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  1. Blackrock could need some population for sure :)!
  2. @duzyizly can u share the macro with us?
  3. Thats the point if HoJ doesnt occur on the last ironfoe swing, you have one swing less. so while HoJ actually procced in your chain, you dont get the swing.
  4. @Pvt_8Ball yes you are right, my chain was wrong, the last swing wouldnt occur with Darkraps system. but even if the last HoJ would occur in Darkrasp example, it would be unfair, because you need 2 proccs of HoJ to occur instead of one, or do i miss something?
  5. i dont think you are right (in your example), because: You have item1 and item2, both with 100% procc chance you swing -> item1 and item2 proccs -> system decides for one of them, because they have equal value (imagine system takes item1) -> you swing from item1 -> item1 and item2 proccs -> item1 already procced so only item2 is left -> you swing from item2 -----> 3 swings but you are right, there is the possibility that one procc is ignored. i dont know why they dont give you 3 swings in this situation. in darkrasp example wouldnt procc anything else in these 3 swings (because everything already procced). you are also right, the system is a bit unfair (in my opinion), because in darkrasp example you need 2x HoJ procc instead of 1 to get 5 swings. but maybe i did consider something wrong
  6. @Britkot YouTube tells me, it cant find the Video
  7. How does it work with bonus XP? If im in a full grp. we get 140XP instead of 100 (example) and then the 140XP get divided by 5, so 28XP for everyone?
  8. Inflame the hype well done, sir! =)
  9. 1) i was surprised about the idea of not allowing dual-spec but the argument of @VeloxBanks with all the tiny quality of life improvments sound legit. one may think about arena(pvp)-dual-spec only. 2) im a big fan of pvp/arena and i like the idea of early vanilla when i could only que into battlegrounds at the battleground area. maybe it would be funny to have the same for arena at the start of TBC 3) i dont know why people dont like deathknights ( regarding 'op' class ). maybe they were easier to play and it was easier to kill ppl but if u know their mechanics and your class, at least most of them could kill them and tbh warriors were prolly even more 'op'. i think the fact ppl felt like dks being 'super op' was they didnt knew their mechanics and how to play vs them. in the end i think everything we like to change is the idea of one or a few indiviuals and most of the other players dont like to see em. as far as i know CFs intention is to make blizzlike classic, TBC, ... content, so we prolly wont see any of our mentioned changes anyway
  10. Back then i always played at my grandparents home, togehter with my cousin and a friend of him. It took me more than a half year watching them playing WoW (vanilla) till i give it a try. I (sadly - when i look back now) always refused doing much pve so i was one of many rogues jumping around in battleground with green daggers (which required lvl 46) till i achieved soling plugger spazzring and looting my well-deserved barman shanker <3, then, finally, i was able to sometimes do big crits like i saw in videos.
  11. DISTURBED! Especially when listening to Disturbed - Fear, i drown in nostalgia =)