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  1. ---Triface's Guide to Threat and Tanking in Vanilla--- **Disclaimer: This guide was not written by me. I've only done some formatting. All credit goes to the Reddit user Triface for writing this guide! You can find his original comment here. I'm submitting it to the Crestfall Forums for the sake of posterity.** Defensive Stance The stance you are in affects how much threat you deal: Battle Stance and Berserker Stance both give your threat a x0.8 multiplier, meaning that if you do something that causes 100 raw threat it will only cause 80 threat in these stances. Defensive Stance on the other hand has a x1.3 multiplier, so that 100 threat is now 130. While there are some benefits to using the other stances, they are usually specific to only a few situations and to some more advanced techniques which you would mainly need when raiding. In general you want to ignore the other stances as they will only complicate things for little benefit (the main exception to this rule is using Mocking Blow which I will go into a bit more detail about later). The Pull As a tank you should always be the one to pull, the reasons for this are twofold: The mobs attack you first which makes them easy to group together and the damage that they do will be giving you rage right away. In order to pull aggro from someone you need to cause 10-30% (10% in melee, 30% ranged) more threat than the person at the top of the mob's hate list. If you are the first to pull then you are instantly at the top of the hate list and everyone else needs to do at least 10% more threat than you to gain aggro. It's always best to pull with your ranged weapon if possible, this way you can always pull to a safe position and minimise the risk of other packs of mobs getting aggroed by accident. After pulling, the first thing you want to do is to activate Bloodrage - gaining rage causes threat at a rate of 5 threat per 1 rage so you are instantly putting out threat before the mobs have even reached you and you have some rage to start using your skills right away. Rotations So you have pulled the pack of mobs and activated Bloodrage. Nine times out of ten the next step is to Shield Block - this means that you will almost certainly block the first hit which will enable you to use your most powerful threat-generating ability: Revenge. Revenge is both the most efficient threat ability that you have (even including the cost of Shield Block) and the highest threat-generating ability in your arsenal outside of Shield Slam. You should use Revenge on the main target on cooldown, using Shield Block to proc it when necessary. Next is Sunder Armor: this is your bread and butter threat spam skill. You generally want to put one or two Sunder Armor on the main target after Revenge just to put you ahead of the DPS. Heroic Strike shouldn't be used at all unless you are generating rage faster than you are able to spend it with Sunder Armor, which won't be often in 5-mans. At this point, you need to start thinking about generating threat on the adds. Contrary to popular belief, Thunderclap is actually a poor choice for AoE threat in vanilla; Battle Shout is almost always the better option. In vanilla, Battle Shout does 55 threat per person buffed (so 275 threat in a 5-man party) split between all the mobs which can be compared to the 130 split threat plus the damage caused per mob with Thunderclap. When you add in the multipliers for being in Battle Stance (x0.8 threat) or Defensive Stance (x1.3 threat) that changes to 375 threat total for Battle Shout vs. 104 + (damage x0.8) threat for Thunderclap. Another thing to take into consideration is that Thunderclap costs 20 rage compared to Battle Shout's 10 rage, meaning that you can get two shouts to one clap. In addition to this, since Battle Shout is a buff it causes no damage so it doesn't break CC and has full threat at any range from the mobs since it is affecting your allies rather than the mobs directly, while Thunderclap's damage can break CC and only causes threat to the mobs hit by the skill. A Battle Shout or two will build up some initial threat on all mobs, giving you some time to start cycling through the adds; solidifying your threat with Sunder Armor. Your average rotation will look something like this: Pull ---> Bloodrage ---> Shield Block ---> Revenge main target ---> Sunder Armor main target x1-2 ---> Battle Shout x1-2 ---> Sunder Armor adds one at a time, switching to Revenge main target whenever it's up, with extra Sunder Armor on the main target as needed. There will be deviations depending on the situation of course; for example if you need to gather up caster mobs with Shield Bash, but this is the general order you want to go with. Managing Your Group The hardest part of tanking is generally trying to stop your group from doing stupid shit . From the high damage DPS with no concept of threat management or crowd control mechanics to the healers who think that they need to keep everyone at 100% at all times, no matter how well you play you will lose aggro to these people and it will always be your fault. Always. Taunt is your go-to skill for these situations: it works by giving you threat equal to the highest person on the monster's hate list (so if you have aggro already it does nothing in that regard) and forces the monster to attack you for a time. During that time you need to build your threat up quickly so that the mob doesn't just switch back after the Taunt ends. The temptation is to Taunt as soon as you lose aggro but say a DPS gets aggro, takes some hits and you taunt it back, then your healer throws a big heal on the DPS and gains aggro instead; the cooldown on Taunt will seem like an eternity at that point! You should generally save Taunt for when your healer gets aggro since a dead DPS is a slower fight but a dead healer is a wipe. If you think the healer is safe you can Taunt but sometimes it is better to let a DPS take a couple of hits to help them remember that they need to manage their threat as much as you need to manage yours . You also have Mocking Blow available in Battle Stance if your Taunt wasn't enough or was resisted. Challenging Shout, the AoE taunt, is another option if things are looking really grim. Binding both of these abilities to a key is very useful and putting Mocking Blow in the same position on your Battle Stance action bar as Taunt is on your Defensive Stance action bar lets muscle memory aid you when switching to Battle Stance. Using Tarket Markers to mark targets (skull icon etc.) can help greatly in keeping the group on the right target and keeping CC from being broken, so where possible you want to do this or at least try and get the group leader to do it. Additionally, another great piece of advice is getting a threat meter addon as this can give you pre-warning of losing aggro and makes you aware of those in the group with poor aggro management. There are a lot of other little points as well but I think this has gotten pretty huge already so I will leave it at that. I hope this helps you! TL;DR (Almost) Always be in Defensive Stance. Always be the one to pull. Pull from range to a safe spot. Skill order after pulling is generally Bloodrage ---> Shield Block ---> Revenge main target ---> Sunder Armor main target x1-2 ---> Battle Shout x1-2 ---> cycle through adds using a Sunder Armor on each while using Revenge on main target whenever you can plus the odd Sunder Armor. Try and save Taunt for pulling aggro from your healer. Try and manage your group by calling targets. Get a threat meter addon.
  2. This is not blizzlike for vanilla, so I vote no. I want to experience the game just like it was back in the days, without any additional stuff added to it.
  3. Not only is not blizzlike vanilla, but it also indirectly nerfs Warlocks. I vote no.
  4. No. It's not blizzlike vanilla. If you want this, go play on retail or the so called funservers.
  5. I love these weekly updates, thank you for doing them. I've just got one question: will testers be allowed to stream what they're doing?
  6. I'm not American either, I'm just tired of over-sensitive people getting caught up on someone using a word that they don't like and ignoring their whole argument because of it like you keep doing. Being perpetually offended and playing word-police is really going to get you far in life though .
  7. Yeesh! You managed to extrapolate all that from me using the words "carebear" and "muh immersion" as a contrast in order to make my point? Damn. I must've really hit a soft spot for you there! #trigglypuff I'd argue that ignoring the wishes of the majority of the private-server community in favour of catering to a vocal minority of PvE:ers is going to be disastrous for the long-term survival of this project. We know for a fact that the demand for a PvE server is much lower than that of a PvP server. Just take a look at Nostalrius where the PvP realm's pop was easily more than double, probably even triple that of the PvE realm on any given day. People were willing to sit through long queues, hard lag and frequent disconnects just to play on the PvP realm. That says a lot and is not something that should be easily dismissed. Even after Nostalrius' shutdown, Kronos has managed to fill two whole PvP realms to the brink with players. The Kronos team decided to launch their second realm as PvP because they were worried that if they'd release it with a PvE ruleset not enough people would decide to go over to it in order to balance out the population (and they would've been right seeing how that went for Nost). If I was interested in playing on Kronos or the Rebirth (which I'm guessing you are referring to) I'd already be playing there. I'm not, 1/ because the amount of bugs 2/ because of p2w character auctionhouse 3/ because of lags/DC's/low view distance 4/ because of the excellent quality and potential that Crestfall has shown. Furthermore, we don't know that Kronos won't get shutdown by Blizzard: we know that they're definitely on their map with the amount of people playing there (as well as Twitch streamers playing Kronos being perma'd without warning). In addition, Kronos are currently having a lot of trouble with DDOS making it impossible to play there atm even if you wanted to. The Rebirth are also quite far a long in their progression, making them unattractive for new players as well as having non-blizzlike XP rates (x5 quest XP). The administration behind the Rebirth have also shown themselves to be quite unreliable in the past, iirc some guy stole a bunch of donation money that was supposed to go towards improved hardware. They've also had massive rollbacks. Finally, I'd like to say that I'm not against Crestfall having a PvE server if there is enough demand to sustain it. But implying that there shouldn't be a PvP server when it's what most people want just because "there are already (inferior) ones available" is silly. And implementing non-blizzlike "features" that'll break PvP and game balance just because it'll be a teeny tiny bit more immersive for the PvE:ers? No. Just no.
  8. All I'm saying is that the prevailing opinion that I've seen expressed on these forums are not representative of what the majority of the larger private-server community thinks. If that offends you, it's not my problem.
  9. @Asura Please don't make a decision on something as important as this based on what a couple of dozen early-adopters say. Especially since it seems like these forums have an over-representation of PvE carebears who seem more concerned about "muh immersion" than class and game balance. Having trees and other objects block LoS like on Kronos trivializes most caster mobs and gives melee classes an unfair advantage vs ranged classes. I urge you to not implement this "feature" as it is not blizzlike vanilla and would open the door to a myriad of problems.
  10. Would you mind elaborating a bit on what you're referring to here?
  11. Judging by this very detailed spreadsheet outlining the Kronos population, Warriors and Rogues will be the two most played classes for both Alliance and Horde. However, the two least played differ slightly between the two factions: Druid (5,7%) and Priest (9,8%) for the Horde and Druid (7,9%) and Warlock (8,8%) for the Alliance <--- Kronos 2 stats as of 5/8/2016. Check the linked spreadsheet for more up-to-date information if you're reading this at a later date. Personally, I'll be rolling a Hunter as I very much enjoy being a marksman and kiting people!
  12. Hello! Something that has been bothering me a bit as an avid user of Apple's mobile devices and the default mobile-Safari web browser is the lack of a favourites icon for the Crestfall forums, illustrated below: I know that it's a minor complaint, but it triggers my (undiagnosed) OCD . I found this link/tutorial after doing some googling which might help you. Other than that, I love the design of these forums and how well they run on mobile. The mobile version of Kronos/Twinstar forums looks awful and ancient by comparison . Good job! Hopefully you can fix this tiny problem for us iOS users and it will be perfect .