... saying nah we dont know it and dont wanna guess if we are not correct. Guess that would kill em from the start cause noone would be there @ release right ?
  14. Yeah Devair, thats actually a good Plan, but with all things that are rather, how do i put it, are not there yet, we can only guess whats best. But your way would be mine too actually. Maybe its my "where is my vanilla WoW i need my fix" addiction kickin in
  15. regarding Nost, if there are no Legacy Servers from Blizz, i doubt they rly reopen. Stuff like obeying C&D and not releasing their stuff + kinda a vague statement leaves doubts for me there. Regarding failed Deadlines and End of Summer, hope none of you guys is awaiting Final Fantasy 15, got pushed back like 2 times now and they still post this silly "xx days to go" countdown the third time. If Crestfall releases like 1-2 months late they would be still quite good compared with normal Software Industry . This is just months, not years. Guess we can trust their words by looking at the weekly updates. Also Asura hasnt gone missing. He even postet in this Thread and , i guess, is busy doing stuff. All we want is a quality wow Server ... we all know thats not an easy task. Why is another Month or two important? It's not years nor half years. Stand together for our dream. Participate in the Beta and help with fixing and reporting bugs. Im sure the Devs will fix em in light speed. Edit: Ask yourself, could u estimate how long this would take as a lead def, doin stuff like clustering and a rewritten core ? My guess would have been way off than some months