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  1. and we got called "conspiracy theorists" for this shit we knew was happening a long ass time ago. y'all should have stayed the fuck away from them from the beginning. the only other thing i can really add is... "):"
  2. this is great news!! more excited for an open beta though hopefully wont be too long afterwards
  3. well the news is great for the Pserver scene in general imo. but this nost deal leaves something crucial un-clarified for the moment, the status of weather they are re adapting the PTE ideas of nost. personally if they do clarify this and state they are adapting a PTE model ill be migrating over there. but for now crestfall has that up on them if i do happen to migrate over there ill certainly come back and check stuff out though! maybe wont make it my "home" however. and regardless of what happens, THANK YOU! guys for all the work you've done and will do. you guys will probably never get the epic amount of respect that you deserve.
  4. this is excellent stuff! thanks guys! (:
  5. this was extremely painful to read. i'm not exactly sure what makes people this entitled and inconsiderate. you should be glad they are even trying to do this project in the first place in all honesty. not to mention i have no idea why you felt the need to actually post this instead of well... you know, getting lost? must be a cry for attention.
  6. wasn't the cap on vanilla realms like 2000-2500 not 3000-3500? or is my memory failing me horrendously? for some reason i thought it was less then that... either way i think i would probably be happy with 2 - 3k. that would probably still be decently easy to get groups and stuff and experience the content. but personally i liked the craziness of nost PvP. atleast for a little while until there was hundreds of evil smelly hordies in contested zones constantly owning me
  7. yeah pvp vs pve..... hard choice for me too. i think i am gonna go PvP for the projected higher pop mainly.
  8. the name is epic! :3 my excitement for this server grows every day. keep up the great work!