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  1. Yes Sque is right , stop the foreplay let s get to it.
  2. You sir, are killing me right now.
  3. Hey there, Great work. Excited about the announcement !
  4. EU forum basically flood with legacy demands
  5. No, I don't think so.
  6. That would be a bit early , don't you think so ? Unless they really want to speed up the process. But I find it really discouraging to announce a new expansion 2 months after the new one has been already released. Its like buy a PS4 , the PS5 is amazing look ! B
  7. I agree. And clearly the Email thing is just surprising to me. I would never send sensitive information through Email. Plus there is something weird in his posts. He said that he had no relation whatsoever with Blizzard's employees using skype. Then he explains that he received an email. Ok no problem with then. Finally in a psot he said that : Face to face webcam via Skype, the email was the precursor. Trust me, it's who he says he is. Sorry, not trying to spite you. You choose to be a non-believer...may Thrall have mercy on your soul. After someone say its bullshit. Seems surprising to me but ofc , feasible ;). Its always possible that Blizzard wishes to increase the "Hype" through leaking some info like this.
  8. I am socializing as much as possible until I still can.
  9. Good idea , I am definitely interested
  10. I haven't followed the Nostalrius forum. May I ask you what makes you think so ?
  11. One wise man once said " Better have a healer than none"
  12. Les antis-biotics , c'est pas automatique ! Best commercial ever <3
  13. Back in the days , all the events taking place in the Gurubashi arena where just amazing..
  14. If you are from Madrid , this is where I currently live in
  15. Ok sounds great. Let me know if you guys are looking for a Warlock or priest