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  1. I wish the best to the crestfall staff. Noone deserves the shit that is happening to then, let alone people who gave up a large part of their personal time so that others could ultimately enjoy their hard work. I am incredibly saddened by the immaturity of the wowservers/discord community. I truly do hope that the staff here at crestfall can get past this, even if it means ending this project.
  2. Ooo I missed that post, I will go over and comment. I agree we should defend cf, but let's try to be civil about it and inform people what cf is all about, inform about how awesome the devs are, how attentive to detail etc... And not start a 'nost did x terrible' flame war. Bashing other servers or people does not discourse make. Also no-one wants to play on a server full of jerks. Let's show everyone how awesome a community we are. E: word
  3. Thanks for the update!
  4. Quality will bring people. If cf is awesome people will come and play. I think that many will play on the new nost, but the hype will not die for this server which means a lot of people will try the server. Word will get around about the quality and that quality will determine the pop. I am very optimistic and hopeful about cf. Communication, dedication and all around professionalism of the cf team is akin to a company. All we can do is see what the future holds; in the end it is a great time for the legacy community :).
  5. Sheeps/shackle/mc/etc doesn't break early on many servers properly. In vanilla/bc cc used to break early all the time. Iirc our priests had to wear hit gear for instructor razuvius so that there would be a reduced chance for the mc to break early. This is very game breaking imo since this was the cause of many wipes and also trivializes some encounters if cc is a set it and forget it mechanic.
  6. Thanks for the very informative update as usual! The attention to detail and dedication you guys are putting in is nothing short of amazing. Thank you cf team for all your hard work! Looking forward to a bunch of shiny new stuff soon
  7. Blizzlike confirmed! In all seriousness though, while there may be vitriol, it just means those people are passionate about and invested in the server. Once it is released, noone will care how long it took. In the end we all seriously appreciate the hard work and dedication you guys are putting in; thank you! Look forward to reading next week's update.
  8. I will probably roll a Hunter since that is what I raided on in vanilla. Plus I always love archers in games
  9. I hope that mob chaining is done correctly. On kronos at least, there were many cases (mostly in dungeons) where we were able to pull half of a group of mobs that in vanilla were required to be pulled together. This led to being able to cheese a lot of pulls
  10. Thanks again for the incredibly informative update! Hope your tooth problem gets sorted out after the root canal. These updates keep getting me more and more excited for crestfall
  11. Thanks for the update! I, and I'm sure many others, appreciate the dedication to making this server polished even if it means deadlines won't be made. Take your time and get the best server pushed out possible, not a rushed mess!
  12. For sure, I am still debating horde or alliance - but hope to see you on the battlefield (aka blackrock mountain hehe)! /r/wowservers ;p. 25/NY I don't wanna get locked in a box though
  13. Hey Everyone! Found out about this project a bit ago and am extremely excited for it! I've been playing mmos for over a decade now, started with vanilla in beta. Since retail really just hasn't felt good to me for a while I just want that vanilla feeling again. Really loving the devs philosophy behind this server (especially how much they communicate)! Can't wait to start. Hope to meet some new friends here on crestfall! Cheers, Pedwyn