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  1. Again I find myself disappointed with this. I've been a long time follower of Crestfall but have moved to China for work so I'm assuming I'll be unable to play on the server. Are there no chances of allowing certain accounts to access the server via a certain VPN? I'd be quite sad if I cant make the switch to Crestfall
  2. This is probably a super old topic but I'll reply here anyway. Super disappointed with this. I do understand the needs to block VPN's from a bot/gold selling PoV but it sucks that I'll be unable to play on a server that I've had interest in for a couple of years now. I've recently moved to China for work, so I assume this means I'll be unable to play, despite being a legitimate player on many different Vanilla realms. Also, it's easy for people to say that it's for the greater good and things like that, but I guarantee if it was any of you being blocked you wouldn't be too happy about it
  3. Another awesome update. Keep up the good work guys
  4. This may have been answered before but do you guys plan to re-tune most of the raid encounters at all? I know on Kronos we could get 8 bosses down in MC about 2-3 weeks after the server opened, this was with about 30 people and I would say 75% were in majority lvling blues/greens. I know that the game will never feel as hard as it once did but I would LOVE for there to be some challenges.
  5. Great update mate. Super keen for the project to go live, I have really high hopes for it to bring Vanilla back to life.