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  1. I'm nothing more than a lurker when it comes to the CF community. And there is nothing that I can say with lots of meaning that hasn't already been said. So...let's see here... Since we are likely to not get a 2017 release anyway (no hate, take your time, just stating what I believe to be the most likely outcome), this isn't affecting me as much as it might others. When you work on a project for this long, there is bound to be changes like this. I mean, just look at actual games who have gone through 'Development Hell'. It's hard! I guess this is why we are so often warned against hype. (...I hope none of you people that are leaving in a rage at this are pre-orderers.) It's no use trying to judge Crestfall so harshly before it's even out to the public. Even if it is hosted on a 'shady' server, many good games have been birthed from otherwise deplorable companies. That's the way of corporations. Not that I would consider the private server community a corporation by any means, but I believe the core point is still applicable here. Be patient and see what comes of it. If it's crap, then it's crap, and that's disappointing. That doesn't mean it wouldn't have already been crap even without the merge with Elysium. And there is always a chance it might be good. Also, I'd much rather this than CF being shut down by Blizz. Better to have one chance than none at all, even if that chance means merging with a server that not many people like. The truth is the CF team never owed you anything. It is, regrettably, a hard pill to swallow, especially for those who put their time and effort into making the community what it is today. But it is the truth.
  2. I'm a little confused why people are concerned about bank alts in this scenario. Wouldn't you still be logging onto those alts at least once a month, if not more, if you were an active player? I don't know, I've never bothered with bank alts before so I might be missing something. But it doesn't seem like they would get deleted (if you are active). Anyway, personally, I am neutral on the subject. 'Sly' is definitely a name that will probably be taken hostage by the time I sign up, as it's a pretty cool & simple name IMO, but I'll be just as happy coming up with something a bit more 'creative'...plus it probably fits a rogue more than a priest (which is what I intend to play lol). While it is a little annoying that, yeah, maybe whoever takes it will just let it sit there instead of putting it to any use - I typically have quite a few screen names that I bounce between so I never have this problem of getting too attached to a name where I get super mad if it's not available. I can see where the problem would be if you are one of those users that have stuck with a certain name for years. In which case, I'm okay with the inactive characters below 15 and/or inactive accounts with low level characters getting deleted. I'll level past that with any character I like enough.
  3. The signup worked perfectly for me, Bloo! Good luck to everyone accepted! Get out there and find those bugs. And of course, thank you to the Crestfall team for putting in all the hard work required to make it this far.
  4. I don't normally listen to these sorta songs (v...vocaloid? Is that what this is? Listen I've watched anime but that's about it) but even I have to admit this one is too catchy to pass up.
  5. I am definitely seeing faster loading times. Thanks Crogge!
  6. Welcome! I wish you luck on your journey, and well, if you do end up settling here, you'll always have a free invite to my friends list when the server launches. Have fun!
  7. Nice job with these! I can't even pick a favorite. Though I do agree with JonDoh. Resizing to 100x100 without coming off as cluttered (give or take a few pixels for different sites) is really difficult, but so is building from scratch working on a 100x100 template. It's a toss up.
  8. I'm 17, and my birthday's in March...send help. I'm not ready to adult. (but really is anyone at this age?) Looks like a lot of you are on the older side compared to me. I'll try to treat my elders with respect but no promises. ?
  9. I'm really torn on what kind of guild I want to join. I've always had commitment issues with everything (poor time management skills) so a hardcore guild that requires constant attendance might not be the best. But I also love to be able to say I've done everything 100%, so maybe a casual guild isn't that good either...I consider myself a decent player if only because I've been playing games for so long and not really out of any actual talent. I really hope someone comes up with something that's just in the middle - people that necessarily won't accept crappy players to have raid spots, but aren't going to go all out min/max either. If I have to choose between two extremes though, I'll probably go with the casuals just so I won't be getting a reputation as 'that one guy who never shows' in top guilds, lol. If you're gonna lead something like that and want a dwarf priest, pls. Hmu when the server launches.
  10. Like a few other people in this thread, Crestfall will likely be my first experience as a healer. I'm personally excited for it, especially when I see you guys singing the praises. I know what you guys said about Fear Ward not being required but I can't resist rollin' that dwarf priest, man. Throwing holy heals while drinking ale. What an amazing race/class combo.
  11. The hype is indeed real. I've personally stopped playing MMOs until Crestfall comes out, so that even though the wait will be more difficult, it'll be way more exciting to sign in for the first time~ But the doubt.jpeg that I'll get into closed beta is also real. ;P Everyone who gets in, have fun for me while I wait for open beta~
  12. This one made me laugh. Also, relatable. +1 Skimmed through this thread and I don't think I saw anyone mentioning this, probably because most people don't care much for the lore / RP / atmosphere(?) aspect of WoW I think. The reason I actually prefer PVE servers for WPVP is because of the flag system - despite the fact that it's an MMO mechanic at heart, it still seems to fit more into the world and the Alliance vs Horde conflict. Horde and Alliance have worked together on numerous occasions, and RP-wise™ whenever you see the other faction it's not a guarantee that you immediately want to stab them. Usually you might want to avoid skirmishes like that and live another day, or maybe you even would rather help them out since you're not meeting them on a battlefield. I like having the choice, instead of being like "oh great, a Horde/Ally. time to Prepare for Battle" automatically. If you're feeling friendly, you can do a /wave and be on your merry way. If you're feeling bloodthirsty, you can flag and try to taunt them into fighting you if they're not flagged themselves. I mean, obviously this is also possible on a PVP server, but I'm guessing it doesn't happen nearly as often as it would on PVE. I understand why people prefer PVP though. And I honestly might try it out myself just to see what it's like. It does sound more dangerous, which can at times, bring more fun and life into the game.
  13. I personally have no idea. All I know is I'm likely going to be PvE Alliance for my first character. I think I've narrowed it down to four...druid, paladin, warrior, or rogue. Maybe druid so I can live out the #ultimatenostalgia for vanilla, since my first character was a NE druid. I wouldn't mind going Resto, though I will certainly miss the heck out of ToL 'till TBC drops since the main reason I ever play druid is for the shapeshifting aspect, so having it missing for an entire spec stinks.
  14. Digging that picture. But yeah, I had been wondering if that was just me. Get well soon, servers. #pray4crestfall